Tips for choosing Turks for induction slabs

Tips for choosing Turks for induction slabs

When changing the kitchen machinery, lovers of a classic coffee preparation can face a completely unusual problem. Induction plates replacing traditional electrical equipment, adapted only for use of dishes, the bottom of which has ferromagnetic properties. Are ordinary turks for induction plates? Is it possible to continue cooking coffee in the traditional way even after installing the innovative cooking panel? What a jesva is suitable for induction?

Principle of operation

Understand all these issues and if the stove is already purchased, and when such acquisition is only planned. In some cases, you will have to reconsider the parameters of the usual capacity for cooking coffee or find it a replacement. In any case, it is worth thinking about our own comfort in order not to stay without a favorite drink after installing the induction panel.

Induction plates – a relatively new solution, allowing to heat the dishes, without glowing the surface of the burner. Interaction with the bottom of the pan, frying pan, kettle or other objects occurs with the formation of the magnetic field, where electricals are created. The coil, located under the protective screen of tempered glass or glass-ceramic, plays the role of the converter.

In the process of induction, the particles are accelerated – electrons leading to the allocation of a large number of thermal energy. Objects on the stove are heated, boiling, evaporation and all other processes accompanying cooking. For the successful use of dishes, alloy from which it is made should contain ferromagnetic particles. In addition, the stove reacts only to sufficient facilities.

So, the area of ​​the Turkish bottom should be at least 70% of the sizes of the burner, otherwise the electrical appliance will not work.

Difficulties of preparation

Coffee is a special drink requiring gradual and slow heating in the process of cooking. Not all stoves are ready to work in this mode. Induction heating mode uses a pulse flow of current, creating conditions for accelerated heating of liquids. To avoid problems, you should pay attention to special ferromagnetic discs stacked on the panel and allow you to adapt the size of even a small Turk to any type of burner. Thanks to the additional layer, you can not worry about the overheating of the drink inside – heat will be distributed more evenly.

If there is no adapter, you can cope without it. For this, the jams will have to raise over the burner at the moment when the coffee begins to rise. Holding it at an altitude of about 0.5 mm will have to wait for foam foam. It is worth adding that the heat level corresponding to the heating is set in the range from 1 to 4 divisions on the control panel.

Features of heating

Induction plates are focused on several modes of operation. With the power of no more than 50%, heating occurs in a pulse mode, as when heated, that is, the current under the bottom is not constant. Properly cook coffee in such conditions it is impossible – the taste of the drink is completely revealed only with a uniform and smooth increase in temperature. It is provided in induction plates at a capacity of 70-80%.

What to do if the foam starts to strive to strive beyond the limits of the Turk? Of course, you can remove the container from the fire for a while. But much easier will simply change the power of the plate, having listed it to 50%. With such indicators, the first foam will fall, it will be necessary to wait for its second increase. After that, the Turk is removed from the stove, it is left for 30 seconds for full saturation taste and aroma of ground grains of fried coffee, essential oils for such a short time will also not have time to evaporate.

Features of copper turks and other types of jams

What a jesva will make it make a delicious and invigorating coffee on an induction plate? To determine the suitability of the Turk, it is enough to make a magnet to her bottom. If the metal attracts – the dishes are suitable for induction. In other cases, coffee will have to acquire a new jam. It is definitely not suitable for use in combination with induction plates:

  • Copper Turk – It does not have the necessary properties+
  • Ceramic – for non-metallic dishes of the new generation plates are not adapted+
  • Aluminum – Strictly speaking, this metal has paramagnetic properties, but they are not enough to create a field.

    Ferromagnetic alloys clearly belongs to steel – it is from her that the whole design or its bottom should be made to ensure the necessary heating.

    But you can not deny yourself the pleasure of using the usual dishes, including clay and ceramic Turks. Sufficiently stock adapter of the desired diameter of ferromagnetic alloy. As a rule, on the four-meter panel, it corresponds to the heating field with a diameter of 12-14 cm.

    Rules for choosing Turki

    If it is decided to acquire a special turkey for an induction plate, it is worth considering a number of very important points that make it possible to use the dishes in everyday life. Jesva for coffee should be:

    • Equipped with a safe handle for a convenient and rapid lift of the container from the panel+
    • volume from 150 to 500 ml+
    • with a diameter of the bottom about 12 cm, but not less than 8 cm, otherwise heating will not happen.

      Of course, the ability to cook a fragrant drink without any conventions and adapters looks quite attractive. But there are here and their subtleties. So, one-piece steel models are mainly implemented with non-stick coating or in stainless execution. For taste properties this option does not affect too positive. In addition, because of its features, steel is bad for creating the right jams with a narrow neck.

      A wide neck does not allow the possibility of forming the right foam that prevents the evaporation of essential oils. As a result, the taste properties of the beverage are far from the ideal. In addition, from steel coffee tanks runs away much faster and more. A compromise solution can be a copper turk with a thick steel bottom.

      Which brand is preferred?

      Among brands producing special dishes for induction plates, there are those that provide coffee cooking opportunities on modern panels. In this case, individual options for jams or whole sets are made of multilayer ferromagnetic alloys or conventional steel. These brands can be noted among market leaders.

      1. Tima. Despite some complaints, this company is the only one takes into account the features of the drink. Its turks are made of copper, but supplemented with ferromagnetic bottom. The choice of models and volumes is small, but Dzhazva has a right form that keeps the taste of coffee.
      2. Gipfel. The company is quite famous, in her arsenal there are polished steel jams with a wide throat. Range of volumes – 350 and 500 ml, large sizes to purchase is simply inappropriate.
      3. Errigen. The company, taking care of the ergonomics of the dishes, which has a comfortable handle. Otherwise, it is a classic steel stainless steel turks with a wide throat.
      4. Korkmaz. The manufacturer releases sets containing both a miniature version of the jams by 20 ml, and more large-scale versions of 300 and 400 ml.

      Is it worth going to compromise?

      It is necessary to immediately say that both the Turks for coffee, created specifically for induction plates, and the drives adapters are very expensive. But there is one important nuance: by choosing a lining on the stove once, it can be used with different types of coffee makers. Beloved Jesva or the collected collection do not have to be translated into the category of decor items in the interior. The utensils will continue to serve its owner for its intended purpose and will allow you to apply traditional coffee recipes.

      Besides, Adapters have another advantage – you can combine non-metallic versions of the Turks, including ceramic, allowing to fully reveal the entire taste of the beverage.

      Popular jams from mountain quartz today will be quite appropriate and comfortable.

      For beginners in the preparation of coffee on an induction plate, the best choice will be a copper turkey with a high narrow neck, you can even find an option with a ferromagnetic alloy bottom and not worry about the integrity of the glass-ceramic coating of the hob.

      How to make friends the Turk and induction tile, you will learn from the following video.

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