Types of thermal pumps and their check

Types of thermal pumps and their check

If the thermopota slowly pumps water or generally stops her feed, it indicates a clogging or breakage of certain details. The most common cause is the violation of the pump. But it is not necessary to immediately acquire a new thermopathy, because for a start it is necessary to study the nature of the problem, and then you can try to eliminate it yourself.


Regardless of the thermal manufacturer, the device is always mounted in the device itself. In turn, all pumps can be divided into 2 large categories:

  • Manual – which swing water only if a person presses several times on a special button+
  • automatic – water supply after one time pressing the button or switching a special toggle.

Depending on the ownership of the first or second category, the internal device of the water pump changes. So, the electric pump consists of an electric motor, on the housing of which there is a working chamber made of durable plastic. On the shaft of the same electric motor, the special impeller, which responds directly for the pumping of water. In more modern and expensive models in addition to this part, a filter intended for water purification is mounted.

Important moment! If the thermopath is equipped with a built-in filter, then the clogging of the latter just can cause damage.

Manual or mechanical pump equipped with a pomp cylindrical. Material moderately soft and has folds that are compressed and squeezed if necessary. The whole mechanism is fully made of plastic, and you can only actually drive it if the thermal cover is tightly closed.

Absolute tightness required. But even when this, the pump conditions will not work without the participation of a person. So, when you press the corresponding button (more often, it is located on the thermal cover) pump compressing and pens a small amount of air into the top compartment of the chamber. There is a pressure that in small portions pushes water. It is noteworthy that the more intense the person presses the button, the faster the water is poured.

In the starting position after pressing the mechanism returns independently. Such a principle of operation may have both universal thermal powers and more modern models presented in the form of teapot thermos.

How to check?

In order to independently check the reason for the incorrect work of thermal strength, it is necessary to know its internal device. So, almost any thermopotam consists of the following details:

  • Reservoir+
  • Heating element+
  • manual or mechanical pump.

It is the last component more often than the rest is the cause of the lack of water supply.

In order to verify the correctness of this mechanism, it is necessary to simply pour into the thermopotam of water and try to roll out it. It also depends on the type of pump. To activate an automatic pump, just press the corresponding button on the control panel. And to pump water with a cylindrical form, you need to press it at least 2-3 times.

If the water supply is not performed or a thin jet is observed, then there is a clogging or breakdown of the mechanism. You can try to disassemble thermopath and eliminate the problem with your own hands.

Important moment! Before proceeding with the repair of thermal stream, it must be turned off from the network, as well as drain all the extent inside the water.

What to do if the pump does not pump water?

In order to get to the mechanism, it is necessary to disassemble the thermal lid. If inside an automatic pump, then the breakdown can be as follows:

  • Failure in the management system+
  • Malfunction of a motor located inside the electric pump+
  • Camera impeller clogged with solid deposits.

If there is a manual pump inside the thermopota, then the causes of the breakage will be the others:

  • There was a gap of plastic corrugated pump+
  • Silicone seal, located directly under the lid of thermopoty, has come to a dissent.

It is noteworthy that all of the above faults can be determined visually. That is, this does not require any instruments and devices for diagnosis.

In the mechanical pump most often broke the pump. In this case, water supply is carried out badly (intermittent and thin jet). Sometimes the contamination is affected, but it is more often a gap. The plastic case is not as reliable as it seems at first glance. And from constant bending and extension, the material is worn out over time.

Since after breaking the pump, the camera is deployed, it is no longer able to fully pump air. Unfortunately, to repair the proceedable item is almost impossible. Of course, you can try to take it, but for a long time such a patch will not last. It is better to replace this item to a new one, especially since the pump can be purchased in the store for purely symbolic cost.

After the new pump is available, it is important correctly and very carefully replacing it old. In most models, it is fastened with latches, and if you break them, you will have to buy all the lid. In this case, the replacement will cost about two thousand rubles.

If the case is not in the pump, it means that the replacement is subject to a silicone seal, located directly under the lid. This item can also be purchased in the store. Replacement can be very simple (enough to pick up the gasket with a knife or screwdriver). If the design is complicated, then it is required to disassemble. Consider such a breakdown in 30 minutes.

If an automatic pump stopped turning on, then you also need to get to the mechanism and check it for solid contaminants. If these are missing, then, most likely, the problem is in nutrition. In this case, the diagnostics must be carried out by a special device – a multimeter. Power availability should be conducted.

You need to start checking from the power cord. The most vulnerable places are bends. The motor of the electric pump is operating from DC 12 volts. Using a multimer, it is necessary to check the rectifier diodes. The fact is that in one direction they must pass the current, and in the other – no. If the motor does not work, then it is necessary to replace the entire design.

It happens that the motor works well, but at the same time the pump still does not pump water. In this case, you should pay attention to the camera – it may be clogged. To correct the current situation, it must be cleaned with high quality.

    If you follow the instructions, it is not difficult to repair at all when any of the listed problems has occurred. And so that the pumps are not contaminated, it is recommended to pass water through the filter before pouring into thermopota.

    In the next video information is presented more clearly.

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