Varieties and characteristics of Xiaomi knives

Varieties and characteristics of Xiaomi knives

Not only the taste and variety of food prepared dishes depends on the quality of the knives used in the kitchen, but also comfort and even the safety of their owner during cooking. Therefore, it is worth considering the existing varieties of Xiaomi knives and familiarize themselves with their main characteristics.

Information about brand

Xiaomi was founded in China in 2010 and since its foundation was mainly produced by smartphones and software for them. Thanks to excellent financial indicators, the company has gradually expanded the range of its products, among which there are TVs, tablets and other gadgets, camcorders, smart bikes, headphones, fitness bracelets, and household and kitchen appliances and accessories, including razors, scissors and knives.

The company’s net profit of 2018 amounted to more than 2 billion dollars, and its representative offices and dealers are practically in every major city of Russia.


Despite the fact that knives are, rather, by side products for a huge Chinese brand, the company is fits very responsible for their manufacture, because the ambitious goal of the company is to create a single branded home space, in which every object – from the TV to the razor – will be produced by Xiaomi.

For the production of steel knives, various types of high-carbon stainless tool steel, doped chromium, molybdenum and vanadium applied. Due to this, the knife retains the resistance to corrosion, the sharpness and strength of the blade during the entire period of operation.

For the production of ceramic products used cemented by carbon zirconium dioxide.

From materials that are used by competitors, zirconium dioxide is characterized by higher strength and ability to self-collecting.


Currently, the Chinese corporation produces the following varieties of knives:

  • Knife-Tesz Sharpening Forging Compound Slices+

  • kit Huo Hou Nano Knife+



Consider the characteristics of individual products and sets.

Sharpening Forging Compound Slices

This tessel is also known as a knife Yimei LR149. Its main difference from similar products – three-layer blade of a streamlined V-shape variable thickness. In the bottom of the knife, the blade thickness is only 0.1 mm, which allows the use of this part for thin cutting of vegetables, cheeses and sausages, whereas in the upper part of the product the blade thickness is 3.5 mm, due to which it can be used for quick cutting of vegetables and meat.

Steel 9CR18MOV, from which a knife is made, undergoing multistage mechanical processing and a mirror polishing, due to which it is possible to achieve a combination of hardness, strength, shock viscosity and the perfect appearance of the product.

The combination of the V-shaped blade with a high hardness of the blade material (which is 59 HRC) allows you to significantly reduce the effort that needs to be applied when cutting dense products (cheeses, meat, fresh vegetables). The knife is perfectly balanced (the center of gravity is to connect the blade and handle), and its handle made of red wood has an ergonomic shape and perfectly falls into the hand. Thereby With regular use, the knife is not formed corn, and the probability of cut into a minimum.

The length of the blade of this Tesak is 298 mm with a width of 90 mm.

Set Nano Knife

This set consists of five items, namely:

  • Chef+
  • Tesacian for meat+
  • knife for cutting vegetables+
  • Tsaydao knife (traditional Chinese universal cleaver, which can be used for fast batch, cutting and cutting meat, vegetables and any other products and even apply for wood cutting)+
  • Kitchen scissors.

The blades of all incoming products have a V-shaped form and undergo multistage mechanical processing, due to which the hardness, strength and resistance to corrosion. All connections are made using seamless welding, which ensures their strength and attractive appearance.

Thanks to the stainless steel, the knobs, their ergonomic form and filigree balancing the knives are well keen in the hand, do not slip and provide complete control over the cutting process.

Caidao Blade Length is 164 mm, in a vegetable knife this parameter is 90 mm, the chef blade has a length of 180 mm, and meat tesacher – 165 mm.

Set Nano Ceramic Knife

This kit includes:

  • 3 ceramic knives whose blades are 325, 230 and 200 mm+
  • 135 mm long vegetable.

The blade of these products made from zirconia dioxide passes 300 cycles of heating and cooling in vacuo at a temperature of 2000 ° C, making the material acquires the highest hardness. The thickness of the cutting edge of the included product package is 0.4 mm. The use of ergonomic handles with notches for thumb allows you to avoid slippages and cuts when working with these extremely sharp knives.


This 50CR15MOV network made of steel consists of:

  • A knife in a length of 298 mm, which is designed for thin cuts of vegetables and fruits+
  • Tesacle in 307 mm long, which is suitable for smooth cutting of vegetables, meat and other products.

A feature of the set is the elegant black color of the products of it, which is achieved through the use of ceramic nanoocryment with the “lotus effect”. This coating protects the knives from scratches, does not allow water, fat and other liquids to linger on the blades and contributes to their self-cleaning.

Xiaomi knife set overview Watch in the following video.

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