Varieties of thermos with glass flasks and their choice

Varieties of thermos with glass flasks and their choice

Today in the arsenal of many people there are high-quality thermoses from different brands. Such products today are presented in a huge assortment. Many buyers prefer the thermos in which high-quality glass flask is present.In this article we will find out what there are similar models and how to choose.


Currently, major manufacturers produce many high-quality thermos models. Among them, you can find not only the standard options in which the case, and the flask are made of stainless steel, but also other copies in which the flask is made of glass. Similar varieties of thermos are not something unusual and amazing. They choose many people as they have many good qualities.

It is worth noting that the flasks made of glass have higher hygienic performance. Such elements are very easily laundered from any contamination and precipitation remaining from drinks. Glass flasks do not accumulate odors, which pleases very many users who have thermos with a similar detail. In a model with a glass bulb, you can pour borsch, and the next day after a small and easy flushing there, the aromatic coffee – no discomfort after that will not be.

Even after a long time of operation of the products under consideration, the residual smells do not accumulate in them.

Pleases the fact that the glass is not capable of chemical contacts with liquids or food products. This suggests that the material under consideration does not affect the acid and alkaline medium of the content sent to the thermos. Due to this, any negative impact on human health is completely excluded. Glass flasks have another important advantage – they can be replaced.

Of course, the glass is not the highest strength, but when it is spoiled, the user has the opportunity for a small fee to replace the damaged flask.

Comparison with metal flasks

Thermoses in which steel and glass flasks are present, have a lot of differences from each other. It is repulsted from them, many buyers make a choice in favor of the first or second option. The main difference of models with a glass flask from steel options is technological processes of production. Thanks to them, modern glass flasks are absolutely hermetic and safe. The fact is that steel elements have in their welded seam. This suggests that even with the highest quality of welding (what happens not always), microcracks will appear on it after some time.

Because of this, the tightness of the steel flask will surely suffer.

As for the glass flask, there can be no weld in them. Only a tiny high-quality nipple may be present in their designs, so no tightness problems occur.

Glass flasks have another advantage over metal details. We are talking about the hygienicness of glass products. Any contamination is easily removed from them, it is enough to use the simplest detergents. Soak glass flasks or use various alkaline compounds no need. In addition, as mentioned above, even after a long location of beverages and food in such tanks, they are not soaked with their aromas. Flasks made of stainless steel can not boast of the same characteristics.

Their common problem is that they can change tastes and smells of their filling.

Flap, remaining from tea or coffee, you can easily and quickly remove from the walls of glass flasks. That is why they are best suited for brewing these popular drinks, as well as herbal and medical fees. From steel vessels is not so easy to remove raid from different drinks.

Relatively recent steel flasks were more popular than glass, since they were strong, reliable, not susceptible to breakdowns. However, today, glass vessels no longer demonstrate the same fragility that in the old days.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, providing for pre-hardening, such flasks are obtained more wear-resistant, it is very difficult to break them.

But, despite the fact that tempered glass is quite strong, it will still not be stronger than steel. For this reason, for long-range hiking and extreme exploitation, there will be more models with a flask from a stainless steel. It suggests that the conclusion is sustained that in the strength of glass flasks are inferior to steel.

And steel, and glass flasks have their weak and strengths. These two products have many differences, and every buyer decides which one of them will suit him more.

Variety of species

Quality models of thermos, in the design of which glass flasks are present, are divided into many different types. Classification occurs in different criteria.

By destination

Absolutely, all models of modern thermoses with a glass bulb differ in their immediate intended purpose.

  • For drinks. Similar models are most often found, they are presented in a huge assortment. Thermos for beverages are divided into other subspecies: models with pneumatic pump, thermos-setiterma, bottle thermoses and flasks. In such tanks, you can pour a variety of drinks, but most often people use them to maintain the desired tea temperature or coffee. Many designs provide for a string. As a rule, these varieties are made with double walls and a wide or narrow throat. Many beverage models have glass flasks showing excellent tightness.

  • For hot dishes. These varieties are more likely have a wider throat so that it is more convenient to lay out products or pour soups. Similar types of modern thermoses are especially popular among office workers and housewives. Often these devices buy athletes who need to eat several times a day with small portions. Properly selected thermos with a glass flask for hot dishes can be very useful and necessary subject!

  • Universal. Many buyers prefer to acquire universal varieties of thermos with glass flasks. They are convenient to store both drinks and food. These are multifunctional devices that can be taken with you to work, and on a picnic, and in various trips.

  • Thermocroup. Excellent device that will be especially useful and necessary for people often located on the road. People working in the office are also often acquired by thermal. Such devices are made compact and very lungs, a cork cover or cover with the button – options may be present in them. Many of them are designed for a very long maintenance of high or low beverage temperatures that are in them.

Every buyer itself decides, what kind of thermos model with a glass bulb, he needs at the moment. Similar products today are sold in many stores. Each user may pick up the most useful and functional position.

In volume

All modern models of high-quality thermoses with a glass bulb differ in its volume. Buyers can find the following options.

  • Small volume thermoses – 0.25-1 liters. Typically, there are thermocruises that are compact and very easy in transportation.
  • Models with an average volume – 1-2 l. This volume is characteristic of standard thermos, which people most often take with them in different trips or picnic. Most of these products are fragile place in backpacks and hiking bags.
  • Thermoses with large volume – 3 or more liters. Such characteristics usually have special thermal containers. Most often they are exploited at home. They are stored already cooked food, but sometimes take with you on the road.

Practical and reliable heat-grinding containers, inside which there is a glass flask, sold in huge quantities. The choice of current buyers is presented a great many first-class copies with excellent performance characteristics. We give a small rating of top models of thermos with glass flask.

  • “Fun”. Let’s start an overview of the top articles from a high-quality thermosa of Russian production having a glass flask. This instance has a volume of 1.8 liters. The model is performed in a reliable plastic case, distinguished by an attractive design. Thermos “Fun” is intended for storing drinks, can have a green or beige housing. Equipped with a comfortable handle, completed pair of cups of cups.

  • Alfi Gusto. Attractive instance having a very stylish minimalistic design. It can keep warm for 12 hours, and cold – during the day. This popular product from the German manufacturer is very convenient in operation, has a not very high price.

  • Laplaya House Living. The volume of this instance is 1.9 liters. A spacious thermos attracts buyers with adequate cost and the ability to save the heat of filling for a long time. In the design of the device under consideration there is a pneumon pump, which allows you to fix the pedal on the lid as securely as possible. The product is equipped with a very comfortable handle.

  • EMSA Samba Quick Press. This is not just a thermos, but a thermos-kettle having a glass flask. The volume of this apparatus is 1 l. The hull of an attractive product is made of high quality plastic. On the lid there is a special button that allows you to open the sealed valve without any extra problems. The contents can be carefully pouring in cups, since the model has a neat nose and a comfortable handle.

  • ALFI bottle thermos. The volume of this product from the German manufacturer is 0.75 liters. The model is made of matte plastic and is distinguished by a very unusual design. 5-year warranty applies to this thermos. The product is suitable for both hot tea and cool juice or drinking water. The desired temperature can be saved for 6-8 hours.

  • Laplaya Traditional Glass. First-class model of a branded thermos volume of 1.8 liters. This instance is designed for desktop use. The designer design of the thermos Laplaya Traditional Glass immediately attracts a lot of attention to himself, because it is stylish and bright. The case of the device is made of edible plastic. Included with the product there is a couple of mugs. The thermos itself is equipped with a comfortable handle.

  • Thermos 34-100. The volume of this product reaches a mark in 1 liter. The model has an attractive price, very well preserves the desired temperature. The thermos 34-100 device with a mirror flask will not change flavors and smells of their contents. Complete with him go two cups.

  • Tescoma 1.4 L. High-quality thermos model from the Czech company. Its housing is made of practical food plastic, and the flask is made of high strength glass. The device is suitable for storage and drinks, and products. Has a pretty design and not very large sizes.

These are just some high-quality models of a glass flask, which are in great demand. You can find many other, no less reliable and practical products that have an attractive design.

Serets of choice

We will reveal the main secrets of choosing a high-quality heat-grinding device for drinks and products.

  • First of all, the buyer should decide for what exactly he wants to buy thermos. This will depend on the specific type of purchased product. If you need a compact and mobile version, the thermocouple is perfect. Desktop samples are larger and capacious. There are models for products or for beverages, and there are universal products – each buyer can choose the desired option.
  • You need to select the amount that will be enough for the user. If planned to be placed in a thermos food and drinks in large quantities, then it is advisable to purchase more roomy products. If the buyer has planned to store drinks in a thermos a couple of times, then the compact version will be enough.
  • It is necessary to carefully inspect the purchased product. The case and flask must be a single whole. Details must be installed by Mr. None of the elements should vouch or be slightly fixed. There should not be unpleasant chemical smells from the thermos. It should be verified that the product lid closes clearly on the thread and does not score.
  • It is worth paying attention to what temperature and how long can the selected heat-grinding pattern with a glass flask. Usually all the necessary information is indicated in the product technical documentation. Some parameters can be found on the housing.
  • It is recommended to select such heating stuffing devices with a glass of glass that will like the buyer in their external characteristics. Of course, the design of such products plays far from a major role, but it is also worth paying attention to it, because it is much more pleasant to use beautiful things! Today’s brands produce a lot of stylish thermoses having a bright, matte or mirror coating – very many options.
  • It is recommended to hold the thermos in the hands before buying. The buyer is worth making sure that the product will be quite comfortable for him.
  • If the purchase of a really high-quality and durable thermos is planned, it is advisable to choose it from the number of branded models. Today, many large manufacturers produce a lot of excellent copies, long holding heat or cold. Many of the branded thermoses with glass flasks have excellent characteristics and are inexpensive.

Operating tips

Finding the perfectly suitable model of high-quality heat-grinding device with a glass flask, the buyer will need to learn how to use it. Only competent operation will be the key to a long service life of the product, as well as its high efficiency.

Consider the basic recommendations on the use of modern thermos with glass flask.

  • Do not hurry to check the only purchased device in the case. Before first use, it is necessary to rinse its inner cavity with warm water with soda. It is not recommended to neglect this easy step.
  • Before pouring hot tea or coffee in the required vessel, it will need to hold hot water in it (about 5 minutes). Thanks to such manipulations, the device is easier to cope with its heat tracking function. The same applies to the storage of cold drinks.
  • The flask should not be filled with liquid to its very terrays. We should not forget that the traffic jam in the general design will also need to leave a bit of place.
  • Thermos will definitely need to be kept clean, But for this it is prohibited to use iron or too hard brushes / rams. Aggressive and abrasive cleaning products will not use either. If dark spots from food or beverage remained on the walls of the glass flask, it is often enough to fill it with hot water and leave so night.
  • Store the heat grumbling machine you need only with an open lid.
  • Despite the fact that glass vessels are more unpretentious and getting more difficult, clusters of scale may also appear on them. To clear the flask from such pollution, you can not immediately grab the abrasive agents and brushes. Much higher efficiency will demonstrate an ordinary lemon acid. It is added to the washed cavity of the thermos, after which they are poured with boiling water and closed the device. In this state, the heat grumbling product should be left overnight. In the morning the device is discovered, the liquid with citric acid is drained from it. After that, the product is thoroughly washed inside by simple warm water. Only after that the thermos can be used again.

How to choose a thermos, tells the following video.

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