Vegetable cutters Moulinex: Advantages and Disadvantages, Tips for use

Vegetable cutters Moulinex: Advantages and Disadvantages, Tips for use

Mouleinex is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality household products. Vegetable cutters of this brand are stably entering a variety of tops for sales. In this article, we will consider the most popular models of vegetable season and tell you what to pay attention to when choosing.


Under the moulinex logo All kinds of vegetable cutters are produced.

  • Manual. Manual vegetable cutters are similar in principle with an ordinary grater. This is a small transparent container with top lining and replaceable elements. Vegetables are put on the blades, the lid closes, and the cut pieces are in the container.

  • Mechanical. This type is a small design with interchangeable discs and a handle that leads the mechanism. They do not spend electricity, work quickly and without failures. Mechanical models are optimal for home use, they do not noise and practically do not break.

Typically, such sets have a wide complete set with a variety of discs that allow you to process any product.

  • Electric. Electric vegetable cut Moulinex has increased performance, it will serve for a long time to serve as its owners, and at the same time do not take a lot of space. They are able to grind and graze any food product.

Optimal for a large family, where even for simple salad have to handle a lot of vegetables.

  • Multi cut. Multi-cut – these are kitchen combines, they have an extended utilization and high technical characteristics. With their help you can chop vegetables and fruits in seconds.


Each electric vegetable cutter MOULINEX is equipped with 5 nozzles intended for processing different products in large quantities. Disks are designed for the following purposes:

  • To squeeze juices from vegetables and fruits, grinding of cheese and chocolate products, crushing nuts, cutting potatoes and zucchini on slots+
  • For the preparation of children’s fruit and vegetable puree, large grinding chocolate and nuts for decorating cakes and cupcakes+
  • To grind onion, shredding of radish, carrots or celery straw+
  • For large cuts of onion heads, flow of cabbage and other vegetables for the preparation of stew+
  • for cutting fruits and vegetables with neat pieces for salads, and in this case all vitamins and juice are preserved.

Mouleinex vegetable cutters have a wide functionality and an interesting appearance that will fit into any kitchen interior. High quality devices and acute sharpening blades provide optimum cutting products and long service life.


The automatic unit with a power of 280 W and weighing 2.7 kg is one of the best among existing models and occupies a leading place for sales. With the help of DJ905, you can cut the products with cubes, and not just to shine straw. A big plus is the presence of a lock button and, of course, high-quality European assembly. In the kit there are 5 nozzles for shredding, graters, cutting cubes that can be stored directly in the vegetable cut case in a special transparent container. It is very convenient because everything will be in their places.

Reviews about the model Positive, buyers are very satisfied with the device, however, many complain about difficulty cleaning nozzles for cubes.

Moulinex DJ755G

This electrical model is made of high quality materials and assembled in Europe. Availability of 5 nozzles, high functionality and stylish DJ755G design make a vegetable cutter one of the best in its class. The device will perfectly fit into any modern kitchen, and thanks to the compactness will not take a lot of space. The advantage of the aggregate is high power in 150 W. Users note convenience in use and simplicity of cleaning.

Among the minuses can be noted a strong heating with a debt of use and greater vibration when cutting potatoes and other solid vegetables or fruits.

Moulinex DJ 7535

The automatic device has a stylish design and good technical characteristics. High power in 200 W allows models to function quickly and without minimages. The unit is equipped with three nozzles and grater for cheese. The compactness of vegetable cutters will allow it to store it anywhere, and the safety of the application will ensure even beginners comfort.

The minus model is called too short cord for nutrition, which does not allow it to transfer it to a more comfortable place.

Moulinex MA44509

Mechanical vegetable cutter stainless steel has small dimensions and simple instructions for use. Removable discs in the amount of 5 pieces provide large and shallow cutting, batch and grater of two sizes. The device has folding legs that can be removed if necessary.

Moulinex K1011114

The mechanical model does not need electricity, it is very compact and placed in any box. Due to increased mobility and low weight, work can be done directly above the cooking. The device is equipped with 5 removable sharp discs, which, after use, is enough to rinse in cold water. The legs are folded and provide good stability on any horizontal coating.

Moulinex K1030124

Manual chock-vegetable cutter is easy to use and unpretentious in caring, it can be washed in a dishwasher. The kit includes a transparent container, two lattice nozzles, a small brush for comfortable cleaning and cover. With this device, you can cut vegetables and fruits with large and small pieces.

Reviews of K1030124 are mostly positive, however, the difficulty of cutting very hard vegetables, such as potatoes, celebrate.

Moulinex K10301 Dice Cutter

Desktop hand-made vegetable cutting, which will greatly relieve and accelerate the cooking process. The kit includes: a transparent plastic container, a cap with a pusher and two lattice nozzles for large and shallow cutting, as well as a small brush for cleaning. The model can be washed in a dishwasher.

How to choose?

When buying vegetable cutters, some nuances should be taken into account, which will help competently pick the model you need.

  • View. First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of product purchased. Manual and mechanical models will become an excellent choice for a small family, they are inexpensive, do not spend electricity and allow you to quickly choke vegetables or fruits for dinner salad. However, when cutting will have to spend some forces. Electrical devices quickly grind any product, you will only need to press the button and omit the vegetable into a special compartment.
  • Power. When choosing an automatic vegetable cutter, be sure to take into account the power, as this is the main criterion when buying. The unit with a level of 50 W perfectly cope with shings of soft products, such as eggs or strawberries. For bumps of potatoes, onions or cucumber, aggregates are required by 100 W.
  • Accessories. Pay attention to the ability to eat and replace the blades if necessary. Sometimes discs break or stupid, so familiarize yourself with the possibility of a separate purchase of cutting elements so that you do not have to change the entire device. Perfectly, if there are additionally provided containers for crushed products, storage of blades.

MOUNEX MULTINEX REVIEW Watch in the following video.

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