What cauldron is better: cast iron or aluminum?

What cauldron is better: cast iron or aluminum?

Kazan – a very popular product, which, however, is not too often you can meet in the kitchens of modern owners. But it can often be seen from tourists, fishermen or just people who love to spend time in nature. Use Kazan both at home and for cooking on fire. Most of all are in demand cast iron and aluminum products. What they differ, which product has more advantages, let’s talk in our article.

Difference from the saucepan

Some believe that Kazan is essentially a pan. This statement is not quite fair. This product has appeared in ancient times in Central Asia, and until now, many traditional dishes of these peoples are preparing in it. However, Kazan got widespread in different countries.

The difference of cauldron from the pan for the most part in the form. It is a hemisphere, the preparing food is very convenient to put on fire. The form allows you to heat up not only the bottom of the product, but also its walls, which contributes to a faster preparation of dishes and uniform weighing products.

Cook in Kazan can be in any place. Hostess gladly use it on gas and electric stoves.

For cooking on nature, the product can be installed on a special tripog, which is placed right on fire. In the form of a focus, in this case, the deepening in the ground either.


In general, the differences between the Casans are a bit. However, stores present a variety of species that have different shapes, volume and material manufacturing. Before choosing a specific product, it is necessary to evaluate all moments.


The most popular is the classics. Such caulders have the form of a hemisphere and very convenient for cooking on open fire. Since the bottom is convex, put it on the stove or a flat surface is not possible. However, manufacturers are watched by demand, so the Classical Casuals began to appear on sale, but at the same time having a flat bottom. This allowed the hosts to indulge the seven delicious and unusual dishes, not leaving for their preparation of the apartments.


Volume in each particular case is selected individually depending on the needs of the buyer.

The basic condition is not to place too many products so that there is always a place of place for mixing them.

For example, for a family consisting of dad, mom and child, it will be quite enough to be a capacity of 3 liters. A 8 liter product is enough to feed from 10 to 15 people. However, lovers say that the most delicious and juicy dishes are obtained when they are prepared in large Casans. Therefore, for a very large company, you can purchase a product with a capacity of over 15 liters.


Most often included with the cauldron goes the cover made of the same material as he himself. However, there are exceptions. The winner of the cast iron can offer a lid of aluminum or even a tree. In this situation, it should be borne in mind that the material itself is not so important.

A much greater role is played by how tightly the cover is adjacent to Kazan. This is a prerequisite, its failure can be threatened with violation of the taste and qualitative characteristics of cooked dishes.


The main condition for which buyers pay attention to when choosing a cauldron – what material it is made. The largest disputes cause products from cast iron and aluminum. In this case, there are still types of this dishes with teflon coating or enamel, as well as copper. They all have certain characteristics.

Certain coverage with a certain type of cover is in demand from the hosts at home. Prepare in it on open fire – a fairly dubious perspective.

The fact is that under the influence of high temperatures, the enamel quickly comes in disrepair, and its cracking may be accompanied by the hit of some elements in food.

And when cooking in such a dishes needed special wooden or plastic devices, which creates additional difficulties.

Copper Kazan – Pretty Rare Phenomenon. However, in countries such as Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, they are considered the best. Others do not appreciate copper for its disadvantages, for example, this material is easily corrosive, is unable to keep the temperature well, it is bad cleaned.

Aluminum Casanes – Some of the most popular. Their spectrum of application is quite wide. These products use not only hostesses in the kitchen, they are great for cooking in tourist conditions.

Finally, Most common caulders made of cast iron. Among their features, you can note the impressive weight and long heating. However, consumers celebrate an incredible taste and aroma of such dishes.

Pros and cons

When choosing an aluminum or cast-iron cauldron, you need to take into account many factors. Be sure to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product. Consider them in more detail.

From cast iron

From a long time, there is an opinion that food made in the dishes from the cast iron is the most delicious, as it languishes for a long time on fire, while maintaining its best qualities.

Casuals exactly from this material – the perfect thing in which you can cook a stunning borsch or put out gentle pilaf.

Among the advantages it is necessary to note the low thermal conductivity, which is responsible for the ability to maintain heat for a long time. Despite the fact that the cast-iron cauldron will be heated longer, he distributes the heat evenly and slowly, which allows the products to reach ready. In the presence of the lid, hot couples will do its own.

It is impossible not to note for a long time of operation of such dishes. Over the years in such Kazan, it will be prepared only more convenient and more pleasant. This happens due to the fact that the inner surface originally has pores. Over time, they are clogged with oil and fat, which is why the natural protective layer is formed, respectively, the products will burn less.

Cast iron utensils are often transmitted to the family inherited.

However, it is impossible not to say about the minuses. Such products are very difficult, which causes difficulties in use, not to mention the fact that they are not intended for hiking. It is possible that they can crack with significant mechanical exposure. Externally, these caulders do not look too beautiful. They can affect corrosion and rust.

With part of these troubles, it will help to cope correct care for dishes. But it is also very important to competently prepare it for operation.

Careful washing and calcination using vegetable oil and salt.


This object more resembles a saucepan, but has thick walls. The advantages of aluminum caulders are sufficient. First of all, it is impossible not to mark their available cost. Such products are pretty light, perfectly suitable for cooking at home and in nature, and they are not at all difficult.

As for minuses – this is a high thermal conductivity that allows the product to be heated and cool very quickly, which is a special interference for the preparation of some dishes.

They are easily impaired from mechanical exposure, as the manufacturer’s material is quite soft.

Preparations for the first use does not cause hassle, causing is simply washed with water and wipes. It should be abandoned hardwood and sponges for washing dishes, otherwise it is easy to damage the protective layer.


We reviewed the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. What exactly to stop, which one to choose, should be solved in each case individually. It all depends on the purposes, tasks and requirements that will be naked on the Kazan. However, tasty and fragrant dishes can be prepared both in iron and aluminum dishes. The main thing is the desire and craftsmanship of the cook!

In this video you will learn how to prepare and draw a new cauldron before using.

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