All about ASKONA Mattricas

All about ASKONA Mattricas

Today in the market for healthy sleep and rest, a wide range of various brands is presented. Among Russian manufacturers, Askona products use in great demand. In this article, we will consider ASKONA Mattrices: General characteristics and features, wide range and care tips, as well as nuances that should be taken into account during the washing of products.

general description

ASKONA matages are rather popular today, since they are not only qualitative, but also stand relatively inexpensively. ASKONA is quite carefully approaching the production of these products, since its main product is the mattress, respectively, each of them must be complemented by a high-quality mattress staff. Askona brand produces both thin models that allow you to protect the mattress from dirt and dust and thick toppers with an orthopedic effect.

With their help, you can make a mattress hard or softer – the choice remains for the buyer.

Naturets Askona have the following general characteristics:

  • For the manufacture of the product, exceptionally environmentally friendly fabrics are used, and they can be both natural and synthetic+
  • Quite often, the cover is sewn from a knitwear or cotton jacquard, since these fabrics are characterized by durability, density and attractive appearance+
  • All products from Askona have excellent ventilation, while preserved initial parameters for a long time+
  • If we talk about toppers, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of modern fillers, for example, a coconut fiber, natural latex, wool, and polyurethane foam, is often found+
  • The manufacturer to each model of the mattress cover is making an instruction on the use and care recommendations, following which it will turn out to use the product for quite a long time+
  • All products are responsible to Russian and international standards, as well as certified, in particular, polyurethane foam has a Quality Standard CERTIPUR+
  • It deserves special attention, because the manufacturer undertakes to replace the product to be replaced by a similar period.

Assortment overview

ASKONA provides a wide range of mattress covers. Consider more in demand model.

Top Eco

This is an excellent protective coat of matager made of natural materials. It includes latex and coconut, as a result, during sleep, your spine acquires optimal position. The height of the product is 7 cm, which allows it to apply it even as a separate bed. ASKONA provides a wide range of sizes. The size of the 90×200, 140×200, 160×200 and 180×200 cm is in great demand. The price of the product depends on the dimensions. The manufacturer provides a warranty for 3 years.

Top Wellness

This is a pretty popular solution on the bed or sofa. Orthopedic mattressus provides a convenient position during sleep due to the combination of high-elastic foam Eco Foam and Latex Clima Layer. Muscles can relax because the material does not have a response pressure. The product has a case-type case that is sewn from knitwear. For mounting to the bedroom, rubber bands located in the corners are used.

Top PurotEx

If you have a tendency to allergies, then this model is designed specifically for you. Coal impregnation foam – Mattressus filler. It completely neutralizes the impact of allergens onto the human body, as a result, the quality of sleep is significantly improved. The model is presented on the gum, so with ease attacks the mattress. The case is equipped with lightning. It is made of knitwear with impregnation Purotex. The manufacturer provides a wide selection of dimensions. Optimal choice for double bed – 1600×2000 mm. The height of the product is 4 cm.

Top Foam 2

Mattress staff with memory effect is often acquired for giving, since it is characterized by elasticity, while it is able to withstand heavy loads. It is made of foam ORTO FOAM. Case is represented from hypoallergenic knitwear. It is fastened to the product with a rubber. The height of the mattresser is only 4 cm.

The price of the model depends on the sizes you need.

Top Foam 1

This option, like the previous model, is made of high-elastic foam ORTO FOAM. Its height is only 3 cm, so this option is inferior to the solution described above. The elasticity of foam makes it in demand among other analogues from ASKONA. Case of the Vessel Type Sew Crash. Price varies depending on the size.


This model refers to expensive solutions from ASKONA. Its height is 5 cm, so the neat mastery is superbly coping with tasks assigned to it. The product includes Memory Foam foam with memory effect. It adapts perfectly to the body shape so that the rest becomes as comfortable and convenient. Cotton cover is quilted on hypoallergenic fiber. Maintaining the mattress is made using rubber in the corners.

If you do not like hard models, then we must look at this decision.


Mattress holder made of high density medifoam foam. It evenly distributes the load over the entire surface of the body. Your spine will be in the right position throughout the night, guaranteeing you high-quality rest, ensuring the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The height of the model is 6 cm.


Coconut Mattress Supply Top Askona 2 allows you to give the bedroom to the necessary rigidity. He misses the air perfectly, providing an excellent microclimate and not giving a multiply to harmful microorganisms. The height of the product is 4 cm. A hypoallergenic case is notable. You can choose the size depending on the dimensions of your bed or sofa. The brand assortment presents the mattress covers for both the same and double bed.

Top Askona 1

This model is suitable for those who prefer to sleep in a soft bed. It consists of highly elastic foam and elastic latex, which allows you to successfully combine softness with elasticity. Since the mattress holder is sold in a twisted form, it is convenient to transport it to the place of use. The height of the mattress holder is 5 cm, while it is attached to the mattress using a rubber band, which are located in the corners. Case made from branded knit. Mattress cover also includes natural latex and foam ORTO FOAM.


This option is one of the most budgetary. Stegulous mattress holder has a volumetric polyester fiber, which provides excellent breathable and heat-shielding properties. The Nika model is great for adjusting the rigidity of a sofa or bed, making a sleeping place softer, while its height is only 2 cm. All materials are completely hypoallergenic. 4 elastic ribbons are provided for fastening the product to the mattress. During sleep, you can be sure that the mattress cover does not slip.

Tips for care

So that the Askona Mattricas serve as long as possible, and did not lose their characteristics and the initial appearance, it is necessary to adhere to the following simple recommendations from specialists:

  • Products must be away from heating devices and open fire+
  • Chemicals should be avoided for cleaning, as they can lead to deterioration of mattress covers+
  • Every few months the model location should be changed, while replacing the top+
  • If the neat machine includes coconut fiber, then it is strictly forbidden to turn it+
  • No need to iron items+
  • Drying models of wool can be performed solely in a horizontal position+
  • You can use automatic washing, while the water temperature should be within 30-40 degrees, but some products are prohibited to wash in a washing machine, only dry washing is recommended+
  • If the case includes a special membrane, then during washing it is desirable to apply specialized detergents.

Let us dwell in more detail on the nuances relating to the washing of Askona Mattressians.

  • Not all models can be washed. It is allowed to use machine washing for thin textile, waterproof and waterproof models, as well as for products from polyester fibers, latex and holofayber.
  • It is forbidden to use manual or machine washing for products with coconut coirs, coal impregnation or with orthopedic structures. All these models are afraid of contact with water. Such products can be cleaned with an extremely dry way, for example, using a vacuum cleaner.

Important! Before washing, carefully read the information on the product label. Using icons you can decipher how to properly care and wash the mattress.

  • Mattress cover filled with polyester fibers, you can wash in a typewriter. Water temperature is allowed to +60 degrees, spin no more than 600 revolutions per minute, lack of aggressive detergents.
  • Mattress cover with coconut coirs is characterized by increased rigidity. It is forbidden to erase manually or in a washing machine. To clean the product you need to vacuuming it during the replacement of bed linen, and also 1 time per month.
  • Latex and Hollofyber Mattricas with strong pollution allowed to wash in a typewriter. First you need to download it to the drum, select a delicate mode, turn off the spin. After washing, it is necessary to wait for water glass, then laid out on a flat horizontal surface and wait for a complete drying.

About how to choose a mattress cover, look in the following video.

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