We choose the networker

We choose the networker

For comfortable sleep and rest, not only a properly equipped sleeping place is required, but also a number of accessories, the list of which includes the Mattress. This accessory appeared in the stores relatively recently, but it was very quickly appreciated by consumers who prefer comfort, practicality and aesthetics.

    What is it and for what you need?

    Mattress consists of textiles with artificial or natural filler, which is put on the surface of the mattress, performing a protective function. The mattress cover looks quite attractive, but the main thing is important and important is the purpose of the product, which is as follows:

    • Protection of the mattress from different types of pollution: spilled coffee or a linen sheet+
    • Creating a so-called barrier warning absorption of moisture and dust mattress surface, small garbage+
    • Organization and provision of an ideal hygienic environment on the bedroom surface+
    • Control and adjustment of the temperature mode, which are carried out due to the thermal control properties of the coolant+
    • Changes in orthopedic mattress indicators: For the rigidity or softness of the mattress, it is enough to choose the right type of mattressus, and a comfortable sleep is guaranteed+
    • Alignment or smoothing irregularities on worn mattresses+
    • Protection against education and accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and malicious microorganisms+
    • Combining two small mattresses in the overall bed: Special large products are available for coating the zone of two single mattresses.

    In addition, a high-quality mattress staff is a good protection against various mechanical damage: scuffs, the formation of rollers, hooks from the claws of a pet. The huge advantage of the bed accessory is that it can be removed at any time and wash the car, which will not do with an expensive mattress.

    Understanding how irreplaceable this bed element, buyers hard to determine the purchase due to the fact that most are not oriented in the model manifold and their features.


    Mattress companies, thanks to which the service life of the mattress is significantly extended, presented in the market with many models of completely different manufacturers. For the convenience of review, all products for purpose and properties are divided into two main categories:

    • Protective models+

    • Corrective models.

    Protective products are widely used because they are able to protect, prevent the disorder of the integrity of the mattress and extend its operational period. This type of mattress covers is presented in several species.

    • Standard (Classic). It is a dense natural or artificial material, inside which is thin filler. Externally, the product resembles the usual sheet, equipped with angular rubber bands.

    • Waterproof (waterproof). These are accessories from natural or combined materials, resistant to abrasion, deformation and rolling. A membrane fabric is used as a filler, warning penetration of water and other types of fluid on the mattress.

    • Antibacterial (antiallergenic). These are models made of materials with antibacterial impregnation, which are ideally suited to people suffering from allergies, with reduced immunity. Most of the products are made of natural fabrics.

    If we talk about corrective sleeping accessories that are able to change the parameters and some properties of the mattress, then they are also different species.

    • Orthopedic. This is an excellent rigidity / mattress softness regulator. If the mattress is too soft, then you need a more rigid mattress cover that enhances the anatomical effect, and if solid, then it is better to buy a more delicate product.

    • Woolen, or healing. These are products with the therapeutic effect. Many manufacturers offer models with fibers of sheep fat wool, which provides light therapy.

    • Seasonal (with the effect of thermoregulation). Such sleeping facilities provide maximum comfort for a person depending on the time of year. For summer, the mattress holder of silk or flax is suitable, and for winter optimal products from wool.

    Depending on what the purpose of the product, it can be with a single-layer or multi-layer filler. Many manufacturers offer mattress companies that combine orthopedic and thermostatic properties. This is possible thanks to various fillers. Corrective products with a thermal machine (quilted mattress music), warning twisting and improving the appearance of accessories enjoy.

    In addition, the type of fixation of the product is divided into those that with the board, and those that are equipped with angular rubber bands. As a rule, the mattress covers with sides are more expensive than those who are fixed in the corners by elastic.

    What materials do?

    Mattress holder has a simple design, from the quality of the material of the component of which the properties of the product, practicality and durability depend on. So, the mattress holder is:

    • Case that can be made of completely different materials+
    • filler that is natural, synthetic or combined.

      To date, manufacturers sew covers from dense and durable materials of three categories.

      • Natural. Natural material perfectly absorbs moisture, breathing, pleasant to the touch, but not so wear-resistant as synthetic. It can be cotton, bamboo, flax, satin, as well as terry or velor material, endowed with a soft pile.
      • Artificial. This is usually polyester, polyester, microfiber with high wear-resistant. Polyester is quite moisture-resistant, practical, durable, not deformed, does not occur, does not require special care. In the waterproof microfiber mattresses, the microfiber is perfectly combined with the membrane layer (the oil was used before).
      • Mixed (combined). These are combined materials, where the ratio of synthetic and natural fibers can be 50/50% or 75/25%. Covers from blended materials are ideal because they are pleasant to the touch, breathable, do not accumulate static electricity, hypoallergenic and durable. In addition, such a fabric is practical and unpretentious in care.

      The filler determines the functionality of the product, so you need to clearly understand why the target is purchased. In the manufacture of natural, and artificial fillers are used. Let’s start with the first.

      • Camel or Sheep Wool, which has therapeutic and warming effects. This is a soft filler that is not recommended for allergies.

      • Felt characterized by soft, looseness and heat capacity. The benefits of filler are considered low cost and lack of harmful substances.

      • Latex, which perfectly aligns the surface, waterproof, hygienic, durable. A feature is a good anatomical effect.

      • Coconut Coyra, Can increase orthopedic effect. The material is rather tough, does not absorb foreign odors and moisture, and also characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties.

      • Moderate rigidity sisal, good elasticity and excellent air permeability. Among the features of the filler it is worth highlighting the anti-static effect, naturalness, hypoallergenicity and wear resistance.

      • Goose fluff. The fluff filler takes good body shape, has a warming effect, and also creates an incredible comfort atmosphere. Pooh Mattress Mattress Such Soft, Like Perina.

      • Bamboo characterized by average rigidity, Excellent air permeability, hygroscopicity and environmental friendliness, are endowed with good antibacterial and therapeutic properties. In addition, the bamboo “filling” is capable of adjusting the microclimate and eliminate foreign odors.

      Among the synthetic “stuffs” of the mattress holders can be found below the listed.

      • Sintepon, which has incredible softness and ease. The filler is endowed with hypoallergenia and good thermal insulation properties. In addition, products with a synthetic layer inexpensive.

      • Hollofiber, which is rather similar in characteristics with syntheps, is more resistant to deformation. Hollofiber does not cause allergic reactions, wear-resistant, has thermal insulation properties and inexpensive.

      • Strettoofiber. This combined material consisting of polyester, wool, algae and coconut coyra, which has moderate stiffness, good elasticity and density. Material features are good breathability, moisture resistance, wear resistance and hypoallergenicity.

      • Ecopen / Memorie, Characterized by the ability to adapt to the shape of the body and create an optimal microclimate. The advantages of the material are the presence of memory effect, therapeutic properties, as well as highly elasticity.

      • Polyurethane Foam (Foam). Foam material has moderate rigidity, good moisture resistance, elasticity and elasticity. Such a product is suitable for allergies, as well as those who can not afford the dear mattress cover.

      • Watu. Hypoallergen cotton filler, environmentally friendly, is safe, endowed with soft, as well as excellent operational qualities. In addition, even with frequent washers, the mattress holder is not knocked down and is not deformed.

      • Silicone, endowed with elasticity, ease, softness and breathability. The advantages of the material can be considered the ability to maintain heat, take the shape of a human body, and quickly dry after washing.

      If you need a sleeping place to do more hard, then you should buy products with cactus and coconut coirs, and to give softness the mattress will suit the mattress and latex or down.

      Types of fastening

      So that the protective accessory does not slide, did not drive and did not come down, creating discomfort and a lot of unpleasant sensations, it needs to be securely fixed on the surface of the mattress. For this, two types of fixation of the mattress holder are provided.

      • Angular mount. It lies in the presence of two or four sewn wide gum, which are fixed for the corners of the mattress.
      • Contour fastening. These are trapped across the perimeter of increased density and widths that protect not only the top of the mattress, but also its sides.

      Mattresses on a gum in the corners of inexpensive, comfortable in operation, because it is easy to remove if necessary. Products with contour fastenings are slightly more expensive, but they are more protecting the design, as well as more reliably fix the accessory.

      According to experts, the most reliable protection of an expensive mattress will provide a special case equipped with lightning, buttons or buttons.


      Mattressians are presented in the market variety of models, species, designer solutions. In the form of the product are divided into three main categories.

      • Rectangular models, Calculated for standard mattresses.
      • Round models. Round mattresser designed specifically for mattresses of the same form.
      • Oval models, Designed for designs like a form.

      The surface of the mattress holders is perfectly smooth and quilted. If desired, the bed accessory can be selected even in color. The most common and popular is the product of white, however, many factories offer colored options: pink, blue, green, beige and yellow mattress covers. Often in the collections of bedding began to appear monophonic products with a pattern on the side, as well as two-color and multi-colored mattress covers.

      The production of mattresses is widely developed, since the buyers of the mattresses are trying to immediately choose a protective accessory who will suggest the integrity and beauty of the appearance of the product for a long time. Analyzing numerous user reviews, as well as a number of advertising campaigns, the rating of the most worthy manufacturers who offer high-quality, practical and aesthetic attractive matages.

      • ASKONA (Sweden) – One of the leaders in the production of high-quality bedding, among which neat masters.

      • Comfort Line (Russia) – Factory specializing in the production of orthopedic and anatomical models. Special attention is paid to the introduction of innovative technologies and the use of exclusively natural materials.

      • Dreamline (Russia) – This is a manufacturer offering high quality products at an acceptable value. In the assortment of factories Many jacquard and natural cotton mattresses.

      • Vegas (Belarus) – This is a factory that produces two types of mattresses, which are characterized by excellent quality and durability.

      • ORMATEK (Russia) – Famous domestic manufacturer who specializes in sewing stylish, high-quality and practical models from natural and combined materials.

      Along with the above-mentioned demand, products of brands SONTELLE, BEAUTYSON, DIMAX, PROMTEX-ORIENT and SKY SLEEP.

      How best to choose?

      To correctly pick up and buy a model that will most comply with all the requirements and goals, it is necessary to consider a number of nuances.

      • Parameters. Mattress holder must completely cover the surface of the mattress. If the model is preferred with sides, then you need to know the height of the mattress.
      • Type of product. It is necessary to decide in advance with the purpose of the accessories: the standard model adjusting or with therapeutic effect.
      • View of the filler if the model is two-layer or multilayer. It is desirable that the internal components are hypoallergenic, breathable, not accumulating extraneous smells, not confusing.
      • Czech material. The surface of the material must be non-slip, pleasant to the touch, not accumulate static electricity.
      • Quality sewing. The quality product should have even lines, durable seams without spaces, so that in the future it does not stick filler.

      In addition, if you buy an accessory on a bed or sofa with irregularities, then it is better to choose mattress covers with increased rigidity and good orthopedic effect. A thin mattress cover is suitable for a standard type mattress, resembling a sheet that will simply perform a protective function, extending the service life.

      How to care?

      High-quality mattress holder of a proven manufacturer (especially two-layer or multilayer) is a product costly, so I want to have a long-term service life. To significantly increase the operating period will help the mattress cover, which also requires some care.

      So, care for the protective accessory of standard type (thin) includes:

      • washing in the machine, using a delicate mode, at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees+
      • Spin with weak turns – up to 600+
      • The use of only liquid detergents (capsules, gels), since the powders are poorly flashed from quilted products+
      • drying outdoors in the place where there is no direct sun rays.

      Too large product size can be washed in manual mode with pre-soaking for half an hour. There are models, such as toppers that are not recommended to wash – then you should use the services of dry cleaning.

      For prophylaxis, it is recommended to often air the product, which will prevent the appearance of mold and fungus. Wash bedding recommended 1 time in 3 months.

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