About Scottish Fold Cats with Ginger Color

About Scottish Fold Cats with Ginger Color

Representatives of the Scottish Fold breed are characterized by a special structure of the ears, which have the form of a bent forward and down the triangle. According to standards, there are many variations of the shades of wool Scottish Fold Cats. This article will consider the features of cats with red color.

History of origin

It is believed that the fold cats were brought to European countries from China, where the breed was not widespread. This event occurred at the end of the XVIII century, although such cats appeared in the XVII century. In Northern Europe, work was carried out on the crossing of imported animals with representatives of rectar breeds, as a result of which the Scottish Fold Cat was bred.

Officially, the breed was recognized in the late 60s of the XX century. There is another version of the appearance of Scottish Folds, which says that at least the fold cats and existed in China, but they did not bring them to Europe. A girl with the same extraordinary appearance was born in Scotland in the 60s, she became the main participant in breed.

Description and feature of the color

One of the main features of this breed is bent slightly inside the tips of the ears. However, kittens appear on the light with the usual reprehensive ears sink. Only after three months the appearance of the animal should change.

If the ears remain straight, then the individual is referred to by another type of breed – Scottish Straight.

If not to take into account the special form of the ears, then Scottish Folds look outwardly on British shorthair cats. The body of the Scottish Fold Cats is quite powerful. Front and rear paws are the same muscular as a housing. As for the size of the body, then according to international standards, it refers to the average.

The tail of cats is proportional to the body. It is usually rounded and narrowed at the end. Wool in the Scottish Fold Cats of Small Length and to the touch resembles a soft and smooth coat. Hair firmly adjacent to each other.

The head in animals has a round shape. Cats have pretty powerful jaws and strong chin. On the face of the animal there is no gross feature, but all lines smooth and rounded. Scottish Folds have big eyes that also have a round shape and are widely planted. Nose cats small and wide.

As for coloring, any options for palette are allowed. Red color can also be called red or gold. The color of the iris in red cats on the tone is suitable for wool and can be bright orange, amber or copper. Cats of this color deserved love all over the world.

Popularity is primarily due to unusual and spectacular appearance. It is worth noting that Scottish Folds of this color are quite rare, because of which they are appreciated even more.

It is also believed that red-based representatives of this breed have the highest level of intelligence than cats of other colors.

Character and behavior

Scottish Folds are distinguished by emotional balance and benevolence. Kittens are quite quickly tied to man and home. They are very playful and get good with children. Animals are happy to sit on their hands, love affection and attention.

Adults are more preferred to be alone than lead an active lifestyle. Cats are easy to teach to the clawholder, and therefore you can not worry about the safety of furniture in the house. Representatives of the Scottish Fold Breed have characteristic features in behavior.

Physiologically such cats are quite easy to stand on the hind limbs. Usually they take such a pose when trying to see something interesting in front. Many representatives of the breed love to sleep on the back, reminding such a pose of a man’s sleep.

However, it should be remembered that regardless of the breed belonging, every cat is individual. Therefore, a pet may not match the nature and behavior of the general characteristics of the Scottish Fold Cats.

The people exist some believe that the color of fluffy pets can say something about their character. Red cats are considered bold and cunning. Such animals require in relation to themselves increased attention and respect.

Content and care

Scottish Fold Cats love comfort and appreciate the home furnishings. They are not intended for life outside the house and will not be able to exist long on the street. Such cats are pretty friendly and can make friends with other animals living in the house.

From little age kittens teach to the tray, nickname and brake. It is also necessary to raise a pet so that it does not spoil the property and understood the simplest master teams. As for the care of animals, he will not cause difficulties.

Usually, the cats themselves follow the condition of their wool, clean their eyes and ears, and also unzip the detached part of the nails. However, this does not mean that the animals do not need to follow. In the case of contamination of the ear shells, they must be carefully cleaned with cotton sticks.

Despite the fact that the wool from the “Scotters” is rather short, it is recommended to periodically derive. To do this, it is better to use soft brushes or a special glove. Periodic deduction will allow you to remove the surplus dropped hairs so that the cat does not lick them.

Special attention should be paid to the teeth of the pet. Many home cats at the age of three years have problems with oral cavity. Most often this is due to the wrong feeding of the animal. With small quantities or complete absence of hard food for enamels formed dentures.

To prevent problems with your teeth, you need to correctly pick up the diet for the animal. If necessary, it is necessary to purify the mouth of the pet. You can do this with a special brush and paste.


Food of the red “Scots” must be balanced so that the animal daily received the daily rate of the components necessary for the body. Most of the diet, one way or another, make up proteins. You can create your own menu in which both finished feed and natural products will be included.

Also allowed only to be prepared canned and dry food. In the quality compositions of the super premium and the holistic, all the necessary items in the right amount will be. Feeding frequency depends on animal age. Kittens usually give food in small quantities and often: from four to five times a day.

Over time, feeding frequency is reduced to three times a day, and after reaching the age of 8 months – up to two. The amount of food depends on the lifestyle of the animal, namely its activity. At the same time, access to clean and fresh water in the pet should be regularly.

As for natural products, it is recommended to include crude veal, pre-frozen. You can give boiled chicken meat and offal. Investigate fish can only be in small quantities. Otherwise, problems with the urinary system may occur.


Like all domestic cats, red scottish-fildards need timely vaccination, as well as in handling from ticks, fleas and helminths. Representatives of this breed also have predisposition to some diseases:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system – most often arise with joints+
  • Cardiovascular Problems+
  • Diseases of respiratory tract.

Special attention should be paid to the eyes of animals. Due to the large size, a lot of dust or hairs can fall on them, which, in turn, will provoke inflammation. In pet stores you can purchase special eye drops and, if necessary, use them.

Many representatives of the breed are not harmful in food, which can lead to obesity. Overweight leads to health problems. Therefore, it is very important to follow the right nutrition of Scottish Folds. It is also recommended to regularly visit the veterinary physician for inspection and examination of the domestic pet.

As for the life expectancy of Scottish Folds, several factors will affect this indicator. First of all, this presence or absence of innate diseases.

Physically weakened kitten will need special care and, most likely, will not live for more than 15 years.

As for healthy and strong individuals, for the most part lifetime life will depend on the correctness of nutrition and care. With proper content, cats can calmly live up to 20 years and even more.

About the features and care of Scottish cats See more.

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