Acari Ciri Feed Review

Acari Ciri Feed Review

Quality feed from the ACARI CIAR brand is produced in Russia. The company produces useful, satisfying and fragrant products in a wide range. Buyers can pick up very good feeds and for dogs, and for cats. In the article we will present a review of products for these pets from ACARI CIAR.

Advantages and disadvantages

Goods of this brand went to the market not so long ago – in 2017, so only gaining popularity. But have a lot of advantages attracting current breeders and just animal lovers. List the most significant and weighty pluses of ACARI CIAR products.

  • Absolutely all components that are used in the manufacture of pet feed are produced in the country and have appropriate GOST certification.
  • In the manufacture of Acari CIAR products, complete European production lines are used, and all feed formulas are developed in conjunction with highly qualified zootechnics, experienced breeders and veterinary specialists.
  • The product range contains fish and meat products in optimal ratios with various useful additives. From the total composition of these components can occupy 30% or more.
  • In the production of branded pets for pets, Acari CIAR uses exceptionally natural and absolutely safe preservatives that do not harm the health of four-legged friends.
  • All vitamin and mineral mixtures provided for in the company’s products, supplies a large Russian-German company Mealberry.
  • Products for cats and dogs ACARI CIAR attract breeders not only a very good composition and complete safety, but also a democratic price.

    Before you buy products from a domestic manufacturer for your favorite pets, it is advisable to learn about their shortcomings.

    • As part of many positions, there are not too desired components – wheat and corn.
    • Goods from Acari Ciar are still very common, so on sale not everywhere.
    • If you pay attention to the composition of cats for cats and dogs, it can be noted that the wording of some ingredients is not very reflected and specifically.
    • Some options for ACARI CIAR feeds highlight rather sharp and obsessive smell (for example, fish).

    A variety of assortment of food

    Domestic trademark produces many high-quality products intended for cats and dogs. Dry feed have different compositions, tastes and packaging. Consider several branded positions.

    For dogs

    Consider the features and composition of several options for dog feed from the Russian manufacturer.

    • A Baked Dog Beef. High-quality and balanced dog food, which contains a calf meat in a ratio of 40%, as well as a fresh beef scar – 15%. Baked Dry Product In addition, it contains brown rice, beef fat, calf cartilage, various vegetables and natural fruits. Even chicory extract and useful complex of vitamins and minerals are present in the composition of the dog food under consideration. The product is designed specifically for adult dogs of small and medium-sized breeds.

    • A Baked Dog Duck. Balanced baked feed in dry form designed specifically for adult four-legged small and medium breeds. The product contains fresh duck meat, duck hard, fat, lentil, duck cartilage, cranberry, apple, flax seed, oak bark, ram. In this dog stern, also provides for the vitamin and mineral component provided by the Russian-German company MEALBERRY.

    • VET A’DOG HYPOALLERGENIC LAMB. Balanced hypoallergenic and completely safe dry food. Refers to the class of the holistic, can buy for adult dogs absolutely any breeds. In this corporate product, meat and fat lamb, rice, liven collection lamb, apple, cranberries, natural extracts.

    • Flagman Fegato Holistic. This dry dog ​​food also belongs to the category of the holder, and designed specifically for adult four-legged, medium and small rocks. The product has in its contents of beef liver, sublimated beef meat, salmon fillet, rice, oatmeal, salmon oil, lettuce, zucchini and many other natural components. Here are also beer yeast, acting as a natural source MOS.

    • Puppy Holistic. Very sought-after classes of class holistic, created specifically for puppies absolutely any breeds.

    Product is optimal for pets aged 2 to 6 months.

    This position contains the meat of turkey, lamb and calf, as well as fish fillet salmon, sublimated meat components, brown rice, oatmeal, flaxseed, zucchini, apple, natural extracts. In the product under consideration there are vitamins and minerals from the company MEALBERRY.

    • Baby Dog Starter Holistic. If you need to choose a useful, safe and balanced product for the first dust, then it is necessary to look at this development, created specifically for puppies of any breeds under the age of 2 months.

    In addition, it can be given by bitches during pregnancy or feeding offspring.

    Positions include: lamb meat, turkey, salmon fillets, sublimated meat components, dry whole egg and milk. And here there are beer yeast, L-carnitine, linen seed.

    • Tasty Turkey. Balanced dry product for dogs related to the highest category. This high-quality feed is suitable for adults of any breeds. The pending dog product is made with the addition of the following ingredients: meat, loss and fat turkey, seafood fillet, sublimated meat components, salmon oil, vitamin and mineral complex from the Russian-German company, as well as natural extracts, vegetables, fruits and flour of different grinding from Different cultures. Feeding with the feed Tasty Turkey, dogs get a lot of energy that supports their muscle mass at level even with quite active livelihoods.

    This is not the entire list of products released for balanced dogs of dogs of different breeds and ages. Assortment Acari Ciar has other positions with equally high-quality compositions.

    For cats

    Russian manufacturer releases a lot of food and cats. Consider some positions.

    • A’Cat Turkey. It is a complete dry food for cats and cats of any breeds and sizes. It contains only natural and useful components. These include: Turkey meat, turkey loss, salmon fillets, dehydrated meat components, solid dry egg, turkey fat, unrefined sunflower oil, gentlemen, and many other safe elements. As part of high-quality catfish A’Cat Turkey, there are natural extracts of different species, there are beer yeast.

    • A’cat Beef. No less high-quality full position designed for any feline breed. In this useful product there are calfs meat, meat fees, salmon fillets, whole form egg, barley, beef fat, as well as turkey fat, salmon oil and natural cartilage. Food is useful in that its composition has first-class vitamin and mineral complexes provided by the Russian-German company Mealberry.

    • A’Cat Fish. Full dry product that can be given to all cats and cats. Differs in excellent composition: Karelian salmon meat, salmon, Atlantic herring, salmon butter, glowed oats, nettle, leafy vegetables, natural and useful extracts, and beer yeast, taurine, linen seeds, oak bark, beet and yukka. How can I understand from the composition, Corporate Feline A’Cat Fish is obtained by satisfying, donas four-legged energy and cheerful mood.

    • A’Cat Starter. Balanced dry food, which is perfect for use as the first dust.

    This product is designed for kittens of any breeds under the age of 4 months. The position is suitable for nutrition of cats during pregnancy or lactation.

    The product under consideration consists of the following ingredients: turkey meat, calf meat, turkey loss, salmon fillet, dehydrated meat components, dry solid egg and milk, barley, rice of a bury variety, turkey and beef fat. Of course, it was not without natural extracts and useful vitamins.

    Review reviews

        Dry pet food from the Russian ACARI CIAR manufacturer are tirelessly gaining popularity among modern breeders. Today, the company’s domestic products becomes a choice of many consumers who care about the health and good mood of their four-legged favorites. About feeds Acari Ciar People leave different reviews, among which you can meet positive, and negative.

        In most cases, the owners of cats and dogs are satisfied with the large packages and the cost of ACARI CIAR products, as well as natural components in feed. According to the statements of many consumers, their pets with great pleasure eating dry granules Acari Ciar.

        Unfortunately, the products of the domestic manufacturer buyers leave A lot of negative feedback. Most of them are associated with unattractive packaging designs, incorrectly combined in ingredients in composition and inaccurate information about energy value. According to some breeders, their pets after the use of the feed Acari CIAR began to suffer from various diseases, wool fallout, digestive disorders and other unpleasant ailments.

        Baked Baked Baked Brand Feed In the following video.

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