All about black Pomeranian Spitzhah

All about black Pomeranian Spitzhah

The most popular types of pets are cats and dogs. Even citizens living in high-rise buildings, happy with pleasure to have indoor peskov. One of the most interesting breeds is black Pomeranian Spitz. About him and will be discussed in our article.

Where does the beginning of the breed?

Many call this dog’s favorite of royal blood. This is true, because for several centuries chooses to know from different countries.

According to historians in 1700 in Poland (region at the junction of the boundaries of modern Poland and Germany), spitty wolves were noticed – a kind of hybrid between wolf and a dog. Presumably they arrived in this area thanks to natural migration from Serbia and Russia.

As listed in the historical archives, because of numerous “dog weddings” of these wolves and ordinary four-legged friends of a person appeared and spread throughout the world called Pomeranian Spitz.

These ancient spitts perfectly served a person in many areas of his life and farm. They guarded at home, grazed livestock, drove transport in sledding. It was possible because at first these pesters had a body weight equal to fifteen kilograms. They had enough forces to drag forward special transport. Puppies who were born periodically with smaller dimensions were taken to live in the room along with people. The colors then they had black, white, brown and cream.

In 1761, the Ventance Charlotte, the wife of the English king George III, got such a pretty little animal. She became interested in this breed, drew attention to her and was conquered by such a light and fun character, sparkling in love. Two pets, Her Majesty brought with him to England: bitch and marsh (Phoebe and Mercury). They lived a long happy life next to her loving mistress. Paints of that time created some kind of canvases perpetuating royal peskov.


These dogs are rather small, so called dwarf. Life life has up to 15 years. Usually males are somewhat massive and above the bitch in the withers. Their weight does not exceed 2,200 grams, height – 23 centimeters (males), girls do not reach 2 kilograms and do not grow more than 20 centimeters up. Color can have 12 options:

  • black+
  • Black and Side+
  • Brown+
  • ginger+
  • cream+
  • White and other shades of colora.

Pomeranian spitches stretched out like a fox. They are autonous, with developed strong breasts. Medium Ear Size Starts Up. The eyes of dark pigmentation, the nose can also be only dark. Lapped legs, straight, stable. Thick undercoat, woolen cover medium in length. Your favorite will always be warm, even in winter frosts in the fresh air. Tail Fluffy and twisted in a bagel.

The black representative of the breed nose and lips are not just dark, and rich-black. Wool “Chernushki” does not allow any inclusions. If it happens, it will be marriage. Sometimes the little puppies are brown, but it usually passes, although in rare cases the dog after the first molting changes the color with black on the brightest.

Puppies of black and tanning color marked with clear spots of different colors. It can be bright rim on chest, paws, neck or cream and pallets.


This four-legged handsome is very cheerful and is active throughout life. Kinologists recommend them for big families. Children will be especially welcome to his constant readiness to run and play and lightly inform. These are talented and inventive nanny even for kids of very young age. For an adult, Spitz will be a devotee and grateful companion.

But do not forget that This dog requires constant loads and exercise. Walking with them will need at least one and a half hours a day. If the owner does not have such an opportunity (because of employment, senile age or disability), then prepare for the fact that the pet will be stitching and “raging” in the apartment.

Favorite fun spitz will The game with a wand and the team “Aport”. It is perfectly leaving for training and has outstanding security qualities. In the soul, Chernysh considers himself a steep fighting dog and, imposing on the street in the desperate fight, does not think about his modest sizes. In addition, he does not penetrate the following confidence and love for unfamiliar people and definitely will not allow himself to stroke at the first meeting without a special request of the host.

Creations are often expressed that the kid is much and not in the case. But these dogs are very clever, and almost always they are trying to convey some information promises to a two-way friend. Negative moments of communication with fluffy handsome can appear his durability and arrogance. Because of this, everything understands everything perfectly, he just sometimes does not want to perform the commands of the owner. The most unloved – calls to silence in a specific pose (sit or lie).

Among other things, the sinters are found behind these pesters – the desire to “go under themselves” of other pets living in the same house. They certainly want to dominate, be the most “steep guys in the area”. Despite the fact that the apartment for the apartment will be a huge shepherd dog or Senbernar, black mini-spitz will certainly help his orders. Must be the reason lies in centuries-old close friendship with kings.

These animals need the world to spin around them, and constantly. In order for this not to be an insoluble problem, you should not start the Pomeranian Spitz first. He must grow up surrounded by the fellow, that is, to establish social ties as early as possible. If the Pesk arrived at you and immediately found himself among cats and other dogs, he will be perfectly laugh with all his neighbors and firmly make friends with them. But if you bring a new cohabitant to adult harmful fluffy, it will take it categorically in the bayonets and sat down in the territory of your apartment deserted shedding.

However, there are no need to face such flaws behavior, because it all in the tripled amount is compensated by the positive, which gives generously and free of charge, these babies to their “big brothers”. Kids are very attainable and do not like to be alone in the apartment. But when they meet you in the evening, they will rejoice in full: they will walk behind you the faithful tail, plunge on your feet during the cooking dinner, and in the restroom, and in the bathroom, wept on the handles and diligently look with you at least how much long time. To sleep be sure to the host bed, if he does not let under the barrel.

Correct care

Before purchasing a dog of this breed, we recommend to study all the available information about them. These fidgets have weak teeth. In a puppy age, milk teeth are issued problematic because they have very long roots. In the case of the pain of the process, an experienced veterinarian will help. Because of the small growth of the dog, it is necessary to pay high attention to the state of the joints and ligaments. Loving and attentive owner easily notices when the baby begins to lick, and takes measures.

Often there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract due to too good appetite. Do not cross the animal, otherwise there are no problems to avoid.

Also, after abundant food, spasms in the throat and cough may appear at Pomeranian Spitz.

If you bring your little friend to take a walk during the wind or in the heat and awake on the street for a long time, it can start to get away my eyes. Since Pomeranian Spitz is very active and also not so strong and lively, as metis, it is necessary to always be alert and spend the daily inspection of animals for damage, wound, burns. Pay attention to her mood and behavior.

The wool in the Pomeranian black spitz is very thick – it is necessary to follow it and care. Combing pets every two or three days. If you do it more often, you can pull the undercoat. It is harmful, so do not overdo it. Every day combing only during molting and only a massage brush. Babe needed not more than once thirty days, and that, if he was very worried. Appropriate use of dry dog ​​shampoo. Spread it then carefully, and everything will be fine.

Than feed?

Three ways of nutrition of thoroughbred animals are known to dog breeders:

  • Finished feed+
  • Natural nutrition+
  • Mixed option.

When purchasing peeling from nursery For the first weeks try to give him what the breeder prepared him. These kids are required, feeding at the stage of adult. Its makeup will appoint a veterinarian, examining a puppy.

It is absolutely impossible to give a fluffy favorite the following products:

  • potatoes+
  • Bean+
  • beet+
  • sweets+
  • Prenka+
  • Manka+
  • pearl barley+
  • Pork meat+
  • sausage+
  • Smoked+
  • fat+
  • Gorky+
  • sour+
  • Puffy.


You can start after the first month. First, the teams “Fu” and “Good”. Oranges are extremely smart, you do not need to raise your voice, they will understand everything. The four-legged buddy will always burn with the desire to please and please your person, so you will study your habits with close communication and will be very “convenient” companion.


On specialized forums, users converge that playfulness and tendency to laga are one hundred percent sign of all Pomeranian spa. Food is lifting for the average family, care is also inexpensive.

Usually these dogs do not cut completely, only draw up the paws and face, because the lush wool is their main decoration.

In the next video you can look at the charming black Pomeranian Spitz closer.

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