All about black spice

All about black spice

No lover of small fluffy dogs can resist black spitz. This charming ball with a cute fairytale has already won many hearts. The name of the rock is associated with Svalbard – terrain near the Baltic coast, however, not all scientists agree with the opinion that this region is the birthplace of the animal. According to information from many dog ​​breeders, black spitz is an animal, the birthplace of which is North of Europe.


Black Spitz is considered a dwarf species, as it has a small height and weight. According to American standards, the growth of the dog in the withers should be 260 mm. According to the FCI standard, the growth of animals is allowed not more than 220 mm. The mass of the body of such pets is about 3 kg. The case of the fascism of the square format, the height of correlating to the length as 1 to 1. Body designs are characteristic of the fortress, decorative grace, as well as excellent musculature.

The head of a small size, it contains a short muzzle, narrowed to end and resembling fox. The black spitz, the nose was painted in the black color, like the lips that they are tightly adjacent to the jaws. The shape of the eye is oblong, the organs of view are set. They have a living and mischievous expression, thanks to which the dogs look charming.

Black Spitz’s ears standing, they have a triangular shape and sharp tops. The arrangement of hearing organs is pretty close to each other. Animals are characterized by a strong neck with an average length on which there is a thick grivy collar. The back of the fluffy is strong, it is straight and short. At the end of the body there is a tail that covers thick wool. It is high and held on the principle of Opala.

Front legs straight, with long blades and muscular shoulders. The forearm of the direct, choreist, is flooded behind. Pets at pets rounded, they are well collected and have black pads. Dogs with black and brown color are endowed with brown paw pads. The back legs are characterized by massiveness and direct, they cover the fur to the tangent joints.

Spitza this kind of black coat color. The wool of these animals is luxurious, consisting of several types of hairproof:

  • The coating (oratory) hair characterized by a large length+
  • dense bleeding, to the touch reminding cotton.

Head, ears and front paws covers short wool, but on the shoulders and neck there is a thick collar. Rear legs resemble fluffy pants.

Spites of black color, as a rule, covered with glossy wool, on which there is no other shade.

    Immediately after birth, the puppies are black with a red-chip. If the ancestors of the pet had a different color, then, most likely, the color of the puppy fur coat is changed from the black on any other.

    Black-sided Spitz on the fur has clear marks. The color of such inclusions may be the most diverse. For example, if black spitz have marked brown, then such a pet is called black and brown. At the rod spitz spitting is located on the chest and legs.

    Character features

    Dog breed Black Spitz is rather vitality and friendly. This animal will be able to take care of any family. Preference in communicating the dog gives children – Fluffy with joy supports their games, participating in fun. Pet can be not only a nanny, but also a small little man. Adults will be fun with such a dog, however, this breed is not the best option for the elderly.

    Spitz are extremely active, they spend a lot of time, moving and running, so they have to always look after them. Despite its miniature sizes, Black Spitz is a real guard. This is a battlefoot that does not tolerate strangers. In the event of danger, the pet until the latter will protect his master.

    It is worth remembering that if the dwarf spitz lats, then this phenomenon has a reason. The negative features of the nature of the dog can be attributed to stubbornness, input. This breed has a tendency to dominate other representatives, pets love to always be in the spotlight.

    How to choose?

    Before buying a black spitz puppy to determine the purpose of acquiring such a pet. Usually this dog is getting to participate in exhibitions or in order to acquire a friendly pet. For the purchase of fluffy should handle a special nursery with a good reputation or to a reliable breeder.

    In order not to be deceived and buy a purebred puppy you need to remember that spitts are expensive, so it’s not worth the low price. Arriving on the place of the transaction, it is worth paying attention to the purity in the room, as well as on the feed that the pet eating, the breeders do not save on real spitz. If the puppy is bought to participate in exhibitions and show programs, then the seller is worth demanding the pedigree, while turning attention to the exterior of the parents.

    If you wish to breed this breed of dogs, you need to clarify the question of belonging the baby to the litter of linear knitting. Parents of such a puppy must be from one tribal line. If the dwarf dog is purchased as domestic loves, then you should not pay huge money. Pat-class kids practically do not differ from the exhibition, the exception is the features of bite.

    It is also worth noting that for exhibitions it is better to give preference to the making of this breed of dogs, as it has larger body dimensions and the best woolen cover. However, at the same time, the boys spitts have such disadvantages:

    • Dominant features of character, that is, the dog will raise fights and conflicts with other pets+
    • Some difficulties in training+
    • With the appearance of a female, who has a temper, Schitz male will be ready for everything to run after it, so there is a risk that the baby will be lost+
    • When the puppy becomes an adult, he begins to “mark” the plot, so it should be not only accustomed to the tray, but also requires a walk twice a day.

      The girls of the Spitz breed do not create problems when upbringing and trained. They are characterized by a more calm and eligible temper. The animal quickly gets used to the toilet, however, has its own minuses:

      • Twice a year in females there is a flow, which can entail a unwanted pregnancy+
      • The process of carrying puppies and childbirth have a lot of their nuances, and this will require special worries from the owner.

      For the right choice of black spitz puppy, it is worth remembering about such rules:

      • Concentrate your attention on one fluffy+
      • follow the behavior of the animal: the baby should not be afraid of man, be aggressive or break out of the hands+
      • Inspect the appearance of the dog, while turning attention to the wool, the presence of dandruff in it, the quality of the skin, the condition of hearing and vision organs, the oral cavity+
      • Pay attention to the gait and movement of the animal.

          The weight of the newborn puppy should be 100 grams, if the mass of the kid is less than 70 grams, this may indicate problems with development. Choosing a black spitty kid from the mother at the age of 3 months. An appropriate stamp must be present on the puppy, this indicator indicates the authenticity of the breed.

          How to name?

          After purchasing a black spitz, many owners think about how to call it a small, fluffy and temperamental being.

          According to experienced breeders, the dog’s full nicknames do not immediately consist of more than forty characters, besides, the name must match the moral and animal behavior.

          Often owners of black spitz males give them nicknames in accordance with the color of fur, for example, redhead or black. A decent name for the boy will be a Greek or mythological character: Eric, Bruno.

          Do not choose a hurt name for pets so that it does not affect his behavior. Spitz is a good and affectionate aristocrat, so you can choose one of these nicknames: speaker, carat, Napoleon, Othello. Cool names can be a scooter, fan. To unusual and at the same time, beautiful nicknames can be attributed: Wolf, Hans, Martin, Thomas.

          Spitz girl is considered a playful, cute creature, so she is perfect for the name Plush, Amalia, Elsa, Baksa. Beautifully sound with such pits like Monica, Bianca, Jasmine. Interesting and cool nicknames of black spitz girls include the following: Zhul, Junon, Bagira, Bullet, Marquis, Sonya.

          Do not pick up a lever and vulgar name for your favorite. Nickname should have a positive effect on the animal, so you need to call a pet friendly, company and not difficult in pronunciation by the name. The main rules when choosing a nickname:

          • Light pronunciation+
          • minimum letters+
          • Perception of a dog+
          • Compliance with the behavior and animal chairs.


            Black spitts normally exist in the conditions of apartment and home maintenance, they are not adapted to life in the aviary.


            Like many other little dogs, black spitts have a tendency to obesity. For this reason, an adult pet, as well as a puppy, requires careful attitude to the diet. According to most breeders, the best nutritional option for spitz is the dry food of high quality. Such food has in its composition all vital vitamins and elements for normal growth and development of a thoroughbred pet.

            Owners who prefer homemade products when feeding spitzs must remember that the larger percentage of the fascism should be meat. In addition to meat products, in the diet of the dogs are obliged to attend such products:

            • Rice and buckwheat+
            • Cottage cheese, kefir+
            • vegetables.

              Potatoes, sausage, legumes, sweets, pasta, chocolate products. Animal feeding must be a veterinarian. Daily dog ​​must use clean water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and biologically active additives.

              Save on feeding a thoroughbred pet is not worth it, since low food quality can cause diseases.

              It is forbidden to give fluffy tubular bones, pork meat, sharp, fatty and salty products. Milk is the product that spitches do not absorb, so they can give hard cheese as a treat. Black Spitz puppies should eat 5 times a day, while food should be served in small portions. After the six-month age of animals fed three times a day.


              Longshish black spitzam need careful care. Dogs require regular deduction using crests and bathing with professional shampoos, use masks, balsam and sprays. If you don’t care for the fur of a black pet, brown browns can appear on it.

              Among other things, this breed of animals requires a regular haircut – if the owner has no skills in this matter, then you should turn to a professional.

              Fluffy washed when there is a need for this, however, it costs it more often than with other breeds. Provided for dusty and hot weather, pets can be broken weekly. Champions for Spitz should be present parabens and sulfates. Together with the shampoo it is worth buying air conditioning from the same series – such a tool will help to overcome dryness and unwracted naughty wool.

              Choosing black spitts is carried out much more often than other hygienic procedures. Ideally, the pet is worth paying for about 20 minutes every day to make a sword. Careful deduction is required before bathing, as well as on the period of molting.


              Start raising a little spitz need as soon as he appeared in the house. This animal is characteristic of an extraordinary cooperativeness, so the pet will quickly understand what is required of it. Black Spitz must obey the owner, fulfilling his team, so you have to pay time for his training. A five-month puppy will simply assign standard commands.

              Rising an animal, you need to install close contact with it and friendly attitude.

              The dog should be socially socialized, otherwise the pussy will continuously bark people.

              If the owner has a desire, then the kid can be learned by tricks and shepherd cases.

              Black Spitz can be called a bold extrovert, glorious and devoted pussy. This is a very smart pet that you can easily exure so that he pleases his owners.

              Interesting facts about the breed see below.

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