All about British marble cats

All about British marble cats

One of the rarest and the unique colors of the British kittens is marble. Marble British cats and cats clearly will not leave a single feline indifferent, because in addition to luxurious coats, they have a very soft character, as well as they are very graceful. It is believed that the British is the real aristocrats of feline society. But the marble cats so attract many breeders and potential buyers? In this article, let us know more detail with the description of the “British” of the Marble Color, we will find out some nuances of care for them, as well as consider the characteristics of the nature.

A bit of history

The British breed of cats is considered natural, but here many colors of wool and her color were derived by breeding and using feline from other breeds. Persians and exotes usually participated in breeding, these breeds are quite a lot in common with the “British”, and therefore, in the removal of new colors, the well-established breed standards were not injured.

But on one of the versions it is believed that marble color Pets inherited from their wild relatives living in Africa, India and other countries. However, initially he was not like that now, and therefore a selection was held for his improvement, in which, in addition to scientists, felinologis took part.

Features color and types

All cats that have any drawing on wool, wearing the name Tabby. This is the so-called group of colors. Marble cats with color Tabby look, really, luxurious and unique. In addition, drawings are usually contrasting and often resemble wild animal fur coats.

  • Marble cats and cats have a contrast color with two types of hairs. The first as it were painted by zones, and the second – the background. Hairs creating drawing completely scratched.
  • On the forehead of kittens and adult individuals with a marble pattern, you can most often consider the letter “M”, which is a kind of exterior of this color.
  • On the eyes and the nose in marble individuals are usually a bright black eyeliner. Such eyeliner is very similar to the fact that there are British chinchillas.
  • The main drawing of British marble individuals is always clear and smooth, it has smooth transitions throughout the wool, but never looks blurry.
  • “Necklaces” on the chest of animals is very valued in this color. And what they are more, the more appreciated by one or another. Contrast specks of different shapes can be observed on the back, stomach and ears.
  • Eye color very often depends on the color. For example, cats and cats with chocolate marble color most often green eyes, and in individuals with gray-black colors “Whiskas” – blue or gray.

    The marble “British” necessarily presents the pattern on their rounded cheeks.

    Closed contrasting circles can be observed on the tail of the animal and his legs. Wool from British marble individuals are not so short, due to which it seems that they seem to be underestimated or have short paws. But this is a breed standard. Paw pads most often dark.

    Marble color is well expressed even the smallest kittens. Do not confuse marble color with others, for example, with tiger and spotted. They have their differences.

    • “British” of such a color can be silver marble, when the main background color is gray-white with a purest snow shock, and stains on silver – contrasting black. Eye color can be gray, green or blue. There are also other shades of eyes. Outcomes with green iris and silver marble on the fur coat are valued above all.

    • Cats and cats are also found with less relevant, but at the same time in demand by color, namely: silver-purple marble color, silver-red marble color, silver-chocolate marble color and some others.

    • Very refined cats and cats with color black marble on gold, as well as golden chocolate. In such animals, the main color of the wool look like a bright redhead or red-brown, and at the same time all spots have a rich-black color.

    • Animals with color black and blue marble drawing less pronounced and noticeable. But at the same time they look very beautiful and exotic.

    • Cats and cats with color Bicolor marble have such a color of wool, in which several shades are combined at once, and at the same time there is an original drawing on the fur coat.

    • Turtle marble is quite rare, and mostly it only happens in cats, as, however, any turtle color. This is due to the fact that the males have almost no wool, in which there are 3 and more shades.

    • Very gentle colors are considered purple and cream marble.

    And it should also be noted that kittens are often born with the so-called false marble color, which is called “Moire”. Very often, breeders for ignorance or with their special intent sell such kittens at marble prices. It is not always easy to distinguish such kittens, but not so difficult. The drawing on their wool even in childhood is uneven or not at all clear, over time it begins to completely disappear, leaving only small stripes and patterns that can be barely visible.

      The marble kittens color from childhood saturated and clear, including the drawing itself, and the older they become, the factory begins to look more bright and whole.

      Character and habits

      British kittens and adults are famous for them very calm. In this case, these animals are trying and very educated. They are quite difficult to get along with other feline representatives, but very good at the same time with dogs. So that the cats still make friends, it is best to raise them together since childhood.

      British marble cats and cats unobtrusive and delicate. They do not give up food, do not impose and won’t be the owners in the morning. Most of their time prefer to rest and conduct a measured lifestyle. Pretty playing, if they constantly do not bother, badly get along with children, because they do not like constant teskal. But at the same time, completely non-aggressive and unlockable. Very wary of unfamiliar people. Do not bored and do not pack in the house or apartment, while there are alone.

      In general, the British marble representatives of this breed do not differ from any purebred British. They are as smart and intelligent, quickly learn something new.

      Recommendations for care and maintenance

      Care for British marble cats and cats is not so difficult, but for it It will take time.

      • Combining animals recommended a special calculation several times a week. This is done so that the wool is not rolling and chopants did not form.
      • Bathtub British best as their wool pollution. Usually 1-2 times a year, sometimes they bathe directly before exhibitions. For swimming should use special shampoos, and not those who use people.
      • Claws cut once every 2-4 weeks as they grow. For this procedure, you should use a special cunter.
      • Animal ears should be cleaned very carefully and only as pollution. To do this, it is recommended to use a special liquid and a cotton disk, cotton wands of ears cats clean.
      • Care for eyes should also be very neat. You can only wipe them with a cotton disk or a piece of gauze moistened in warm water or chamomile. If the pus is found in front of the eyes, it is very important to consult a veterinarian in a timely manner, and not engage in self-medication.

      To avoid many viral diseases from which cats are often affected, it is recommended to make an integrated vaccination once a year, as well as rabies vaccination.

        Before vaccinations, always animals give a means of hot. It can be both suspension and tablet. The main thing is the medicine to give according to the instructions and weight of the animal.

        In the house of the cat or cat must be their place. It can be both a feline house and a small pillow for sleep. It is advisable to start brates, otherwise animals involuntarily can scratch outdoor surfaces and furniture.

        As for feeding animals, they can be on feed nutrition or natural. Both rations have their pros and cons. The main thing is that any diet be balanced. Ready-made feed are already such, but if we are talking about natural food, it should not be either eating that a person consumes. Contraindicated all sharp, roasted and salty, as well as fish and chicken bones.

        British recommended boiled vegetables, low-fat meat (Idea, rabbit, chicken, young ram), cottage cheese, yolks and some milk products without additives. For any feeding animals, it is very important that they always have clean and fresh water. Bowls after meals should always be carefully soaked.


        Many breeders are very serious about selling cats and cats in breeding, and therefore prices for them are significantly higher than those individuals sold only as domestic pets. That is, under castration and sterilization. British with marble color for sterilization on average cost 20-25 thousand rubles, and several times more expensive – for breeding. Depending on the reputation and popularity of the nursery, prices can reach up to 100 thousand rubles, but it will be a real, elite and powdered kitten.

        If there is a desire to purchase a marble kitten for further mating, it should be understood that it should be with all documents and a pedigree, otherwise find a decent purebred pair will be incredibly difficult.

        And it should also be understood that a rather large room for their content is recommended for breeding marble British. Before you decide to breed British marble cats and cats, it is recommended to carefully weigh everything for and against. Acquire a kitten follows only in a proven nursery with a good reputation.

        Call a marble boy or a girl can be a very original name that will like all households in the house. Even if the animal is not purchased for mating, it will delight the whole family for many years, because on average the British live 17 years.

        For British cats, see the following video:

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