All about cat breed facilities

All about cat breed facilities

In addition to the Feline Faithful Freach, who are familiar to all fluffy representatives, are also very popular with externally unusual animals. Representatives of such a class of cats should be attributed to the Breed of a face, in demand among breeders worldwide.

History of origin

There are several versions of the origin of cat breed facilities. The first option is the appearance of animals with such unusual external data as a result of crossing the Sphinx and American Shorthair Cat. In this case, breeders planned to receive offspring without wool, kittens were born partly covered short fur, which counted the anomalies of development. However, animals not only survived, but also grow beautifully and grew.

After analyzes, it was found that Representatives of the Feline family, born by crossing such cats, allocated good health, and the appearance is a consequence of mutations at the genome. In addition, the analyzes conducted allowed scientists to establish that animals that appeared on the light did not inherit the genetic similarity with the Devon Rex or Sphinxes, and relate to short-haired cats.

Another version of the appearance of a new breed is the history of a resident of the state of Virginia, which, from a regular homemade cat, appeared offspring with partial woolen cover on the body. After the owner of such unusual tails applied for help from the Sphinx breeder, another year of birth of kittens with such unique external qualities was registered, but in the state of Tennessee.

Genetic tests have shown that animals from different states have the same recessive gene in which mutation occurred. This fact led to the presence of such exterior in cats and cats. The name behind the breed was fixed by the hostess of cats. And the further works of scientists with the breed of animal werewolves made it possible to consolidate all the signs of this species.

In 2012, a standard for likoev was developed, which was adopted by most world organizations, in the light of which breed began to acquire popularity among breeders of cats around the world.


The animal breeds of the face differ significantly in their external characteristics from the remaining representatives of the Feline family. There are a number of exterior features.

  • Body. The hull in the animal is correct, in the light of its sizes of the cat look thin. Musculature among representatives of this breed is evenly developed, thanks to which the pets in their movements demonstrate dexterity and grace. The tail in length is greater than the average, the end is a bit narrowed. According to its size, the tail must be less to the body.
  • Limb. Paws in cats are delivered exactly, not stand out for their length, however, the hind limbs must be a little shorter than the front. Wool on the bottom should be absent. Pads on foot will be rounded.
  • Head. The skull in Licoev has a wedge-shaped shape with rounded edges and an oblong frontal bone, while the head of cats of this breed will be somewhat exceeding the sizes of the skull of the remaining feline family. The ears in the cats must have a wide base and pointed ends, earned sinks will be widely. Almond-shaped eyes are located with a bevel up. For animals of this breed is a characteristic pretty outdoor look. The color of pupils is predominantly dark, while kittens can appear on light with a rainbow shell painted in yellow.
  • Wool. The main characteristic of the exterior of rock cats facilities will be their woolen cover. On the tactile feelings, the coat in cats is rather soft, not highlighted by its density. Village length can vary from short to long. The density of the arrangement of the pile will depend on the time of year and molts. Licoev is practically absent. Some breeders believe that cotton wolves are hypoallergenic.

The color of animals is predominantly black with gray, such a color among specialists is called Chalm. Licoev meets bright wool at the base, but gray at the end or with a black tip. Cats and cats of this breed are highlighted in good health, as well as endurance.

However, animals are still understood, so it is not excluded that any congenital diseases can be found in the future.

Character features

In addition to its outstanding appearance, pets are highlighted by highly developed intelligence, as well as initiative and contact. Cats are quite active, willingly play both with a man, and without it with different toys. Licks can be walking out in the fresh air, they will actively study the territory, if necessary, putting on its protection against uninvited guests. Such a character trait is more inherent in cats.

Pet houses are spent most of the day in motion, it is very rare to meet such a cat that scraps almost all day. Likoi love to participate in human affairs, with pleasure are in the spotlight. Pets quickly get used to their breeder, so need daily contact with him, as well as new impressions. With strangers can demonstrate some alertness, however, Due to natural curiosity, can come to contact with a new object or subject that appeared in the home.

Forecore breeders note that cats very often spend time in the Suslik’s position, as well as actively use the forelimbs in the game. Cats and cats are not deprived of hunting instincts, so they can demonstrate them in the house and beyond. For walks can play and catch small insects, larger prey are interested in extremely rarely. Walking animals is recommended on a leash.

Cats – Wholes are endowed with an instinct of defender, so they are able to demonstrate their custody in relation to all members of their family. In some cases, pets come into conflict even with large animals when they feel the need to defend their interests and protect the breeder.

In the light of such features of unusual in the appearance of pets, it is worth considering the number of animals living in the same house with lycam.

Conditions of detention

In the light of the characteristics of the exterior of pets of this breed, the content of such cats will require a breeder of certain knowledge and skills. The main point will concern the care of animal wool. Licks are prone to a frequent molting, so in the home you will need to clean and clean the soft surfaces, where the cat spends time. Animals will need to be cleaned regularly, for these purposes it is recommended to use a soft brush, in order not to damage the sensitive skin of the pet.

Often to bathe lyciously needless, it is possible to limit ourselves to wiping the bald bodies of the body of the animal with a damp rag. After such hygienic procedures, the cat must be wrapped in a towel, as pets can be overcooked and getting sick. Special attention from breeders will require eyes and ears of cats. They need to be cleaned with wet cotton disks. In order to avoid the development of any diseases, Cats and cats should remove the accumulating secret in the corners of the eyes. In ear sinks there should be no sulfur and other contaminants.

The peculiarity of the breed is to accumulate the brown secret in the field of claws, so the fate of the pet must be regularly inspected, to cohere the claws, without hurt the living part of the nail. In the light of the unusual species of cats, they are extremely sensitive to high and low temperatures, so In winter, the pets are recommended to be additionally insulated using cats for cats, and in the summer to protect the maximum from entering the epidermis of direct sunlight, which can lead to burns.

For active pastime in the dwelling, the liking is best to install the home game complex, as well as purchase several toys. For adult cats, you can buy a regular tray, but for the kittens of this breed it is more correct to choose the option with low sides, so that the animal is easier to get into it. As the animal grows, its size gradually increases.

The use of products for short-haired cats is allowed as fillers. It can be woody, silica gel or mineral composition.

Like any other pet, Cats need to carry out planned vaccinations, as well as preventive processing from parasites. As a rule, these externally exotic representatives of the Feline family do not demonstrate any allergic reactions to a vaccine or hygiene. Not observed in animals allergic to food. The first vaccination of the kitten should get aged 2-3 months. Planned degelmintization is carried out at least once every 3-4 months, treatment from ectoparasites is needed every 6 months. Animals of this breed with competent leaving and good diet can live with a breeder for more than 10 years.

If the breeder does not plan to engage in further breeding of lyciously, it is best to castrate either sterilize his pet. Cats are usually sent for an operation to achieve 7-12 months, however, it is better to rely on the mind of the veterinarian. As for male representatives, they usually castrate aged 10 months to two years.

In most cases, young cats and cats are easier to carry the operation and restore after it.


When drawing up a diet for lycam, should adhere to several fundamental rules. It is not recommended to overflow your cat. And for the exotic animal menu, it is necessary to select only high-quality food containing a maximum of vitamins and nutrients in its composition. For animal breeds, the facilities are advised to give preference to the feed of industrial production. In priority there will be wet food, but use and dry species is allowed. As for the class of acquired products, it should be no lower than super premium.

In the natural menu, the breeder will need to additionally enter the vitamin complexes. Some breeders note that with the content of cats on ordinary food, they can sort out in the proposed food. Cats in the diet must be present meat and fish, fermented milk products, vegetables and cereals. The number of food meals per day will depend on the age of the cat. So, for kittens of breed faces aged 2 to 4 months, it is recommended to draw up a menu with 6-time meals.

Each month, the number of techniques is recommended to reduce once so that by the year cat ate 3 times a day.

Adult animals allowed to feed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If the pet will eat natural food, then with extreme caution, he should offer fresh milk. Breeders recommend entering it in the menu not earlier than 6 months so as not to cause disorders in the operation of the digestive system. For the facilities, there will be an inclusion in the diet of boiled eggs, low-fat meat species, one can offer a pet fruit, except citrus and exotic fruits.

Due to the increased heat transfer of animals, it is recommended to give portions, a little large in volume than cats and cats of other breeds. Among the products prohibited to use, it is necessary to allocate:

  • Spices and nuts in any form+
  • mushrooms+
  • Fatty grade meat, especially pork+
  • Bean+
  • confectionery+
  • Smoked+
  • Bones from bird and fish.

The presence of fresh drinking water in an animal is mandatory.


In the presence of one or two matters of these breed, you can use a unique case, and try to independently get the offspring of these interesting cats. Today, likoev can be found far from each nursery, but the increasing demand for pets with such appearance can bring the owner a tangible profit in the future.

However, the primary task in this case will be membership in the specialized club of breeders. The next step is the participation of animals, which are planned to be used for crossing, in various exhibitions. This moment is necessary in order for a cat or cat to be officially admitted for breeding breeding. If there is only one liking, it needs to choose the appropriate pair. It is important that this animal also had membership in the club and participated in exhibitions.

There are a number of requirements to which partner / partner must meet.

  • The main question is the health of the animal. He should not have congenital defects, as well as external deviations from the breed standards.
  • The best option will be liks having a pedigree. In this case, you can be confident in the purebredness of the selected animal.
  • Usually before breeding between breeders of cats concludes a contract. It needs to register all the conditions as well as the right to future kittens.

Cats are not recommended to use for the concerns in their first flow. As practice shows, the likelihood of reproducing healthy kittens will be higher if you skip at least two estimates in the animal.

Optimal age for pregnancy cat will be one year. As for the cats, they can be allowed to be concerned at the age of 13-14 months.

      From a physiological point of view, a healthy cat is able to give birth up to five times for one year. But this option is stressful and depleting animal for the body, which may adversely affect the health of the offspring, as well as to reduce the life expectancy of the mother. After each childbirth, the pet needs to give time to restore.

      Recommended for the first birth of a young animal to invite veterinarian. Immediately after them, the doctor will be able to objectively assess the state of the cat and offspring, and also eliminate the likelihood of developing such serious ailments as mastitis, inflammation of the uterus and T. D. In the presence of any complications, the next birth of cats must occur after the minimum of the year.

      As a rule, breeders adhere to the opinions that more than 3 times in 2 years cat breed is not recommended to give birth.

      More about the features of cats face, see the following video.

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