All about cats and cats

All about cats and cats

Kobe – this is one of the modern Instagram stars, which is not surprising, after all, by the blueglase beautiful cat is quite difficult to pass. Despite the fact that such an original copy appeared only in 2015, many have already managed to love him and find out everything about the breed of this animal. Interestingly, the mistress Kobi claims that the cat really has the spectacular eyes of the Sapphire color, while quite a lot of people are sure that it is nothing more than Photoshop.

Characteristic of breed

It is worth noting that Kobe is not the name of the breed. This breed does not exist in principle, it is only the name of the pet, and it does not apply to a separate Feline family. If you enter a request on the Internet, the search engine will give the British chinchilla breed, but it is not so, because such a breed also does not exist. The breed is called “British Shorthair”, and “Chinchilla” is a color of pet.

You can meet representatives of such a color not only among the British breed of short-haired cats, but also among the Scottish shorthair, lophi, among the Persian cats and many others.

Please note that the “Chinchilla” color can be both gold and black, blue, chocolate.

British shorthair with color Black and silver Chinchilla-Point – here is our cat in such a breed. They are characterized by black or gray color and brown eyes, but exceptions are also happening, such as kobi. For some reason, the white color became dominant, and the color turned out to be snow-white. But if you pay attention, it will be seen that the color is only on some parts of the body, closer to the tips of the Village can be seen that gray tone is manifested.

Discussions are often conducted on the topic, whether the color of the cat is natural, because the hostess of this pet millions is an artist-illustrator and designer. Nevertheless, they were wishing to buy such a cat, and they were verified that the cat is really such a color, as in the photographs in Instagram. Obviously, in the nature of the animal, someone was inclined to albinism, which directly reflected on it.

With the advent of such a cat on the Internet, there were wishes to earn. It is said that this is a new breed of cats, which was brought in the USA, which is delusion. This is not a new breed of cats, But only a kind “joke” of nature above the British. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about kobi kobi, so it remains only to guess who his parents were, and what kind of breed it is.

The features of the British breed:

  • Brown eyes+
  • Gray or ash colors+
  • Black stroke around the eyes and nose+
  • Black pillow paws+
  • of the same colors of the tips of the isge+
  • Wide breasts+
  • Small growth+
  • Short paws and tail.

Kobe exists in the real world, but it has such color as a result of gene mutations. This is a characteristic feature of this pet, who collected on its page in Instagram more than 150 thousand subscribers. But if Rebecca Shefkin decided to remove the pet to the exhibition, then, to great regret, he would have losing the purebred British or Scottish.

British Shorthair Chinchilla was removed specifically for life with man, so it differs from other cats behavior and interaction with people and other animals.

Character features

Kobe has an uncharacteristic eye color eye – blue. It was formed due to the generation of genes and passed, most likely by inheritance. After the advent of the kitten on the network, scientists have become an artificial method to bring cats with blue eyes.

The main question that interests the owners of a little kitten is how the color of the eye will affect the nature of the pet. Since the cat belongs to the breed of British shorthairs, he has a lot of features similar to them.

  • Representatives of this breed are very trusting. These are the most trusting creatures in nature, because they were led by artificially, always under the supervision of people and did not come across the wild peace.
  • Animals are non-aggressive. In the period of its “evolution” they did not have to defend themselves, so aggression is unusual.
  • Cats are very affectionate and gentle, Love hugging.
  • Adjust their owners and often sleep on the ground where the owner’s smell is best felt, it is often a pillow of one of the owners or a chair with things.
  • Playful breed, they will have to do with the game with bait. You need to take a thread or rope, to another end to tie something fluffy or bright, and then pull out and pick up the pet.
  • Easy converge with other animals, even dogs (small), Pugs and dachshunds will be best friends.
  • Cowardian, If one day the same dog scares them strongly or will be aggressive in relation to them, cats will never be friends with this animal.
  • Love swim. Unlike other breeds, cats with blue eyes are more likely to swim than other representatives. They will be happy to sleep in the sinks and play when bathing with rubber toys.
  • Very curious, So it is better to close all drawers and doors where the kitten can get, until you are at home, and, of course, remove everything from the tables.
  • Cats of this breed are very trusted. Such cats often kidnap the owners because they are friendly to all people and are not at all afraid of strangers.
  • In eating unpretentious. They have a tuna, bananas, apples, carrots.
  • Easily teach to the tray. If you notice that the cat goes wrong, then you should pay attention to his health, because the behavior of this breed is completely dependent on the physical condition. If you noticed something wrong with the cat, you need to urgently lead it to the veterinarian.
  • Pets have a very big chance of developing urolithiasis, in this case they are just afraid of tray. But from representatives of this breed, the likelihood of the development of this disease is almost excluded.
  • It is advisable to walk the cat at least once every 2-3 days. The fact is that animals that do not go outside, more often sick, so to preserve the health of the pet, you need to buy a trainer and sometimes take an animal on nature. Cats are recommended to eat grass, it improves their digestive system.
  • Representatives of this breed are very proud. When breeders were made by the output of this breed, then beauty stood in the first place. But since the British are distinguished by highly intelligent development among cats, while mixing with Persian cats, the reduction of intelligence in the derived species did not happen. Therefore, such cats combine the British proud dignity and their own perfection of beauty that is inherent in chinchillas.

If you decide to get such a cat, it is worth remembering that they are such animals are social and devoted to their owner, so you need to accommodately approach the purchase of this animal.

If you want to give it to someone after some time, you should not take a pet to the house at all.


It is worth reminding that such a breed, like a kobe, does not exist, and there are no kittens. But if your house has a small favorite with blue eyes and you wonder how you need to take care of it, then the information below will be useful.

  • Taking a kitten to the house, you cost to remember that he is also a child, although not human. Kitten may be sad in a new place, he will look for his mother, will not immediately understand where his toilet and a new place. At this time it will be very vulnerable and melancholic. Try to give him a lot of attention and leave one.
  • I will come up with a nickname in advance, and from the first days call one name. Teach meals and tray gradually, and through tenderness and interaction.
  • First time do not allow small children to the kitten, so as not to scare and not damage the animal. It is necessary to carry it less on hand, this is due to the fact that in nature cats love freedom, and in their hands it will be its infringement. In this regard, the cat’s relationship is to build on mutual extension, because such animals are very proud and independent, they do not tolerate rudeness and orders, and positively belong to kindness and respect for them.
  • Remember that cats do not understand the human language, and no matter how much you swore for the cat’s tricks: “Not there went to the toilet”, “Why bark”, a pet still will not understand you. Because of the increased tone, the cat can hide evil and experience distrust to you.
  • The tray of the cat should always be washed, and it is necessary to fall asleep a new sand. If the cat does not go to the place, then you need to pay attention to this, perhaps he is offended or something hurts.
  • Go to the veterinarian: you will need to take a vaccination card and be sure to make a vaccination from fleas and tetanus. The fact is that the cat needs to sometimes take out to the street, and therefore it is important to try to secure this process to the maximum.
  • For the prevention of lice and ticks every 2 months, give pets anthelmintic.

    Pay attention to the nutrition of the cat. While the kitten’s body grows, he needs vitamins. Consider that you can pet.

    • Meat: Puffs, hearts, neck. Meat products can be mixed in porridge.
    • Porridge: Wheat Crupes, Moto. It is strictly forbidden to give pet peas, beans, oatmeal.
    • Vegetables: Boiled and grated.
    • Can be milk, kefir.
    • Water there must be only boiled.

    It is advisable not to feed the animal with dry foods, and from time to time to give him a course of vitamins.

    General information about short-haired Britons See further.

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