All about cats breed Ukrainian left

All about cats breed Ukrainian left

Cats of breed Ukrainian left are the same gentle and cute, like a flower, in honor of which were named. In addition, they have a pretty outstanding appearance, which makes them especially popular among many pets pets.

History of origin

The breed of the Ukrainian Levka appeared relatively recently, about 10 years ago. However, despite this, very quickly became popular. All works on animal crossing conducted Felinologist Elena Biryukova. It began to work on creating this breed at the beginning of the XXI century, but the final results achieved only after 4 years.

For the experiment, cats were taken completely different breeds. This is the Don Sphynx and Scottish Fold. As a result, the animals got a bald body from Sphynxes and Fold from the Scottish Cat breed. In addition, extraordinary beauties are characterized by good health and excellent character.

The first appearance of a cat in the world caused great interest not only among lovers of original breeds, but also among specialists. To date, this breed is already quite popular, but so far only in the CIS countries. But international organizations have not yet decided how they should be referred to unusual Ukrainian cats.

But they still allow them to participate in various exhibitions and competitions. So, more than 10 cats already have champions.


These unusual animals can be distinguished in many Characteristics.

  1. The head of Bald Levkoev has a flat, slightly extended shape. On top it resembles a pentagon. But their convex forehead makes these animals an unusually attractive.
  2. Almost a third part of the head occupies a round face, while the cheeks are quite pronounced. And Levko have interesting abnormal arcs.
  3. Nose is not too wide.
  4. Cat’s eyes a little diagonal with a green or blue tint.
  5. Their neck is medium length, besides pretty muscular.
  6. It is worth noting the big, as if made of mastic, the ears of Levkoev. They are a little bent down.
  7. The body looks very beautiful. It is a muscular with a not very wide chest.
  8. Paws in the animal of this breed are long and strong.
  9. They have almost no wool, but the whole body is covered with a gentle fluff. In the neck, eye, ears, as well as in armpits there are small folds that make this breed of cats individual.
  10. The weight of the male comes up to 6 kilograms, but the females are silent smaller – up to 5 kilograms.
  11. Sexual maturity of them occurs approximately 1 year after the appearance of.

Character features

This cat breed is distinguished by tremendous devotion and love for its owners. They are very delicate and sociable, smart and intelligent, easily leaving for training and training.

These animals are highly intelligent. They almost never get involved in fights, but if it still happens, the cats with dignity go out of the current situation. In addition, Levko can perform the most elementary commands. Quickly teach to the toilet.

Easy come to contact not only with their owners, but also with those animals that are in the same room with them. These beauties love their owners very much and almost everywhere go for them “on the heels”, at the same time they purre, as if inviting to conversation with them.

If they do not pay attention, they will meow until they are conspiring.

In addition, Ukrainian Lekuki have such features in their own character, as the ability to control their emotions, capricious, and also to remember everything. For example, if the owner sits or watching TV, the animal can wait an hour from him, while just looking into his eyes or licking his hand.

If we talk about the preferences of these animals, they are more like to be friends with adult owners than with their children. This does not mean that they are aggressive for children. They simply prefer a company of more relaxed people.

Cats of breed Ukrainian left is very large and inquisitive, so the appearance in the house of other people does not frighten them, but, on the contrary, they will study them, that is, get acquainted with them.

But too big and noisy parties to the Levko will not fit, they do not like it.

Conditions of detention

Ukrainian sphinxes are completely unpretentious in content. The only thing they need is a lot of heat, because they are practically no wool. So the temperature in the house or apartment, especially in winter, should always be high. But you can buy for your pets and warm suits. And also need to protect them from drafts, and lay warm litters for them.

In the summer, attention must be paid to the sun to do not fall their gentle skin, so it is necessary to protect animals from direct sunlight.

The breed of Ukrainian Levkoev is distinguished by the fear of height. So do not fear that they will climb on the closet or get to new curtains.

Since cats do not have wool, too often bathe them are not recommended. It is best to carry out such procedures as animal pollution. It is necessary to do this with special shampoos, since their skin highlights too much fat. For the same reason, it is necessary to wipe them quite often, otherwise the excess fat will remain on the furniture or wallpaper.

Like all cats, levko also need to periodically cut the nails. Use for this special forceps or chanthers. It is necessary to carry out such a procedure with extreme caution, as you can accidentally damage the vessels that are posted very close. If it is not able to trim the claws yourself, it is best to contact the veterinary clinic where experts will make it easy and fast.

In addition, for its pets, it is necessary to equip the place to rest. It must be attended by a bratechka, a tray with a suitable filler. Acqualing to him need an animal from the first days of appearance in the house, otherwise it will then make it much more difficult. Need to regularly change the filler so that there is no unpleasant smell in the house. And you can also purchase a special deodorant for the filler, which will absorb all unpleasant odors. You can buy it in any veterinary pharmacy.

Since animals cannot independently clean their ears, it is necessary to do it. Use special ear sticks. In addition, several times a week you need to clean your pets to your pets. And toothbrush, and pasta can be purchased in pet stores. With good care, animals will be able to live to 12 years old, maybe more.

Say more precisely experts can not, as the breed is just recently derived.


Feeding animals of this breed is completely simple. These cats have an excellent appetite. You can use both industrial feed and natural. The first can be both dry and wet, the main thing is that they combine all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the development of cats.

If natural feed is used, it must consist of the following products:

  • sea ​​fish+
  • Boiled chicken or beef meat+
  • Fresh cereal from various grain+
  • Boiled and raw vegetables, can be used puree+
  • Vitamin supplements that should be bought in pet stores.


Although this breed appeared quite recently, it is not protected from diseases. Like any Another animal, cats may face some of them.

  • Cardiovascular diseases may arise due to stress transferred.
  • If the animal falls under the rain, or will walk on drafts, even inflammation may occur. In this case, it is necessary to refer to the veterinarian, as it will be difficult to cope with such a disease.
  • A huge appetite can lead to overeating. As a result, problems with stomach may arise. In addition, Levko tend to obesity. Therefore, behind their nutrition should be followed well by setting for them a special feeding mode.
  • Like other cats, Levkoev can appear conjunctivitis or keratitis. To combat a poor, you can use ordinary tea letters, or take advantage of specials for washing the eyes.
  • There may be a disease of the ears. In this case, the animal will be plaintively meow, and touch himself with a paw behind the ears. We must immediately contact the veterinarian.
  • Dermatitis or Seborrhea often appear on the skin. In this case, again, the veterinarian must register a special ointment for skin care. It is not necessary to treat the disease yourself, as you can only harm the animal.

It should be done annually to vaccinate its pets. Begin to make vaccinations from two months. Protection is carried out from diseases such as calcivirous or rinotracheitis. If the baby is taken from the nursery, then all the necessary vaccinations it already has.

    When the kid turns 3 months, it is vaccinated from rabies and chlamydia. In addition, it is necessary to regularly carry out prophylactic works against fleas and helminths. You can use both tablets and liquid solutions. From fleas you can wear your pet special collar that will protect it for 6 months from parasite data. On the collar you need to attach the key chain, where the owner’s phone number will be written. It will be needed if the left will be lost.

    Summing up, we can say that Ukrainian Lefts are perfect for any home. After all, they are not too picky in care, and will also be a great friend when they appear in the family.

    The only thing they need is a little attention and love.

    Description of the breed of cats Ukrainian Levka, see the following video:

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