All about Dambo rats

All about Dambo rats

The greatest need for living friend is experiencing the smallest family members who, when communicating with animals, learn to take care, compassion and love. Cats, dogs, fish and parrots are classic inhabitants of apartments that need elevated attention from the owners. Alternative to these animals can be funny and playful rats Dambo. Cute and affectionate animals do not require a lot of attention, and the limitless joy of communication with a comic yormom will fill the heart not only children, but also their parents.


Dambo rat – a small decorative animal that has disproportionately large low-planted ears.

The most valuable copies have the largest ears.

Representatives of this breed differ from the usual rat form of the ears, which is two types:

  • in the form of plates+
  • in the form of bud.

European buyers prefer animals with ears in the form of buds. The maximum size of the fat body of the pet is 20 cm, and the weight of an adult can reach 400 g. Boys significantly larger girls. Animals have a round head with an elongated pointed face. Eye apples round. Some representatives of this breed have a thick fleshy tail, and some of this part of the body is completely absent.

Animals have a short period of life that does not exceed 5 years. The average life expectancy is 3 years.

Pros and cons

Like any pet, a decorative pet has a number of advantages and disadvantages. From the positive sides, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • Exceptibility for training+
  • High intelligent level+
  • Ugoodness in food+
  • History response+
  • availability of good-natured and affection+
  • sociability+
  • Gauntness+
  • No need for spacious residential premises+
  • cleanliness+
  • Creating a minimum number of noise+
  • Small amount of maintenance costs+
  • Easy care.

    An animal has a unique ability to adapt to the mood of its owner, giving a person those emotions that he needed. The main disadvantages of a funny animal are:

    • Failure to comply with commands without delicacy+
    • Depression in depression during long-term stay alone+
    • Incompatibility with predatory pets+
    • Tag of the territory+
    • damage all available interior items+
    • High cost of medicines for treatment+
    • Availability of specific odor+
    • need for a daily walk+
    • high price+
    • short period of life+
    • Preservation of wildness in the absence of contact with people.


    The result of long selection works was the appearance of several subspecies of the rats of Dambo, which differ in the color and the presence of wool. Eared animals can be like lochmata, as well as lys, as well as be black, white, gray and red. Depending on the taste preferences, it is necessary to purchase the relevant breed.


    Representatives of the breed Rex have crispy dense wool, which evenly covers the whole body, and the pet becomes soft and plush. Comic and funny newborn kids with sticking wool. Some individuals can see even curly mustache.


    The Dambo Sphinx breed is distinguished by the total absence of hair. On a soft velvety body, which can be pink, white, blue or black, you can see small skin folds. The length of the mustache can be both big and small, and some favorites are completely absent.

    Feature of the skin provokes frequent development of skin diseases and its mechanical damage.

    To preserve the genetic feature of specialists do not recommend crossing the breed with other representatives of Dambo. To prevent aggression from rats with wool, you need naked pets to be placed in a separate cell. These breed choose people who suffer from wool allergies.


    Unique representatives of this subspecies have a gentle-creamy color of the wool, against which the brown muffins and paws are spectacularly looking.

    These animals have a high cost due to the presence of a recessive gene, which may not be transmitted from parents to offspring.


    Rousing breed hassiness at birth have a standard color scheme, against which only a few months later, white hairs may appear.


    Rats of the Max Breed – Chipped Representatives of the View. This feature was provoked by the mutation of genes and caused negative reviews of specialists.

    The tailless animal does not hold the balance and does not have the ability to reduce body temperature.

    The absence of tail has a negative effect on the skeleton and the period of life of the animal, which does not exceed 12 months.

    Blue mink

    Blue mink – a unique subspecies that has gray wool with blue tint. Amazing colors significantly increases the cost of rats in the market.

    How can you tame?

    Funny animals are easy to contact with people and quickly leaving for training. Before learning complex tricks An animal must be carefully teaching to the hands. Pet must be kept on the palm and stroke at least 2 hours a day.

    When contacting animals, it is necessary to constantly pronounce its full name, trying not to use a large number of synonyms.

    Trainers recommend calling the animal by name to beloved delicacies.

    An important point of training is to study rats to return to the place in the cell and independently leave it when he calls the owner. After a short tactile and emotional contact, animals begin to trust their host.

    In the process of playing, animals can bring small items, find delicious food, overcome low obstacles, delivering the masters of positive emotions to the owners.

    Some individuals can even choose a given object, get up on the hind legs and get brilliant items out of the boxes.

    Care and content

    To maintain health and activity, the acquired favorite needs to create the most convenient conditions for life and reproduction, as well as organize a balanced nutritional diet at home. Animals need to be correctly and in time to feed and regularly care for them.

      The most comfortable temperature regime for the rat is at + 20 ° with air humidity not more than 50%.

      Experts recommend to protect the animal from strong cold air flows that can provoke colds.

      The cell must be at a height of at least 1.5 m from the floor and be protected from bright light and heating devices. Failure to comply with the rules of detention and care can cause the development of various diseases. Signs of a healthy pet:

      • Shiny wool+
      • Clean eyeballs+
      • Lack of pus in the eyes+
      • high level of mobility and activity.

        Among the most dangerous diseases of the veterinarians allocate several.

        • Mycoplasmosis – a dangerous disease that is transmitted through the air and can lead to death.
        • Abscess – inflammatory process after mechanical damage. For his treatment, it is necessary to clean and rinse a patient.
        • Helmintosis – defeat the body with various parasites.
        • Malignant and benign tumors.

        At the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to urgently ask for help to a doctor and not use folk treatments.


        For the roof of Dambo, specialists are recommended to acquire large multi-tiered cells, all parts of which are made of metal. Elements of wood and plastic will soon be completely destroyed by rodent. The minimum height of permanent dwelling should be 50 cm, and the length is about 60 cm.

        The cell for temporary overexposure may have significantly smaller sizes.

        Special attention when choosing a cell should be given to the distance between the rods, which should not exceed 20 mm, as well as the smooth floor, high pallet, wide doors and shelves. Mandatory housing elements are house and hammock.

        Sleep place must correspond to the sizes of the animal, be cozy and comfortable. Manufacturing material – Durable plastic, which does not absorb foreign odors and is easy to wash. The suspension hammock can become a favorite place of the pet, in which he can warm up and hide. In connection with the rapid pollution of this accessory, the product needs regular cleaning and washing.

        The dining area must be equipped with bowls for food, as well as drinke. Food animals better pour into ceramic dishes, which is silent.

        Grain mixes must be in separate bowls and not mixed with natural products.

        Contents together several animals involves the acquisition of a large container for food. For drinking it is necessary to use special drinkers, which are fixed on the rods of the cell.

        Entertainment elements – Mandatory details of each cell for animals. In the period when the owner cannot pay a pet, the rat must move independently and entertain himself. In specialized stores you can buy rope ropes, stairs and special tunnels for rodents. If there is a material, you can make toys yourself at home.

        The mandatory accessory in the cell is a special mineral stone that helps rats to adjust the length of the teeth and claws.

        Some owners make rodents in transparent aquariums. Glass housing is not adapted for the life of rodents and has a number of shortcomings:

        • Low ventilation+
        • Cluster of unpleasant odor and fecal gases+
        • The need for regular disinfection+
        • Completeness of cleaning+
        • The likelihood of self-leaving the animal house during the ventilation of the aquarium+


        The basic diet of the pet should consist of ready-made grain and nuttry mixtures that can be purchased in specialized stores.

        Together with the traditional feed, experts recommend to pack the animal with a boiled egg, fish, liver, heart, butter, pumpkin and flax seeds.

        The animals love to enjoy fresh peaches, apples, bananas, cherries and cherries. Very rarely pets can be pamping kefir, milk and small orange slice. A useful feeding can serve sprouted wheat, oats and soy, as well as green leaves of parsley, dill and dandelions.

        It is strictly forbidden to feed rodents dried fruit, which contain a large amount of sugar, as well as fatty, salted, acute and fried food from a man’s table. These products can provoke a disorder of the digestive system, as well as the death of a pet. List of prohibited products:

        • Meat and fish products+
        • Alcoholic and carbonated drinks+
        • Sweet baking and candy+
        • Solid cheese+
        • White cabbage+
        • radish, horseradish, turnip+
        • boiled and raw potatoes+
        • Beans and Gorok+
        • artichoke+
        • All kinds of fungi.

        Young needs a two-time nutrition, and the frequency of feeding adult individuals must reach up to 4 times a day.

        In the diet, the animal should have solid products that will help the pets to carry out teeth: constant use of soft food can lead to their excessive growing.

        Mandatory condition for the full growth and development of animals – the presence of fresh clean water. During self-walking around the apartment, an animal can poison Calanechoe juice, geraniums, ivy, hydrangea and cyclamene.


        Dambo rats belong to clean animals that carefully monitor their wool. An animal needs a weekly change of the underlining layer in a cage. To simplify the cleaning process, you can install a special tray in the corner of the cell, where the animal will be happy to go to the toilet.

        Full cleaning and disinfection of the cells must be carried out 2 times a month.

        All tanks for food should be washed daily and filled with clean water and fresh feed.

        As a subtenitary material, granular mixtures or large-scale sawdust can be used, which will not fall into the nose and the eyes of the animal. It is strictly forbidden to use the sheets of newspaper, which, with moisturizes, distinguish harmful and toxic substances. Specialists are recommended to bathe rodents in warm water with a special shampoo 2 times a year. This manipulation will allow you to remove the outsiders from the pet.

        To reduce the stressful state, bathing must be carried out in the form of the game, and then the animal will be happy to wash.

        If the animal categorically refuses to wash, you can just wipe it with a wet cloth. The violent bathing will provoke aggression and distrust of man.

        After bathing it is necessary to carefully cut the long nail plates with special lipplants.


        For reproduction, breeders recommend using only the most stringent representatives of this breed, which will be able to transfer hereditary signs to their offspring. Sexual maturity in rats occurs at the age of 7 months. The fetal tool period does not exceed 1 month. Quicks in one litter reaches 15 pieces. The female does not need extraneous assistance during childbirth.

        Newborn animals are absolutely naked, blind and helpless.

        The owners are categorically prohibited for the first two weeks to touch their hands and manage in the nest.

        The main task of the owners is to maintain purity in a cell and a balanced feeding of female. Kids quickly gain weight and covered with wool, and after 10 days, the rats are already well seen and hear. After 21 days, it is possible to translate the offspring on dry food, and at the age of 45 days, kids are given to other families.

        Ownership reviews

        Funny and affectionate animal got wide popularity among homemade rats. Data owners of animals celebrate their kind, playful and affectionate character, and their intellectual abilities surprise all family members. Many parents are driving eared pets at the request of children who can play for hours with pets and at the same time travers them.

        Before buying this animal, it is necessary to take into account the short life of animals, whose death can cause an irreparable psychological injury to the child.

        Among the negative sides, the rats of Dambo owners celebrate the constant willing of the animals to mark their territory, try tooth all the surrounding items and fall into depression with a long stay alone.

        Details about the content of rats Dambo in the house look next.

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