All about gray Scottish cats

All about gray Scottish cats

It is known that gray Scottish breed has long conquered the hearts of cat lovers. Catics, similar to plush toys with big amber eyes, will not leave anyone indifferent. Consider this famous breed Read more.

About breed

In Europe, its first representatives were brought from China in the XVIII century. As a result of crossing with right cats, a new view was brought: Scottish Fold. In the 1960s, Felinologists registered it officially.

    The official name of the breed:Scottish Fold Shopper Cat

    Country of origin:Scotland

    Weight:females 3.5-4.5 kg, males – up to 6 kg

    Life expectancy:12-15 years old

    Standard breed

    Color:All colors are recognized, including colors without white.

    Head:Round, wide, massive with strong chin. Nose short, wide, straight. Profile with the transition, but without a deep foot. Full cheeks. Large round molding pads give a short face distinct outlines.

    Wool:short, very thick, not adjacent. Due to the thick, the undercoat will be from the body like plush. Texture dense to the touch.

    Body:Cat from average to large size, muscular, squat. Breasts, shoulders and spin wide, massive. Neck short, powerful. Limbs low, muscular, threads thick, round. The tail of medium length, thick, with a rounded tip, without thickening and hardening, movable along the entire length.

    Ears:Small, bent forward, with slightly rounded tips directed to the middle of the muzzle. Posted widely, tightly pressed to the skull, emphasize the round shape of the head.

    Eyes:Large, round, widely placed. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

    There are 2 types of cats of this breed:

    • Scottish-Straight – Cats with straight standing ears+
    • Scottish Fold – Fold cats.

    These are animals of medium size with a muscular dense body. The shoulders and hips of the beast are equal in width. Torch short, well-developed. Limit of medium length. Tail thick. Head of Round Form.

    Eyes big and round, usually amber, yellow, emerald or blue. The ears of the Fuck Cats are directed forward, the tips hang. If the ears are vertically, their sizes are small, the tips are rounded.

    Wool short, thick, reminds plush. Gray color is called blue or blue. Color may vary from light gray to gray-blue. Little kittens can be observed patterns on wool, which will disappear with age.

    The official name of the breed:Scottish-Strait (Scottish straight)

    Country of origin:Scotland

    Weight:females – up to 4.5 kg, males – up to 7 kg

    Life expectancy:up to 15-20 years with proper care

    Standard breed

    Color:The tail is long and medium length in proportion to the body (up to the middle of the blade), movable in all articulations. Long tail is preferable.

    Head:Round, with convex skull and forehead, round cheeks and face. The transition to a wide back of the nose slightly flashed without stop and council. Upper profile line smooth, Moderate length nose back.Round cheekbones, cheeks full. Full cheeks are especially noticeable at cats. Chin is well decorated. Round, strong, but not protruding. The width and roundness of the face are emphasized by round and full pads under Vibrisa-Viskpard. Head goes down to a short neck.

    Wool:dense, plush, thin texture, double, not adjacent, medium length, closes the body tightly. Wool texture depends on the color and season.

    Body:Middle size, moderate length with rounded circuits, one width from the shoulders to the cereal. Dense, muscular, medium bony, on a closed fastening limbs. Paws with firmly compressed fingers. Movements are free and elastic in all joints. Cats are somewhat smaller cats.

    Ears:Small and medium sizes, narrowly open, relying with slightly pointed tips, but wide at the base, wide and highly supplied. The tips are slightly divorced. The outer surfaces of the ears are well pubes. Inside dense and lush brushes.

    Eyes:Big round, divided by a wide nose, wide open with a cute expression. Eye color corresponds to wool color.

    Nose Middle:Nose short with soft deflection. Light stop admissible. Profile of moderate lines.

    About moral

    Scottish cat has a company of a company, benevolent and phlegmatic temper. Curious and observant, cats do not like noise. Tied to the owners and to the house. New people are wary, but without malice. Capable with other animals, if they do not show aggression.



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      * Characteristic of breed “Scottish lop-eared” based on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback of the owners of the cat.

      Despite the desire for people, to communicate, cats are not manual. They do not like to sit on their hands, but this does not mean that they do not give herself to iron. May accompany the owner and follow him everywhere, watch him, be overly persistent. Scottish cats and cats have a number of interesting habits:

      • They often get up on the hind legs, mostly at the moment of interest to consider something much like Suslikov+
      • Love lying on the back, which looks very funny+
      • Some cats are observed, show interest in TV+
      • Cats “Talking”, their actions are accompanied by different sounds, the voice often creaky.

      By nature, Scottish – Cat companion. She does not like loneliness. Will definitely make a company when watching a TV or dinner.

      The playful animal will take part in children’s fun if children will handle it properly.


      As a result of the crossing of the breed, hereditary ailments received: a gene that is responsible for lopohotel, poorly affects the musculoskeletal system and cartilage. Cats are prone to diseases of the joints. Health is checked as follows: In a healthy animal, a movable tail that beats well. If the tail is bad nervous, it is not allowed, it can be a sign of osteochondroflasis, the hereditary disease of this breed.

      Cats with a shortened shape of the head are prone to cardiomyopathy and brachycephalic syndrome: respiratory impairment. Due to the building of the face, cats are vulnerable. They are often fed and wage.

      For the prevention of the eye, it is required to rinse with cotton disk, moistened with water or tea decoction. There are also care for the ears: once a week should be examined and clean the tampon, moistened with oil.

      Wool requires special attention. It is composed 2-3 times a week crest with a big step. This is done in order not to form chopencies: wool in this breed of cats thick and plush. Cats are unpretentious and do not require special care. Prevention of diseases by vaccination according to graphics, degelminting once a year and processing drops from external parasites will help keep pet health.


        Cat diet deserves separate attention. Power beast should be controlled so as not to disturb the digestive system. It is necessary to follow some rules:

        • Bowls use plastic or ceramic+
        • Put the bowls follows in a secluded place of exaltation (if the animal has to be tilted to the bowl, I can start a hiking)
        • Mixed nutrition frustrating the digestive tract, so it is necessary to decide with feed: natural foods or purchased food+
        • If the feed is purchased, it is advisable to stick to one manufacturer+
        • Pet is fed 2 times a day at the same time, do not give to overeat+
        • Food must be balanced: it is necessary both soft and solid (rough food examines a dental flare, develops jaw muscles)+
        • In the diet must be present dairy products that are a source of calcium for a feline body+
        • To facilitate digestion, greens (fresh grass) are welcome: it will help to clean the stomach of wool.

        Choose a name

          Animal nickname should reflect his nature, character traits or appearance. These are usually the main criteria. Well, if there are hissing sounds in the name: it will help the animal faster to get used to his nickname. Her choice depends exclusively from the imagination of the host. The name should be short and convenient in pronunciation: it will be more convenient for the owners and for the animal. For boys there are a number of suitable nicknames.

          • Cat in a traditional cat name: gun, pluch, iris, bow, bead.
          • Sometimes the animal is called the human name. You can choose a noble name to become a pet: Leopold, Sylvester, Archibald.
          • Nickname Winston, Zorro, Raisin, Marquis.

          There is a choice for girls:

          • By external features you can give a comfortable nickname, paw+
          • Remember Cat Cute words with hissing sounds: Ixi, Christie+
          • Suitable beautiful name Agraphene (pear), Taisiya (Tasya).

          More information about the breed Scottish Fold Cats You will learn from the following video.

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