All about Kangalah

All about Kangalah

For many people, the dog is not just a tamed animal, but a true friend. This may become a representative of the breed of Turkish kangal. Similar animals are distinguished by some features that are not inherent in any other dogs. So, for example, they have strong security instincts, and also committed to their owner.

What is the history of the origin of the breed and its characteristic features? What advantages and disadvantages of these dogs allocate their owners? How to care for the animals and how not to make a mistake in choosing a puppy? Answers to these and some other questions are looking for in our article.


Breed Turkish Kangal (or Anatolian Shepherd Dog) has a rather interesting history of origin, which is rooted in ancient times. In this regard, today there is no one clearly defined and recognized theory of its appearance.

So, for example, one of the legends reports that the dog was presented with Ottoman Padisha, who enjoyed the animal with his strength and courage: in front of the ruler, the Turkish kangal won the lion. Another theory says that the homeland dog is the Ottoman Empire. But all scientists agree that the animal appeared no later than the XIII century.

Anyway, but This breed of dogs is considered one of the most purebred, which today exist in the entire globe. The fact is that in the process of its historical development, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog did not cross with any other breeds, was also not carried out any selection work with its participation.

To date, this breed of four-legged pets is quite popular in the United States of America, as well as in some European countries. However, the path to international recognition for the Anatolian Shepherd was rather long and thorny. Standards for the breed were adopted and published by the International Cynological Association Most recently – only in 2018.

Kangal is a rather large and muscular animal. This dog has good muscles and skeletons, which are the basis of her strength. However, despite this, the structure of Anatolian Shepherds can be called quite proportional and even to some extent graceful.

The following standards have been adopted regarding the breed:

  • The height of the adult individual in the withers reaches 80 centimeters+
  • Head Length is within 40-50% of the height of the withers+
  • The cranial box is 60% of the head+
  • body length is 10% more than height indicator.

Thus, we can conclude that the Turkish kangal is a rather large animal (often compared with the wolfhound).

    If we talk about the anatomical structure of the body of the animal, then it should also correspond to some generally accepted characteristics. Dog skull although it is quite large, but it could not be flat, on the contrary – its form should be rounded, and from all sides. A characteristic and pretty specific furrow should be glanced on the forehead.

    The structure of the face of the animal is also quite expressive – the muzzle must be wide, but it narrows to the nose, thereby forming a certain semblance of a wedge-shaped. Kant’s eyes are quite expressive, they have a almond shape and possess Kareem color. According to its sizes, the middle. Ears of the animal deserve special attention – they are not too high, wide and hang, and at the ends they are spinning.

    As for the body directly, the scientists and veterinarians notice that the body of Anatolian Shepherds is folded very well. The neck has a small bend, but despite this, is quite strong and has developed muscles. Neck length middle, there is suspension on it.

    Breast deep, belly pull up. The tail is characterized by its big length, and its location can be different. So, for example, if the dog is in an excited state, the tail can straighten up and climb up to the back, in a calm mood, the tail will be a little bent. Deserve the structure of the limbs. And rear, and the front paws are quite long, straight. Paws in Anatolian Shepherd have an oval shape, and the fingers bent.

    Hair cover may be different in length: meet both short-haired and long-haired individuals. Wool, like undercoat, pretty thick. In nature, there is a rather large variety of colors of Anatolian Shepherd, But the most valuable and elite is considered a pale color. Also an animal can have a certain “mask” on the face, which is most often painted in black. Black can also be ears.

    In nature there are no white dogs of the Breed Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

    Pluses and minuses of breed

    If you think about purchasing a kangal animal breed and keep it at home, then you should get acquainted with all the features of such a dog. Like any other animal, Anatolian Shepherd has both advantages and disadvantages.

    As for the benefits of the breed, first of all owners of dogs allocate the working capacity and diligence of animals, their ability to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, exposure and stability, even in the absence of nutrition, as well as pronounced guard qualities. However, on this, the list of advantages of this breed does not end. In addition to these qualities, the following characteristics can be attributed to the advantages of kangals:

    • Developed and balanced psyche+
    • Observation and attentiveness+
    • loyalty and devotion to the owner+
    • endurance+
    • Energy and activity+
    • Impressive appearance+
    • courage and courage.

    Despite the rather wide list of advantages, Anatolian Shepherds have some disadvantages. So, among the negative sides, which are characteristic of this animal, allocate:

    • a wary attitude to strangers (for example, to guests in the house), which can grow into aggression+
    • Dogs need pretty spacious squares and can not live in an apartment+
    • Dogs need permanent load+
    • the time of walking should be very long.

    Thus, as you were able to make sure the Anatolian Shepherd has a whole range of qualities. And some of them have sharply positive, and others – a negative character. In this regard, before buying an animal, it is necessary to carefully weigh all “for” and “against”.

    Character features

    As mentioned earlier, the kangal has pronounced watchdogs. In this respect, the dog is one of the best breeds. So, for example, the flock of livestock usually accounts for about 5-6 dogs of the Breed of Anatolian Shepherd, who perfectly coped with their duties.

    If the dogs properly educate and train, then they will turn into uncompromising guards and watchmen who will manifest themselves like bold and attentive animals. In addition, animals can perform their functions even in unfavorable conditions: when hungry, thirst and fatigue, and also exposed to unfavorable weather (heat, rain, snow).

    Such a pet is experiencing a permanent need for work and active activities, therefore, first of all, Kangal is considered to be the working animals.

    Psychologically an animal loves attention from its owner, He likes to experience his affection and care. That is why the maximum amount of time the dog spends next to its owner. If you correctly educate and train the dog, then it will exercise affection and goodwill not only in relation to one person who is its immediate owner, but also in relation to other family members. At the same time, in relation to unauthorized people and strangers, the dog may behave wary and incredulously.

    Kangals are quite calm and balanced dogs that are not inclined to aggressive behavior without a specific reason. But at the same time, it is worth understanding that, in nature, animals are leaders, and therefore it is characteristic of dominating. They tend to show independence, and sometimes even stubbornness.

    How to choose?

    Choosing a purebred thoroughbred puppy Anatolian Shepherd – this is a rather difficult occupation. Such animals can be found only in specialized nurseries.

    When buying, first of all it is important to pay attention to the parent pair. First you need to see the appearance of mature female and male, and then you should ask the seller to demonstrate your passport, certificates of vaccinations and other available documents. Remember that all the qualities that are characteristic of a puppy (whether physiological or psychological features) are Direct reflection of the properties of the parent pair. Only after you were convinced that with the mother and father of the animal everything is in order, you can proceed to the inspection of the puppy.

    Correctly choose a purebred puppy quite difficult. Therefore, if possible, attract a focus on the purchase of a film or an experienced breeder who will help you appreciate the animal.

    As a general rule, to deepen a puppy from parents and a native home can no earlier than in 2 months. However, even if the animal, whose purchase you are planning, has reached the specified age, should pay for its development. Make sure that Growth is actively, do not manifest any genetic deviations, the puppy is not sick of infectious or viral ailments.

    With external inspection, follow the breed standards presented above. Make sure the anatomical structure of the puppy fully complies with all the required indicators. Also ask the seller to show you Animal instincts (guard, shepherds, security).

    It is important to make sure that the seller’s decency. Explore reviews of previous buyers, ask for licenses to occupy such activities.

    Note that the average cost of anatolian shepherd purebred puppy is about 50,000 rubles. If you are offered to buy an animal for a significantly less price, then be sure that the puppy is not purebred or has any defects.

    Containing rules

    Dogs belonging to the breed Anatolian Shepherd, are quite strong and resistant. However, even despite such favorable natural qualities and characteristics, Dogs need proper care, as well as in compliance with all conditions of content.

    Only in this case, the growth and development of the animal will be most active. In addition, compliance with all rules will allow to extend the life of the animal.

    Should consider the fact that Animal can not live in cramped conditions of the city apartment. For him, it is necessary for a large space. Therefore, the dogs of the Kangal breed usually live in a private house. They are not recommended to keep on the chains, on the contrary – should provide free walking for animals.

    It should also be considered the fact that Dogs must be constantly engaged in work. Several times a week they should additionally load. Similar loads can provide active games or bike jogging. You can not constantly keep the dog in the yard – it is worth walking it and on free spaces. Otherwise, the animal will begin to suffer emotionally and mentally, which will adversely affect the physiological state of Anatoly Shepherd (the appetite will deteriorate, problems with joints will begin).


    An integral part of the care and content of Anatolian Shepherd is the compilation of the diet for it. It is important to take care that the food is the most useful and balanced. Food must contain a set of all the necessary vitamins and trace elements that will support all life processes of the animal.

    Each owner solves independently than feeding the animal – dry ready-made mixtures or natural food. Despite the fact that both options are permissible, and the second is more convenient and economical in relation to labor costs, as well as time, should be given preference precisely natural food.

    So, in the diet of the animal should include cereals, meat and sub-products, vegetables. With a small periodicity, the animal can be fed by fermented with fermented.

    In general, Anatolian Shepherd Dog is rather unpretentious about nutrition. However, you should still make sure that the products that fall into a bowl of the animal are high-quality and fresh.

    If you decide to go on a lightest way and prefer to feed a dog ready-made mixtures, then you should select those feeds that are intended for giant breeds. To avoid food allergies and other negative reactions Choose only high-quality feed of premium class or holistic.

    In addition, you should consult with the veterinarian about the inclusion in the diet of your pet vitamin additives or mineral complexes.

    However, remember that in this case it is forbidden to act independently, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is obligatory.

    The power chart should be permanent. Usually until the animal reaches the age of 8 months, it is fed 2 times a day. After reaching this turn, the dog is transferred to one-time diet. The volume of portions is strictly not installed – the dog does not eat more food than she needs. It can independently regulate a portion depending on its physiological features, physical exertion and environmental conditions.

    Feature of the nutritional regime kangalov is the fact that periodically dogs can abandon meals. If it lasts no more than 2-3 days, there is no reason for concern. Thus Anatolian Shepherds arrange a certain semblance of unloading days.

    Do not forget to provide a dog with clean and fresh water.


    Compliance with all hygienic standards – an important part of the care of dogs, which belong to the Canal breed. First of all, attention should be paid to the care of the hairproof. If you follow all the instructions of the specialists, then the dog will look pretty carefully, in addition, the condition of the skin of the animal will improve.

    It should be noted that Anatolian Shepherd – this is an animal that is subject to intense mol. Especially strong this process is manifested in the warm season. At this time, the dog follows quite often (1 time in 2-3 days) and thoroughly comb. This should be done using special ridges and brushes. With proper care The dog will always look neat and well maintained.

    In addition to combing, other procedures must be performed. In particular, it is recommended to regularly check the condition of the eyes, ears and oral cavity. In the presence of contaminants, they must be removed by cotton sticks, cotton disks or toothbrushes. When cleaning the animal, use only those tools that are specifically designed for dogs and in no case apply the solutions that use themselves.

    The most difficult procedure for the care of a dog is swimming. Fortunately, it does not need to wash too often. It is believed that the animal needs water procedures no more than 1 time in 3 months.

    In the process of bathing, make sure that the water temperature is quite warm. After the bathing is complete, blot your dog’s wool towel and let it dry yourself.


    Training and upbringing in full understanding of this word are not suitable for Kanta. It’s all about the nature of the animal – it is quite independent and independent. That is why it should be borne in mind that it cannot be subjected to permanent and long workouts. Try to turn classes in interesting and exciting games, teach the shepherd by unobtrusive methods.

    In the process of learning, it is necessary to observe a certain balance: it is necessary to show severity in relation to the animal so that it understands who is the main one here, but on the other hand, it is impossible to exercise aggression and malice.

    More about the features of the breed, see the following video.

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