All about long-haired dachshunds

All about long-haired dachshunds

The dog has long been considered a true friend of man. For some people you have to get large breeds, others prefer to have indoor dogs, others do not pay attention to the size of the animal, and perceive only the character and temperature of the pet. The only breed that unites individual preferences of people is a dachshund. These dogs in appearance can be called dwarf animals.

Thanks to special endurance and muscles, they will be able to give a forum of large breeds. And on temperament fit people with any way of life and interests, although most often the dachshunds are purchased by hunters. To date, long-haired dachshunds began to use high demand.



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* Characteristic of breed “Dachshund” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

History of origin

Dachshund is considered an ancient breed that gives the beginning of the emergence of other types of norced dogs. Only scientists could not determine the exact date of the nucleation of the long-haired variety of pieces with an elongated body. However, multiple excavations suggest that the described breed of dogs lived in the territory of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. It was there that the skeletons of animals having an extended body and short sizes of paws were found.

All breeds of dogs with low growth and long torso, have the same ancestors, namely the ancient hounds. Dachshund in this question is no exception.

Although the long-term past for the hounds, the long building was considered a disadvantage, rather than preferential factor. According to the Standard of the past, hounds of dogs were required to have long paws.

Shroud representatives of dogs with an elongated torso became popular after a few hundred years and used for hunting for the clouds. For the first time a positive assessment of the disproportionate body of dogs was given by German hunters, after which breeders were tight for the elimination of squat breed. The official recognition of the dachshund breed occurred in 1988, after which the dogs began to actively engage in their breeding and subsequent spread of puppies.

This fact played an important role in the formation of other subspecies of the dachshund. Speaking with simple words, a long-haired variety arose by crossing the classic dachshunds with spaniel, and the long-haired rabbit was born by mating dwarf dachshunds with Pinscher and Toy Terrier. Along with other breeds in the History of Tax, there are several special dates that every breed breeder must know.

  • XVI-XVII in. Package formation period in Germany. The Germans paid special attention to the removal of short-leg and low-speed pieces, allowing to facilitate the procedure for hunting wild animals living in nonlands.
  • XVIII B. It is at this time that the late breed and its subspecies acquired the final appearance and characteristics.
  • 1939-1945. At these time intervals, the demand and popularity of the dachshund breed is sharply reduced, since the world community appears negative emotions about everything related to Germany. And only thanks to the special efforts of breeders who devote to their work, the taxes after a short period of time repeatedly conquer the sympathies of the public.
  • 1972. It was then that the XX Summer Olympic Games were held, the talisman was the dachshund named Waldo. The popularity of this dog did not have a limit. Her image in a striped T-shirt was placed on envelopes, clothes and dishes.


Along with other thoroughbred ps, long-haired fees have the official external standard. Even the minimum deviation from the norm can talk about the selection. The maximum growth of an adult dog in the withers does not exceed 35 cm. The standard weight of an adult individual fluctuates within 9 kg. Link’s long-haired variety of taxes flows according to the season, the process of wool is moderate itself and does not bring trouble breeder.

According to the color, representatives of long-haired dachs have different variations. They can be monochrome, two-color and with spotted splashes. The wool itself is long, falling down, pretty thick. A distinctive feature of the breed is a dense undercoat, heating animal in winter. Dachshund’s head has an oblong shape with oval transitions, smoothly and evenly narrowing to the tip of the nose.

Highly planted ears on the touch very soft, pretty long. Breeders celebrate their high mobility. The case of the taxa must be smooth, with a slightly pronounced muscularity. According to the rules of the body of the body, the breastside of the dachshund should be slightly empty. Belly selected. Harmoniously folded fines of the miniature taurus should differ muscularity and bonyismity. The tail is located in the top of the housing, the tip is slightly bent.

Dachshund is a moderately long body, slightly squat and compact in size. Excellent musculature allows it to develop good speed and transfer long-lasting travels on the paws. Despite such low growth in animals, there is no feeling of discomfort and difficulties while driving. Against, Dogs show the perfect control over their body, are able to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Distinctive features of the taxa lies in strong claws, Thanks to which they can easily roll soil. In a minute of reinforced work, a fluffy animal can dug a pumper in a 45 cm depth.

Initially, shaggy puppies were displayed for hunters, but now these animals were popular with “dog lovers” with other interests. Long-haired variety is quite often found at the exhibitions of purebred pieces.


Long-haired dachshunds are distinguished by a soft, gentle and friendly character. In general, they are considered smart animals, rather energetic, fit, gambling masters of hunting art. Their main weapon is charm, perseverance and stubbornness. Some representatives of the long-haired species strive to dominate and can exhibit elevated egoism. At the same time, the taxes are very inquisitive creatures. That is why they try to get acquainted with the world around the world, in spite of any obstacles.

Paksa in their nature are very strongly tied to the owner and his family. But strangers try to bypass the party. Knee your owner as an ideal place to rest. If a person lies, stacked on her neck. And at night are necessarily closed under the blanket. It is very important from the very birth to teach puppies for taxes to society. This is especially true of other dogs, other pets and children. If you do not deal with this question, you can take the top of its hunting instinct.

Like other representatives of small breeds Dachshunds can show a sharp and wops attitude towards large-scale dogs. And in the case when large dogs will answer aggression, small animals most often hide in their feet. Taxa most comfortably live in large and friendly families who love active rest. Only for a full understanding and maximum adaptation it is necessary to start a puppy of two or three months.

At this age, the baby is much easier to teach to society, and on a par with this, to educate in all family members a sense of respect for the animal, especially for children. If the child will show sharpness and cruelty in relation to the tax, it can show aggression.

Some owners of long-haired taxis argue that these animals are able to replace a professional psychotherapist. They are attentive listeners and relate sensitive to their owner. Without much difficulty distinguish the mood of people, and in the absence of positive, try to cheer. Although sometimes they can overdo it and even start biting in a game form.

If the dog is purchased for accommodation in a private house, the owner of the garden plot will have to make a strong barrier for fruit landings and flower beds. On the free walking in the taxa, the instinct of digging is revealed, which is why deep minks will be throughout the territory.

How many years live?

Life cycle of long-haired dachshunds largely depends on the care and its content. Average rates range from 10 to 15 years. Although some owners argue that their pets lived to the twentieth age. Dogs, perishing in the early period of life, most likely possessed poor genetic heredity or picked up the disease, not manifested themselves outside.

Variations Color

Before you begin to deal with the variations of the color, you need to get acquainted in more detail with the wool shaggy variety of tax. According to its structure, the hairproof the represented breed is distinguished by special smoothness. If you get bright rays, a natural shine is visible. Under the main part of the hair is a small undercoat having a soft structure. Then you can talk about color. Long-haired dachshunds have a variety of color gamut.

  • Monochrome wool. Hair cover can be red, fawl or red-yellow shade. Although the most popular is considered pure color with a small admixture of black shade.

  • Two-color wool. In this case, the dark, black and brown shades are characterized. But in each case there are small binding of cream and pale colors.

  • Marble color of wool. The main color of the hair can be black, red or gray, on top of which small stains of the gradient shade can be seen.

  • Tiger color of wool. In this case, the shades of red, pale and tiger-dark color are assumed.

Very rare, but you can still meet Taxa with white wool. This is usually representatives of a short-haired breed variety. Despite this, nose and eyes have a pronounced dark flower line. According to scientists, albinos are born when cropping a tax with marble wool color.

Features of care

Grooming for most lovers’ dog breeders is a mystery, although with his foundations every person. We are talking about the rules of pets of pets and their appearance. Gearing knowledge is especially important for owners of long-haired breeds, including Tax.

  • Bathing. Bath procedures should be carried out only if necessary, but not more often than 4 times a year, otherwise the skin of peel can be cut. For swimming long-haired dachshunds, you will need to purchase a special shampoo and balsam, thanks to which the wool is easily combed. The first communication of the dog with water should be carried out at a semi-annual age.

  • Combing. Dogs with long wool must be scratched several times a week, and in the period of molting daily. To do this, you will need to purchase a special massage brush with rare teeth.

  • A haircut. If the long-haired pet participates at the exhibition events, trusted procedure should be entrusted to a professional master, since the hairstyle of the applicant for a victory should emphasize the breed standard. And to maintain a clean and tidy type of haircut wool can be done on your own. Especially for the animal it will be much more comfortable. Long hair cover is a dignity, although there are still some drawbacks.

Long and dense wool protects the baby in a laid cold, but during the walking the snow accumulates at the tips of hairs, going to lumps. And during the rain, dirt will accumulate on it.

Thanks to the miniature sizes and kindness of the dog, the care for the dachshund at home does not cause difficulties. In general, the standard Pet content rules are assumed, familiar to every person. Waiting for the appearance of a four-legged friend’s house, the new owner must buy a sun bed, various toys, collar, leash, toothbrush and pasta.

Care for your pets just once a week. Thus, breathing freshness is preserved and a dental flare is removed. We should not forget that long-haired taxes require special care for claws. For example, claws dachshund puppies need to be regularly written, in an adult individual they are stepping about asphalt while walking. The ears of long-haired beauty is important to inspect daily. When contaminants occur, remove with a cotton disk and vegetable oil.

Calm baby need twice a day, two hours. At the same time, the dog should show maximum physical activity. Upon returning home Paw Pets need to wipe or wash. Some owners who are overly loving their animals acquire for them overalls for the winter period. However, in the case of long-haired dachshunds, this option is not perfect. First, shutters wool. Secondly, clothes are constraint. Thirdly, there is no possibility of natural hardening of the dog.

Education and training

The process of upbringing the taxes must be started from her birth. Initially, the mother is engaged in. Puppies carefully study her habits and try to copy behavior. At the age of one and a half months, babies begin to overcome from the mother and from now on the owner must begin to train an animal for living in a new house. Before proceeding with training, the baby must learn basic knowledge.

  • Nickname. It is important that the animal from birth has its own name. Although most of the new owners try to rename the animal or buy a puppy who does not have nickname.
  • Team “Place”. It is necessary that the puppy had its own place for solitude. Otherwise, the kid will be closed on a sofa or bed.
  • Team “Cannot”. In this case, prohibitions are assumed to break food or abduction from the table.
  • Collar. Little puppy from the first birthdays should have their own accessory. As the collar increases, the collar will change, and the habit of it does not disappear.

The puppy from the very birth should be a variety of toys with which he will have fun. Otherwise, furniture, shoes and other personal belongings may suffer.

Breeders, in turn, argue that it is impossible to immediately give a puppy all the toys, it is necessary to give them a pet gradually, every time causing a kid’s feeling of joy. After a couple of weeks after familiarization with the basic knowledge of puppies, you can prepare for training. It is necessary to introduce them to street noise, otherwise, being in the space of loud sounds, the baby will be afraid and will not respond to his master.

Trainers argue that dog breed dogs need to be trained by several teams:

  • “Sit”+
  • “Lie”+
  • “Near”+
  • “Walk”+
  • “To me”.

Dachshunds are very clever dogs, they differ in intelligence, which is why they will be able to train the most diverse tricks.


Dachshund puppings and an adult individual differ in many ways from each other. At different stages of development, the animal requires certain vitamins. In addition, there is a difference in the amount of feeding. The first one and a half months puppy gets vitamins and trace elements with maternal milk. After the diet, the kid is complemented by solid food. When feeding the kids, the owner must adhere to special rules.

  • The diet of the baby should consist of a six-time meal with a gradual reduction.
  • Puppy must have permanent access to water.
  • For the first few weeks, hard food must be sorted through the grater or grind the knife so that the kid can burn them with small teeth.
  • The baby needs to be fed to walks, because immediately after admission to the body of food, puppies are produced by the urge to sing.

Owners of adult individuals will have to make a choice between natural food or finished dry food.

Of course, dry feed is quite comfortable and easy to use at home. Saves time for cooking, and a package with dog food does not take up much space. And if you choose feed from the super-premium series, then the dog at any age will receive a complete complex of vitamins and minerals.

In the case when the dog breeder has the ability to prepare its pets of individual dishes, it is best to stop the choice on natural food. The basis of the nutrition of an adult individual with natural nutrition is below the products.

  • Meat and fish. These products must occupy up to 40% of the daily diet. Before feeding products, it is important to boil.
  • Craises. Preferably buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. Manka, legumes and wheat cereals can cause diarrhea.
  • Fresh water. It is very important that adult individuals have constant access to drinking.

About the features of the content of long-haired dachshund look next.

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