All about Metis Alala

All about Metis Alala

To bring a new breed, breeders cross the relatives among themselves. As a result, a puppy appears on the light, which has signs of breeds involved in viscosity.

What are methies?

Alabai – Central Asian Shepherd. The appearance of methots depends on which breed the crossing occurs. Excellent external and physical data inherent Mix Alala with Caucasian Shepherd. This is a strong dog who inherited the power from Caucasian, its dense and beautiful wool. In the area of ​​the neck she is so thick that the head seems very big and round like a ball. From another progenitor, the beast got grace.

Paws in such an animal strong. Some owners will stop the tail puppies. If you leave it, then in an adult dog it will be fluffy and long. As for the color of the wool, it can vary from white to dark brown. At the same time, the darker shade will be present on the back, the top of the head, tail and paws.

Predict the appearance of alabai, crossed with the German Shepherd, is impossible. It all depends on which gene will take the top and become the prevailing. You do not even need to be an experienced filmologist, so as not to understand which rocks participated in viscous. The features of the “German” and “Central Asian” are noticeable enough. Adult special is distinguished by impressive sizes. On the back there may be a dark strip, the muzzle is also dark.

Due to thick wool, such animals can be successfully kept on the street. Separate ears and tail do not stop.

If the Metizov Alabaya and Kane Corso is the predominant of the Central Asian Shepherd gene, then the offspring grows large with thick wool. Massive square muzzle – distinctive feature. Ears and tail stop in puppy age. Color is mostly dark.

Puppies Alala and Eastern European Shepherd – These are very fluffy kids with sequins. Adults, dogs become more like an Eastern European part. Color of wool on the face, ears and along the spine darker than the main. The tips of the paws can be white.

Tibetan mastiff crossed with the Central Asian Shepherd, grows with a large part. Powerful torso, large paws, dense wool, hanging ears – characteristic features. Color can be the most diverse: from black with white breast to red. It happens that the muzzle, bridge and forehead (in the middle) have a white color.

Machine with Moscow watchman – Graceful dog with powerful and strong paws, wide breast and dense undercoat. Tail in such individuals stopped. Ears triangular, hanging. The inner side of the paws, abdomen and breast can be absolutely white.

Metis Alabaya and Rottweiler possesses fairly large forms. His weight can reach 70 kg. This is a very beautiful dog, with thick long wool and semi-free ears. The tail is fixed at the request of the owner. The individuals of red-colored individuals look very impressive, in which the upper part of the body (spin, sides and neck) are covered with ferrous wool.

Machine with husky inherits from an Alabaya major body. Wool color, blue eyes, standing triangular ears – this is a manifestation of the Husky gene. Wool in such a pet dense.

Central Asian Shepherd, crossed with Labrador, gives good offspring. Adults have several less impressive sizes than Alabai. Dogs inherent playfulness and active lifestyle. Welcome fairy colors.

Sharpey gives Alabai inheritance original color and courageous character. This is an excellent watchdog with powerful wide breasts and massive paws.

And here Machine with a mongrel – this is a completely unpredictable option, Regarding both the appearance and the nature of the animal. The likelihood that the mong of the karans will be predominant is large enough.

What character is possessed?

Feature of any methots – unpredictability of character. Different breeds are cross, each of them – its temperament. Whose gene will be predominant, will understand after a little time.

“Central Asian” is a balanced and devoted dog, a magnificent and courageous guard, negatively related to outsiders. As a result of crossing with the German shepherd, a person who has activity is born. She is smart and focused on their owner.

With such a dog, it is not scary to walk in the dark, as it can protect the owner from the attempt of intruders.

If the top will take the genes of the Caucasian Shepherd, then for such a dog is characteristic of disobedience and keenness. A long educational process will be required. The owner needs to be patient, will, in order for the animal to see the leader in it. Obey the beast will only owner.

Especially unpredictable mestiza Alabaya and Husky. The nature of the last of them is an intense. If something is interested in something interested, the curiosity will take the top, and the dog will forget about the owner’s orders at some point.

Features of care

Metis have thick and dense wool, which needs constant care. Purchase a pet comb in a specialized store to regularly comb the beast. Especially necessary procedure when the animal comes mol. Combination of wool prevents the formation of plowing lumps. The dog will not only have a beautiful appearance, but also feel comfortable. Bathing pet once a month.

For washing, use shampoo created for dogs. It will not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Metis Alabaya requires physical activity. Games in the fresh air He is needed to maintain itself in excellent physical form. During walks, an animal can easily expose parasite attack: flea, ticks. Protect the pet from insects will help a special collar. If you have no such, handle the dog with anti-slip drops.

So that the dog has not formed a dented stone, buy special bones. Such prevention is necessarily necessary to your pet.

Metis Alabaya is usually a major beast, so contain it in the conditions of the apartment is not very convenient. Perfect option – Country or private house.


To make the dog felt good and was healthy, she needs the right diet. If you prefer dry feeds, do not take cheap options. Premium products have a truly balanced and natural composition enriched with vitamins and microelements. Cheap analogs are possible only to harm the animal.

It is impossible to feed the dog sweet, flour, bold and canned. Bones are necessary, but nonestly allowed. In this regard, the perfect beef. You can also give offal. The basis of natural nutrition is meat.

Education and training

Metisov Central Asian Shepherd has excellent reputation. This is a faithful family friend, a courageous defender and an excellent catering guard. However, all this is possible only under the condition of regular training and conducting educational classes. Metisms need more time and attention (in comparison with purebred alabay) from the owner. Otherwise, the puppy will grow either extremely aggressive and naughty, or cowardly and non-understanding teams. If you do not have a sufficient level of knowledge for training and raising a pet, refer to the services of professional film engines.

You need to do with the puppy immediately as soon as he got into your home. Postpone “For later” and wait for some convenient case. Otherwise, you just miss the time, and the further process will be accompanied by difficulties. Puppy age characterized by activity. Leave alone for a long time the baby can not. Spoiled things and shoes, traces of teeth on furniture – all this awaits the owner who has long been absent at home. The dog just asked his day, playing with everything that fell to the tooth.

Gradually form the kid’s understanding of the prohibitions. They must have a good basis and not be excessive. Use the promotion method when the puppy performed what was required of it. So you quickly give him to understand what is allowed, and what – no. The dog in no way should be afraid of you and understand that the owner is a leader.

Do not indulge the dog: it will become naughty and unmanageable. The process of re-education such PSA is extremely complex. Checologists recommend to take a 2-month-old puppy. This period when the attachment of the baby is formed to the owner.

To workout damage every day about an hour. Orders give a confident tone to kid know that a person is a leader.

Do not shout on the dog. She can perceive it as aggressive behavior, which will lead to an attack. Note that friendly embraces are not always understandable to the animal. If your meeting with a friend is accompanied by such rapid manifestations of emotions, the animal will think that this is an attack, and start protecting the owner. In this regard, the first teams should be: “Fu”, “not”, “place”.

It is important to remember that bad dogs do not happen. What kind of pet grow, almost completely depends on you. Patience, sequence, lack of misses and, of course, a good attitude towards your pet – that’s all that is required from the owner.

What looks like Metis Alabaya and Malamute, you will learn from the video below.

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