All about Royal Beingeles

All about Royal Beingeles

Pekingese is a miniature breed of dogs that was bred in China. She received his name in honor of the city of Beijing. This breed has several varieties, but the Royal Pekingese deserves special attention.

This title is rather a PR-stroke and refers to purebred long-haired pins. This funny four-legged friend is endowed with exquisite habits and good-natured character. Such a decorative breed will suit those who love “manual”, calm and affectionate pets who do not bother without reason.



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* Characteristic of breed “Pekingese” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

The history of breed removal

To eliminate the Royal Pekingese, the decorative pets of the breed of that with larger dogs. According to some legends, the progenitors of these miniature four-legged friends are lions, but it is unlikely that you can trust such information.

Released Pekingese are also called imperial, as they lived exclusively in rich families, which treated noble dynasties. The life of the pets was truly luxurious, because they even had their own servants. These miniature dogs never used for hunting, guarding or service.

Rather, they were an indicator of luxury and prosperity. In some cities, temples arranged in honor of these animals and worshiped them.

Pekingese were available only to the rulers and their nearest surroundings. Images of miniature dogs and today can be seen on vintage Chinese frescoes. Only emperor could give any such pets. There were cases of theft of puppies, as people believed that they would bring wealth and success in the family, but they found the culprits of these incidents and strictly punished.

Royal Pekingese fell into Europe during the public coup when the imperial choirs were burned. Saved dogs were taken to England, where they began to breed. So funny and cute pets quickly gained popularity among animal lovers, but only rich people could become their owners, since the cost of Pekingese was very high. Often Royal Puppies presented to members of noble families as a gift.

The current name of the Pekingese breed was assigned decorative dogs only at the end of the XIX century.

In the countries of the Soviet Union, miniature pets appeared in the middle of the 20th century, but initially they were delivered to Leningrad, where the kinologists took up the breeding of these cute puppies.

External characteristics

Imperial Pekingese is a miniature breed, so such four-legged are often called decorative. The duration of their life is approximately 20 years. The growth of an adult dog reaches 30 cm long and 16 cm in height, and weight – 4-5 kg. Sometimes more minor representatives of this breed are found, the weight of which does not exceed 3 kg, they are called dwarf. Specialists argue that Wrongly allocate dwarf pecineses like a separate type of breed.

The external characteristics of the Imperial Pekingese:

  • Smooth back, narrowed lower back and slightly diagonal blades+
  • well-defined muscular withers+
  • shorts short, massive, rear less than the front+
  • Long wool grows between the fingers of the paws+
  • Mordock short, wide, with folds near the nose+
  • The tail is located high, pressed to the back and bent a little+
  • ears small, heart-shaped, because of long wool it seems that they are hanging+
  • big, slightly convex brown eyes.

    Most often at the Royal Pekingese, long wool with a small subvention, but also encountered smooth-walled puppies with a shorter pile. This factor largely depends on the conditions of breeding and nutrition of dogs. The color of miniature animals is quite varied and varies from beige to black. This breed is interesting because the puppies are sometimes born with a pure white color.

    The lower and the upper jaw at Pekingese should be tightly adjacent to each other, but there are also puppies with an incorrect bite. Teeth in a healthy pet must be smooth and white. The owners must necessarily follow the hygiene oral cavity of his pet.

    Pekingese character

    Royal Pekingese possess a calm, friendly character, so they get well with people, love affection, and obediently sit on their hands. With his owner, the pet has a special connection – he feels his mood, rejoices or sad together with him and heavily transfers separation. The dog can completely abandon the water and eating, if there is no his beloved person near.

    The four-legged fluffy is very playful, likes to walk and give in to train. Despite the external defenselessness, the pussy is quite freedoming and does not tolerate when the boundaries of his personal space disturb. The owner must take into account the features of his character and not impose his attention when the baby does not want. To achieve mutual understanding with pet, You need to communicate with it.

    With Pekingese, it is impossible to handle rudely or raise your voice, as they will be offended and angry because of this. An animal will exercise its aggression with lamin and growl, in extreme cases can bite. In addition, such behavior can manifest themselves in cases where homemade favorite faces other dogs or unfamiliar people. Surprisingly, but such a miniature kid, without thinking, rushes to protect his owner in an extreme situation.

    Imperial Beingese gets well with children, but at the same time can jealous to them the owner. Also, the pussik will not bearing, if the child will encroach on its territory and property, because no one should touch his toys or impose her affection when the fluffy rests.

    Common diseases

    The health of the Royal Pekingese is relatively strong, so there is no special problems with proper nutrition and care. Nevertheless, this breed has a congenital tendency to some diseases:

    • cataract+
    • conjunctivitis+
    • Inflammation of peeling canals+
    • heart valve impairment+
    • Problems with the spine+
    • Skin disease+
    • Renal defaults.

    So that the pet remains healthy and active, it is necessary to regularly visit the veterinarian with him and do all the necessary vaccinations. In addition, the owner should know about the peculiarities of the body of its four-legged friend and not to expose it.

    For example, Pekingese are contraindicated with large physical exertion due to possible problems with the cardiovascular system.

    Also, in the dogs of this breed, the heat exchange function is broken due to the features of the fruit structure, so suffocations may occur at high temperatures. If the animal is constantly being contained in hot conditions, it will begin to develop respiratory diseases.


    To Beingeles looked really royally, it is necessary to carefully care for him. First of all, it needs to be deleted daily, otherwise swords will form on wool. To do this, use special brushes.

    Miniature dogs are quite often dirty, because of which the owners have to bathe them almost every week. According to experts, such a scrupulous care can harm the animal. They advise to bathe kid to a maximum of 1 time per month, and if it is often dirty, it is better to use a dry shampoo or ordinary baby powder.

    When caring for a domestic pet, you need to pay special attention to the eyes, ears and folds near the spout – they need to be wiped with wet wipes or cotton wands, moistened in warm water. It is important to ensure that water does not fall into the ears, since this breed may develop deafness due to this.

    Imperial Pekingese is very active and playful, so it is necessary to regularly take walks for at least 30 minutes. Representatives of this breed are well developed intellect and memory, so adult pets can be released for a walk on their own and not be afraid that they will lose.

    Features of nutrition

    Puppies under the age of 4 months must be fed 4 times a day, while it is important to follow, so that the time between the food receptions was the same. The basis of their diet is milk porridge. As the kid grows in the diet, vegetables and meat products are gradually introduced. Also gradually increase portions and reduce the number of food receptions. Adult dog permissible to feed 2 times a day.

    Pekingese diet should be Balanced and monotonous. As a rule, it includes vegetables, cereals, dairy and dairy products, fish and low-fat varieties of meat.

    For convenience, pet food is recommended to cut small pieces, especially meat.

    Pekingese’s bones should not be given, as he simply does not master them, but the cartilage is glad.

    In order not to harm the health of the four-legged pet, the next food should be under the ban:

    • All sorts of sweets+
    • swing+
    • Fatty meat varieties+
    • Fried, smoked, salty, spicy and marinated products+
    • Exotic fruits+
    • Doba and pasta+
    • Dishes on broth.

    If the owners wish to translate Beingeles to specialized dog food, then it should be done gradually. It should also be borne in mind that dry food must be unwound, otherwise the baby will be difficult to chew it.

    Interesting facts about Beingeles See next video.

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