All about Russian smooth-haired Toy Terriers

All about Russian smooth-haired Toy Terriers

Dog breeds divide on those who serve a person and decorative dogs for the soul. If you are looking for a small dog with spectacular, fun appearance, inexpensive in content, it is worth paying attention to the Russian smooth-haired Toy Terrier. These are energetic, fussy dogs, pretty, very small. They are able to raise the mood of anyone.

History of origin

A smooth-haired Russian Toy Terrier takes the beginning of a pedigree in England of the XVIII century. Toy Terriers were extremely popular, brought them out of English black terriers crossed with Manchester Terrier. At first they were brought to fight rats, but the adorable type of tiny dogs fascinated aristocrats.

Fashionable dogs acquired status and began to participate in exhibitions already at the beginning of the 20th century, but only in the middle of the century, the terrier was officially named breed.

When the breed came to decline, Russian breeders took up its restoration and brought out Russian to-terriers who were divided into smooth-haired and long-haired.

Description of breed

Toy – Decorative Type of Dogs, Room Breed, Perfectly Suitable for Urban Apartment. Mini dog – excellent companion. A shorthair toy terrier looks like this:

  • Long limbs, very thin, parallel, with small legs+
  • Harmonic addition, proportional+
  • The neck is extended, high, the head is proudly planted+
  • The housing in length is equal to height by the withers+
  • Little head. Skull in the shape of a wedge+
  • lips tight adjacent, black+
  • Ears are quite large, triangular shape, open+
  • The eyes are dark, convex type, placed wide+
  • According to the standard can be with bought tails or with conventional saber-like type+
  • Skin smooth, without folds+
  • The stomach is not hanging+
  • Sexual type obvious+
  • movements are free, light and fast.

    Adult Toy Terrier has growth in withers from 22 to 27 cm, body weight up to 3 kg.

    Absolutely any inconsistencies are selected as a breed defect. If you are planning to purchase an animal to participate in exhibition events, you need to carefully choose puppies.

    The colors of the Russian Toya are diverse, according to the standard, suit can be:

    • black-, bare and brown-tan+
    • Lilac with a sanguage+
    • Red and black+
    • Red-blue+
    • Ferry-fawn+
    • Red-brown+
    • Ferry-lilac+
    • chocolate+
    • cream.


    • marble type+
    • Tiger+
    • Pegue+
    • Spotted+
    • White.


    Russian Toi Necklish, Empathetic, Good Dogs, love not only the owner, but also all family members. This is one of the most non-aggressive varieties of the terriers, although they are proud of themselves and are pretty confidently behave.

    This is a pretty touching breed, so it can not be punished and offended by a dog.

    Despite the miniature size, TOI are endowed with a great scent, hearing. And if a stranger appears in the house, the dog will instantly react to the lamin. Tiny size does not prevent the dog to rush to protect the owner in case of danger.

    To train to the terrier is not too complex task, as the dog is smart, but at the same time it can sick. It should be learned to distinguish such behavior and in no way go on the capricious pet. The kids are not too good with children, so it is better to avoid such contacts:

    • TOIs have fragile addition, children during active games can harm the dog+
    • severe, serious temperament of Toy Terrier is not suitable for children, the dog may well bite the child if you deliver a physical trouble.

    Russian that badly transfers loneliness, misses, he needs a company. Pets get along well.

    Experts identify a number of breed advantages:

    • Cute appearance+
    • small size suitable for small housing+
    • little eating+
    • Well robbed pets, if properly socialized+
    • very mobile, you can take with you on trips+
    • You can teach both walkout and tray.

    There are disadvantages:

    • If you take into a family with children, you need to carefully educate the puppy and fencing it from the unnecessaries of children’s games even in adulthood+
    • Too fragile build, weakbound+
    • not too well developed immunity+
    • if ill is treated for a long time+
    • to identify the disease from this breed is not easy for a specialist+
    • if you do not educate, it will be aggression, grows evil, hysterical+
    • Poor tolerate cold, needed clothes for walking.

    The Russian-Toy Terrier is quite sociable, so it is perfect as a companion lonely, elderly people.

    He is not too twisted in terms of walking, it will not require too much activity from the owner. However, it is necessary to communicate more with a dog, buy her toys to bored her boredom. The dog is suitable affectionate and patient people who love to play with the dog. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that Lay at TEV is quite loud, this breed will not suit lovers of silence.

    Life expectancy

    Russian, as the whole decorative group of breeds, lives for quite a long time. With proper care, they can live more than 15 years. Unfortunately, the fragile health of the dog in the care of care will be able to significantly reduce this period. Deciding to take thi, it is necessary to realize that All responsibility for his health and life falls on the owner.

    If you organize competent care, carefully treat the dog and take care of her, it will be happy to please our healthy view and activity.

    The duration of life is influenced by:

    • Quality, balanced nutrition+
    • On time spent vaccination+
    • Competent care and appeal.

    Diseases most common in this breed:

    • Neurological problems+
    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system+
    • Diseases of internal organs+
    • epilepsy+
    • Allergic reactions+
    • baldness.

    If you want the dog’s health to be strong, be sure to come responsibly to the choice of a puppy. Do not buy a dog in the markets, with doubtful sellers.

    Russian Toy Terrier Common breed, so it is not difficult to choose a decent breeder or nursery. But even when choosing a puppy in a proven place, pay attention to the following nuances:

    • The appearance of the kid is similar to the tiny deer, the limbs are long, the breast is high+
    • Square housing, compare the proportions of the height and length of the case, they must be identical+
    • Exclude any spottedness if you want the animal to take part in the exhibition forums+
    • The abuse of the eye can not be confused with a pulliness, the purity of the eye, the absence of pus+
    • Rate the condition of the oral cavity, bite, should not be inflammation+
    • There should be no unpleasant smells, bald, fleas, other insects.

    Very important puppy behavior. Healthy dog:

    • Neagressive+
    • Plugula+
    • Well eats alone+
    • adequately behaves with other puppies+
    • Curious+
    • active, in no case is not sluggish.

    Than feed?

    There are two ways to feed the Russian Toy Terrier – finished feed and natural nutrition. The first is already balanced, with the organization of the second will have to work hard. For meanings best suited feed Holistic, Premium Class and Super Premium Class, They already have all the necessary nutritious and vitamin and mineral complex. You can choose both dry food and canned meat.

    Taking a puppy, be sure to ask than it fed, and first organize meals on the same principle, gradually moving to that option that you are comfortable.

    The natural diet of the terrier consists of the following products:

    • non-fat varieties meat – chicken, veal, rabbit, turkey+
    • Craises in the form of a porridge – buckwheat, rice+
    • Sea types of fish+
    • Fruits and vegetables for the season+
    • Kefir, cottage cheese.

    Toy terriers are prone to overeating, so the portions must saturate, do not allow the abuse of food. In no case, do not give a dog:

    • Smoked products+
    • Pork, Salo+
    • Sweet, baked, baking+
    • acute, salty, seasoned+
    • Food from your table+
    • grape.

    In access, the dog should always be clean water, it is necessary to change it a couple of times a day.

    After meals, be sure to remove a bowl with abdicted food in order to educate and prevent poisoning.

        Toy terriers are beautiful beggars, it is difficult for them to refuse the snacks, which often leads to obesity. Immediately put the order of meals. Puppy eats from 5 to 7 times a day. As you grow, the number of meals is reduced to two times a day.

        How to care?

        Toy terriers belong to the decorative group of dogs, so do not need serious physical activity. You need to know that dogs are rather fragile, they are dangerous drop in the height of even the standard bed. Therefore, from the first days, teach the dog do not jump on the chairs, sofas, beds. So that the dog is cozy to sleep on the floor, prepare her cozy sun bed with replaceable pillowcases. Ideally, he must have flights, but low.

        The place to rest the dog is better to organize in a warm, dry room, in which there is enough light and there are no drafts.

        Little dogs do not give serious problems in care, it is necessary to follow the rules of hygiene. First of all, this refers to the care of the oral cavity. Very often, the dairy teeth have to delete forcibly, as they do not fall out. In order to avoid a toothache and plaque, it is necessary to clean the dog’s teeth with a special brush and paste, first time the bandage sweeps on the finger.

        Regularly examine your pet ears, remove dust, surplus sulfur with a wool, do it very carefully. In the eyes, the product of secretion often accumulates, you need to clean your eyes in a timely manner so that inflammatory processes have not begun.

        Do it with a wet ward disk, water or special lotion. Despite the short smooth wool, the terrier at a certain period is linted. At this time, it is necessary to compose it daily, in the rest of the time it is enough to carry out the procedure once a week. Strike smooth-haired to-terriers do not need.

        Wash dogs of this breed as needed, but not too often. They are prone to colds, in addition, with frequent washing, it is possible to damage the natural protective layer of skin and wool. Since the dogs of this breed walk a little, claws are not accepted naturally, they need to regularly cut no more than 2 millimeters with cunning. You can do it yourself or drive to groom.

        Toy Terriers are afraid of cold, so you need to purchase several sets of clothing in bad weather. Otherwise, the dog will instantly freeze on the street, and not to remove it during the autumn and winter. Clothes can be purchased online or ordinary pet stores. The kit consists of the following items:

        • overalls+
        • hat+
        • Popon.

        Despite the fact that that does not require too frequent and long walking, take it on fresh air needs regularly.

          During the walk, avoid playgrounds with carousers, slides, hold the dog away from the pvv, logs, steep-type descents, obstacles. The terrier is very easily injured. Therefore, it is best from the first days of walking to teach the dog to a leash so that you can control his behavior and movement. Free walking is dangerous for the terriers also because they recklessly rush to the car on cars, large dogs, which can end up very sad.

          After a walk, especially in winter, wipe the dog’s paws with a damp cloth, since the reagents can adversely affect the paw. In addition, dogs may lick them, which will lead to poisoning.

          Leaving procedures include timely vaccination, antiparasitic processing and inspections from a veterinary doctor. All procedures should be carried out on schedule, common or individual. Before each vaccination in 14 days, degelmintion by special drugs. Vaccinating animal complex vaccines, from rabies. Prevention of worms are held every 3 months.

          And also be sure to take care to the pet in the season to be protected by special insect collars, this will prevent the Bloch reproduction, tick bites and other infectious parasites.

          With the appearance of inflammation, the unpleasant smell of the oral cavity or ears, pus on the mucous member – Show the dog to the veterinarian.

          Education and training

          From the first days of the appearance of a puppy in the house you need to teach it to the order you will demand from an adult dog. Toy terriers can walk in the tray equipped with a special diaper. First of all it is necessary to teach it to this action. After each meal, the dog is planted into the tray and is encouraged in case it was perfect. If you teach a dog to be practical on the street, always take a pet on your hands so that it does not injure, and walk one way to work out the reflex.

          Be sure to understand for yourself that the dog is not a child, so it requires a strict, consistent relationship in education.

          There are certain skills that need to traine every dog:

          • Teaching to nickname+
          • Mechanical learning to host+
          • Accustomed to the place – do not let the dog sleep with you in the same bed+
          • Do not let PSA in front of yourself in the door, so you lose the position of the leader+
          • Knowledge of the main teams: “place”, “to me”, “you can not”.

            If you pour a dog, she does not recognize your leadership, and will not obey you. If the dog roars on you – it is impossible to persuade it, we need a rigor. The same applies to situations where the terrier behaves ugly, indulges. It is important to teach the dog to order, to ensure his leisure, otherwise he is overpaying a lot of things in the house from boredom. Buy a variety of toys that cannot be clamped – balls, diet.

            In no case, do not give the dog old, unnecessary things to you, so that she played. By spoiling old slippers, she will get up for new.

            In the next video you can watch the training of Toy Terrier.

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