All about small German spitzah

All about small German spitzah

Funny face, fluffy wool and kind naughty character – these are the main advantages of dogs, which will not leave indifferent or children or adults. In our article we will focus on the features of the dogs of the breed of small German spitz, the intricacies of the care of them, the content and type of feeding.


German Spitz is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. Its remains were discovered during excavations in Sweden and are attributed to the X century BC. NS. It is believed that her long ancestors were peat dogs, which looked just like big spitches, more famous called Wolfspitz. However, in addition to large dogs in Germany, small breeds were bred, they were first presented in the XVIII century and almost immediately won the hearts of thousands of breeders with their charming appearance. These miniature dogs showed the interest of monarchs, court ladies, Cavalers Other secular personalities. Gradually, small spitts from Germany moved to the rest of European countries.

To date, small spitz or, as it is also called, Klainspitz, in accordance with the adopted and officially approved standards, should have a lot of 3-6 kg and height in the withers 22-28 cm. Thus, if two-month puppies weigh about 3.5 kg and have a height of 23 cm, then in front of you typical small spitz, and the weight is not considered the main standard for the classification of these dogs – standardization is conducted by growth.

An important factor in the evaluation of the dog at the exhibition is the quality of wool. As a rule, it is medium length with a pretty thick almost cotton bed. The straight and rather tough itself, because no problems care for such a fur is not present – it is not inclined to confuse and has the property of repelled dirt and moisture. The whole head except for the muzzle is covered with this wool, including the area near the ears, collar is expressed on the breast. The rest of the body, in addition to the areas of the elbow folds, is also covered with dense stuffed wool.

The color of the dogs of this breed may be the most different:

  • from light sandy to beige+
  • Side+
  • With bluish shades+
  • grey+
  • Light chocolate+
  • ginger+
  • brown.

Dogs can be single and two-dimensional. All representatives of small German spitts have an acute face resembling foxes, small reprehension ears and black eyes. The spa is characterized by a raised tail, drowned in the ring so that it fits tightly to the back. Planting the body is a square-like or direct.

The advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The undoubted advantage of the dog is her mischievous appearance, thanks to which it causes the warmest feelings. Small sizes make pets truly universal – PSA can be kept on hand and enter even in those rooms, where access with animals is prohibited. An important advantage of dogs of this breed is a very sharp mind, which significantly simplifies the dressura.

Dogs literally catch all the teams on the summer and in the shortest possible time they are trained in various tricks, which is why small spitches are particularly popular when setting up circus numbers.

At the same time, pets are very sensitive dogs, they have a subtle spiritual organization, with them only restrained and affectionate appeal. Angry and irritable people cannot become good owners for such a spitz, as they remember even the slightest insult. Build relationships with a dog to which they shouted and beat, it will be quite difficult.

Another plus of small spice is a devoted temper, so such a pet can become perfect satellites for both lonely person and for a large family. The pet is friendly tuned to the children of school age, and annoying attention and sometimes the careless attitude of the kids can catch a dog that will begin to show aggression.

It cannot be said that spitts are well neighboring with other pets. Of course, they will not be able to harm cats or other dogs, but it is quite capable of being the cause of conflicts. Being extreme owners, they will not suffer “delegation” of the owner by other animals can start a rapid clarification of relations even with larger dogs. Small spitches are active dogs, they are unlikely to fit elderly people whose walks to rest on a bench.

When the walking of this animal is assumed to be active games, and the shorter walk, the more load should get a dog.

How many years live?

Small spitts can be boldly attributed to long-livers – the life expectancy of these room decorative pets with good care is up to 15 years. However, in pursuit of decorativeness, two new dwarf rocks were recently represented: Puppet and Bear Spitza, these dogs are in great demand, as they remind a plush toy, but unfortunately they do not correspond to any adopted standards and have very weak health.

So, flattened, too shortened muzzle in practice makes it difficult to breathe dogs and thereby weakens the cardiovascular and nervous system of pet.

However, standard small spitts are subject to some diseases. Among the most common can be designated:

  • Hip joint dysplasia+
  • Frequently found problems when changing teeth – usually milk teeth have to delete+
  • Leaning to high tear and eye suppuration+
  • Collapse trachea.

It should not be forgotten that despite the miniature sizes, the dogs relate to real fuels, and if you do not keep meals under control – they are completely able to eat non-stop, and this often leads to problems with hearts, vessels and joints of animals.

Character features

    The feature of this cute little dog – the ability to command your masters and always seek your own, no wonder all his kind This animal is so reminiscent of a tricky chantech, which can always argue what she needs, whether it is a master of the owner or a piece of appetizing delicacy. Spitz is able to ask, swear, fenced and even demand. Such a manner is far from always to face breeders and sometimes delivers them very unpleasant emotions.

    Therefore, from the first days of the pet stay in the house, you need not to succumb to all his tricks and give a clear understand that no – this means the final refusal. Be sure that the dogs assume such lessons very quickly and stop begging. In all other things, Spitz is simply ideal, and if you can easily raise it, there will be no problems with such a pet, and small cons will move to the background.

    Although justice, we note that it is very difficult to refuse such fluffy, so the owners most often begin to attack them and thus make a rather big mistake.

    Small Spitz sincerely interested in all the actions of its owner, and so that he did – trying to be near. However, sometimes he can find a more interesting occupation – for example, having fun with your beloved toy or spend time with young children. Already in what, and in the playfulness of this dog simply no equal. Some spitts are very successfully coping with the security of the guard – their loud barking can scare any, however, the frightening effects are provided by dogs only in cases where they are not visible. But if you want to start a truly watchdog PSA – it is better to give preference to big spitzam.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a puppy, it should be borne in mind that as the dog growled, its color can change, and fully color is revealed only by 3 years. The most difficult thing will have to be breeders who bought black and white dogs – already in the second month of life a dark fur coat can be brightened, and bright, on the contrary, become darker or reddish. Considering that puppies are buying at an earlier age, it is better to focus on the color of the wolves, but on the pigmentation of the mucous. So, if the dog’s lips and eyelids have black – it means that the animal will retain his dark color.

    When buying white puppies you can navigate the ears – If the wool growing behind them has a brown shade, then as the dog grows, the fur coat will change its shade on the cream or beige.

    It should be noted that the spins of light color are considered the most expensive type of rock, this is due not only to the external attractiveness, but also the complexity of. The fact is that if you crossed two light dogs, you get too large puppies, so breeders reduce white and beige dogs, from litter to the litter “clarifying” their wool.

    How and what to feed?

    When feeding small German spits, adhere to several principles. The dog should always have free access to drinking water. In comfortable conditions at normal condition, health adult dog weighing 2.5 kg drinks up to 50 ml of fluid per day, if we are talking about small puppies or nursing female, then this indicator needs to be increased. Spitzam required regular diverse nutrition. The feeder should be located in one place and fill at the same time.

    Feeding should be dosed. So, the dogs weighing 2.5-3 kg per day you need 75-85 g of food, if the animal suffers to obesity or has been recalled in past meals, then the dose is reduced by 40-50 g. If the animal leads an active lifestyle and participates in tricks, then the dose, on the contrary, increase to 100-120 g. Nutrition must be balanced – up to 70% of the diet must be proteins of animal origin, they are obtained from meat and expensive high-quality offal. In addition, non-large cottage cheese can become another source of protein, it is recommended to include 2-3 times a week in the menu. All other useful substances, including carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, pets are obtained from vegetables and croup.

    It is forbidden to give dogs salted, canned, sharp and fried products. Do not put in the diet, store sausages and sausages. As a rule, they contain preservatives and taste amplifiers, which is fraught with the most unpleasant consequences for the gastrointestinal tract of the pet. If desired, you can use ready-made feed, preference is worth giveing ​​expensive premium and super premium products that have a balanced composition and contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality.

    The proposed pet food must be biologically safe, that is, fresh. To avoid entering the body of dangerous microorganisms into the body of dangerous microorganisms, it is necessary to wash feeders and cream after each meal, keep ready-made feed in a dry cool place and, of course, refuse to use doubts.

    When feeding a pet should be kept under control of its weight and physical activity, as needed by adjusting the diet.

    How to care?

    Small spitts are truly miniature room dogs who adore comfort and therefore much better feel in the apartment than in the aviary. The main problem comes down to caring for wool – it is necessary every day combing (at least 2 times a month) and periodically cut. It is best to entrust the haircut of your favorite pet professionals, But in the presence of some grooming skills, you can walk on the wool of a pet self alone, but only scissors.

    The use of machines is unacceptable, since in this case the undercoat may be affected, and it grows in spitts very slowly, his violation can spoil the quality of the coil as a whole for a long time.

    Video about small German spitz see below.

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