All about the feeds AATU

All about the feeds AATU

Pet health depends on high-quality nutrition and care. On the Russian market, the products of the company AATU, which is produced in the UK, enjoy. Feed belongs to the holistic, so you can say with confidence that their quality is at the highest level. Consider more detailed product features and the range of this manufacturer.


AATU company produces food for dogs and cats of any sizes, age and breed. The main advantage of products is the quality composition of natural ingredients. Some types of cereals can cause an allergic reaction, so the manufacturer does not use them, it also refused gluten and potatoes. About the health and safety of the pet can not be worried about – there are no artificial amplifiers of taste and flavors in the stern, there are no preservatives and other harmful components. It should be noted that in the assortment are both dry and wet food, so everyone can choose something suitable for its four-legged friend. Products are deservedly very popular, it is useful and natural, it helps to strengthen the immunity of animals, and also puts the body with minerals and vitamins. As for the shortcomings, there is no separate feed for older, pregnant or sterilized individuals, as well as there is no medical diet.

Cats and cat feed review

The novelty on the domestic market for the steel of British production for cats of different breeds. The manufacturer relates its products to the category of holders, which means that it uses only those ingredients that even people can consume. A distinctive feature of such food is the use of an exclusive formula. It lies in the fact that there are 8 different cultures in the composition, as many types of fruit berries, and the same number of spices, plants and herbs. Grain Ingredients are not used. Products can be called premium, since most of the natural meat is, namely: 85%.


Cat Salmon & Herring Includes dried herring and salmon, with no bones you will find. In the feed, the high percentage of protein and a little fat, which is important. It should be noted that this series is suitable for nursing cats. In addition to fish, legumes, tomato, carrots and sweet potatoes are used in the stern. All this set dilute berries and fruits, spices and plants. The benefits of the line can be attributed to the content of taurine, amino acids and such important animal elements for the body as calcium with phosphorus.

Cat Chicken series Includes infectious and dehydrated chicken meat, broth salmon and fat fat. Due to this composition, food will provide balanced nutrition and will allow the body to be saturated with vitamins, macro- and microelements, amino acids. There are no artificial dyes or harmful preservatives.

If the pet prefers duck meat, with such a formula is offered Cat Duck, in which, in addition to the bird, there is also a fish. Due to this content, the animal will receive the necessary proteins.

This line is the only one among dry feed, in which fat is 20%, which should be considered, because something lighter is required for castrated animals.

If your pet suffers from excess weight, and you are looking for a dietary product, pay attention to other categories in the assortment of the manufacturer.


Most of the owners will agree that the ears like pies and canned food, that is, wet food. Therefore, the company has tried to create a line of food products that would meet high requests. In the list of rations, you can find such combinations as salmon, shrimp and chicken, chicken and pheasant, turkey and goose. Such feeds are offered in Puffs, which is very convenient, and they can be combined with dry power as an addition.

Cats do not refuse seafood, so the company offers Salmon line, Chicken & Prawn, in which there are shrimps, salmon and chicken. This is meal for adult animals, it has a large content of meat ingredients. This product resembles dry food: almost 40 components are used here, among which there are many vegetables and legumes, there are fruits with berries, they contain a huge variety of nutrients and useful elements.

For adult cats designed Chicken & Pheasant feed, where the main ingredients are the meat of chicken and pheasant, as well as broth. It should be noted that the pheasant meat is exotic, so it is not so much in this series. A distinctive feature of feed is a high-protein composition.

Chicken liver and duck meat are used in the Duck & Chicken Liver series. Products have a good composition with a rich set of ingredients, so such a nutrition can be considered complete and balanced. The big advantage of this feed is the content of chondroitin and glucosamine. Almost all cat feeds have the same composition, the difference consists only in the main ingredients.

There is also an assortment TURKEY & GOOSE series (turkey and goose) and CATS Chicken & Quail (chicken and quail).

Variety of products for dogs

To create a dog feed, the manufacturer adheres to the following formula – the number of animal proteins is 34%, lipids are not greater than 20% and a bit of plant fiber. If we talk about a monobelka diet, it should be noted that freshly prepared meat is used for compliance, in which there is no single preservative. The company offers dry and wet food for four-legged friends. Here is a list of lines with their composition.

Dry mix of Puppy Salmon is designed for puppies of different breeds. The main ingredient is salmon, so the energy value is 376 kcal. The monobel dye with the duck for adult dogs is presented in the AATU DUCK series. Four-legged need not only in meat, but also in fish, because it contains a lot of useful items, so the food can be diluted with Salmon & Herring, which includes salmon and herring. This product is intended for adult dogs, however the breed does not matter. TURKEY acts as the main ingredient with a turkey.

As mentioned above, the assortment of feed is very diverse.

Specialists recommend mixing dry food with wet so that the dog gets a full nutrition.

Therefore, you should pay attention to Canned food with chicken chicken meat, from which no pet. BEEF & BUFFALO Premium Series Includes buffalo and beef meat, such ingredients are suitable for adults of any breed. There are wet food with pig meat and wild boar – Wild Boar & Pork.

As you can see, understand the composition simply, since the main ingredient is always indicated in the product name. Thanks to this diversity, you can make a full-fledged diet for your four-legged friend, so as not to cause addiction to this or to the type of feed. Veterinarians recommend mixing canned food with dry mixtures, considering the taste preferences of their dog. There are no grain crops in cannedity, which is an advantage, since they can cause an allergic reaction and are not always easily absorbed by the body.

Numerous consumer reviews that have already used AATU products claim that their pets like such food, besides the main criterion for the acquisition of feed is the natural composition, and the manufacturer provided it. therefore You can try to make a diet from different series, given the age and preferences of the favorite four-legged friend.

The only thing that is important to pay attention is the individual intolerance to certain components, and if the dog has for something allergies, to begin with, consult with the veterinarian.

Feedback from the AATU brand you will find in the following video.

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