All about the feeds Probalance for sterilized cats

All about the feeds Probalance for sterilized cats

Currently, a variety of nutritional feeds for cats and cats are available under the PROBALANCE brand. Assortment has separate diet, designed for sterilized pets. Today we will talk about the features of such food, its composition.


This product refers to premium class. Such nutritional feeds for sterilized cats are made on the basis of fresh selected meat. All of them can be used for daily feeding. In the manufacture, additional compounds with vitamins are also included.

This product from the manufacturer has a relatively low cost, so it will be on the pocket to almost any customer. Today the company produces both dry and wet rations. All of them enter the series sterilized.

It should be noted that in the production of food for neutered and sterilized pets, the manufacturer uses a special complex of plant components (Fitocare). It allows you to strengthen the animal immune system.

As well as plant elements have a positive effect on the digestive system of pets. Most often, the composition of such a complex includes the following plants: calendula, horsetail, cranberries, chamomile and moss.

All feeds are absolutely safe for animals. Only natural components are used as preservatives, including tocopherol extract. All products run a special sterilization process, which makes it easy to destroy all malicious organisms in the product.

The main source of protein in these rations is the freshest chicken meat. Due to this ingredient, the feed is as easily absorbed as easy as possible, and also have a rather high biological value.

When creating rations, preference is given precisely meat, and not by the sub-products.

It should be noted that there are no corn ingredients that are difficult to assimilate pets. All products are manufactured on the basis of exit products. In addition, food does not include ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or negatively affect the operation of the digestive system.

Products are produced without using synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes and taste amplifiers. All feeds have appropriate certificates that confirm the high level of food quality. On all packages and nutrition banks, you can find detailed information about the composition of the diet, as well as see the percentage of each of the ingredients.

Dry feed

First we will analyze the main features and the composition of the dry food of cats that have passed sterilization. This diet is based on chicken meat and rice. These components are main in the composition, other ingredients are also used:

  • Pork Skuff Based Flour+

  • beet+

  • Oats+

  • Pea fibers+

  • flax seeds+

  • Natural oils+

  • Fat fish+

  • Extract Yukki+

  • Extract of yeast+

  • Egg mixture+

  • lecithin.

In addition, during the production of this diet, special antioxidants are used, which allow you to maintain the product fresh for a long time, additives saturated with zinc, manganese, copper, iron and iodine. Power is saturated with crude fiber, squirrels, raw protein, ash, magnesium, calcium, fatty acids.

The composition of this dry food contributes to stimulating fluid consumption by a pet, which makes it possible to significantly increase the amount of urine and reduce the risk of the occurrence and development of stones in the urinary system.

The optimal ratio of calories and nutritional components allows you to maintain a mass of the animal at the desired level. The recipe also includes a special combination of healing useful herbs, which was specially developed by veterinarians. All of them allow to provide a toning effect, strengthen immunity.

Such nutrition can be given cats aged from 1 to 7 years. It is sold in comfortable packages with different volumes. The manufacturer issues the large packages of 10 kg.

Assortment of wet products

Now we will get acquainted in more detail with wet rations for sterilized and castrated pets. Such nutrition is made on the basis of minced chicken, meat offal. And many other ingredients are used:

  • Fish Fillet and Fish Sub-Products+

  • cereal products+

  • Healing herbs+

  • Taurin+

  • Pea fibers.

The composition is characterized by a high percentage of fiber, protein, fats. In addition, it is rich in such important elements as calcium and magnesium.

The feed contains all the necessary useful amino acids, vitamins and mineral components. Power is also characterized by quite high energy value.

Wet food is most often produced in small sachets and in metal banks. All of them can have a different volume, but most often in stores you can find pacci in 85 grams and capacity of 450 grams.

If desired, wet food can be mixed with dry nutritional granules, or use other natural food. The composition will be much more saturated and satisfying.

About how food sterilized cats should be, look in the following video.

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