All about the German Pincher

All about the German Pincher

Dogs of various breeds and sizes have long taken place for the most sought-after pets. They not only perform the functions of security guards and companions on the hunt, but also become full family members for a person. Among the variety of breeds of dogs should be allocated by German pinsters, which are notable for their attractive exterior and characteristics of character.


Deutscher Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with smooth wool, native animal from Germany. Earlier, the breed was used as dogs-guards accompanied by draft. However, such functions gradually moved to the background, and German pinchers became excellent companions for a person. The first standard for Pincher was described in 1880, and the registration of the breed was four years later. In the post-war years, the demand for dogs of this breed has declined sharply, and only in 1958 work began to increase the number of such animals. In the 1980s, in order to maintain and strengthen the genetic potential of the pets, the Pincher was held with Doberman, which had a positive effect on the result.

Today, the purebred German Pinscher is highlighted by its predefavor posture, smooth bends of the body and relief muscles. According to the description of the dog and FCI standards, pinchers must be height in the withers in the range from 45 to 50 centimeters, with weight of about 14-20 kilograms. Sexual dimorphism is expressed average. In the dogs of this breed, the skull has an extended shape with a protruding gas bug, the frontal bone is flat, the Stop according to the standard is moderately expressed. Animal Morda Reminds Dumb Wedge, Nose Line Straight With Black Mill. Pigmented lips, have a dark color, jaws with scissor bite.

Eyes in dogs oval, with dark, tightly adjacent centuries, ears triangular on cartilage, ends hang, are high. With the standard length of the ears, they should not be above the top of the skull. The tail and ears can be stopped at an early age, but this is not a mandatory requirement for the breed. The position of the dog in the dog is curved, it has medium sizes, with a smooth transition to the withers. Pincher’s housing looks square, with a slight tilt to the tail, breast is wide, oval shape.

It is allowed sickly or saberous view of the tail, the fines of the dog are straight, put in parallel. Paws Rounded with short fingers. Pads and claws on the paws – dark.

Smooth-haired pinchers can be monophonic either black and tangible. Allowable color options are considered brown, murugium, red-redhead. Podpaled concentrated over the eyes, on the limbs and chest. Can be located on the hind legs and in the field of genitals. In dogs of this breed, genetic illness is often developing. Among the main diseases from which pinchers may suffer, it is necessary to highlight the displasion of the hip joints and the disease of the Willebrand, which concerns low blood clotting. In addition, animals may be prone to manifestation of allergic reactions. However, such cases are found not so often, so veterinarians are positioning the breed as a strong, with well-developed immunity.

To support the health of your pet, German Pincher breeders are encouraged to make all the necessary vaccinations acquired puppies.

Pluses and minuses of breed

Breed is not devoid of strong and weaknesses. To the advantages of dogs should be attributed the following qualities.

  • Animals are highlighted by a mischievous and good-natured temper, which is definitely an indisputable advantage when choosing a pet. In addition, dogs are very devoted to their breeder, so they become beautiful companions and defenders. Pinchers are non-aggressive, which makes it possible to keep a dog in the house where there is a little baby.
  • Despite the small size, such four-legged comrades are perfectly leaving for training, do not demonstrate stubbornness.
  • German Pinchs can be kept in apartments and private houses.
  • Pinchers will be happy to accompany a person on cycling or other activities.
  • Due to the peculiarities of their mini dog wool, there are no inconvenience in terms of cleaning. Also, such a feature significantly makes it easier to care for pets.
  • Animals have a pronounced intellect.

Among the negative features should be allocated:

  • The dog requires mandatory two-time long walks+
  • Animals need competent and early socialization to correctly educate a reliable friend for the family in the future.

Character features

Pinscher as a pet is characterized by a positive side, since it has a balanced character, differs in high intelligence. Dogs communicable, love to play. Among the pronounced character traits, it is necessary to note the territorial instinct, which is expressed in the sense of ownership. It is this feature that allows them to use them in the role of guards who will not bust on trifles. In the case of a critical situation, even in the light of their small size, the adult dog will defend its territory and host. Such instinct is able to manifest themselves in relation to food, as well as personal toys and bed locations.

Unfamiliar people may face a wary attitude of the dog, but aggression German Pinscher exhibits extremely rarely. An animal in the learning process can demonstrate stubbornness and coordination, sometimes dogs resort to tricks, such not quite positive traits of nature may appear if the breeder will be overly indulging his pet.

Pinscher from the first day of his life in the house can try to take the position of the leader, However, it is not recommended to indulge in this dog, because in the future it can turn into loss of control and authority in the eyes of the pet. Dogs in a small and adult age are very poorly coped with loneliness, with a long lack of host, the owner is inclined to be depressed. German Pincher favorably belongs to children, but not all their poles will tolerate.

In terms of interaction with other animals, situations may be different, with representatives of the Feline Pinemami family can be difficult to contact in the light of their playful and active in the light of their playful and active. The situation is better with dogs, but conflicts are not excluded in the section and allocation of the leader among animals. In the light of the presence of a hunting instinct dog smaller animals (for example, birds) can identify as potential prey.

How to choose?

To purchase a thoroughbred and healthy dog, it is necessary to learn all the information about the parents of the chosen puppy. Be sure to visit the nursery with animals. The purebred German Pincher is unlikely to be able to buy on the “flea” market either by advertisements on the Internet. It is for this breed that a proven breeder will be extremely important, since the peculiarity of German dogs is a tendency to some hereditary diseases. In the conditions of the content and removal of animals in good nursery puppies before selling can conduct tests that will help to identify alert at an early stage. It is important to study the health of parents of the dog, as well as to watch the dogs in general.

To maintain the health puppies, it is important to get in the proper volume of maternal milk to strengthen your immunity. Healthy dogs should not be in the view of the skin, they will have shiny wool and wet nose.

It is worth paying attention to the behavior of a puppy, Even in a small age, Pincher should not be cowardly, because courage is the basic quality of this breed. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to how the pet is moving to eliminate unwanted chromotom, which is a sign of having problems with joints. You can buy a Pincher with a corrected form of the ears and tail, but in many countries the relief is no longer practiced.


Caring for the dog belongs to the category of simple events. It is worth noting that the Pincher who will be contained in a private house, for the winter it is best to pick up. An alternative can be insulated and properly equipped with aviary. Dogs are prone to the ruin of the holes, at this point you should pay special attention.


Natural diet is considered a more natural option for feeding four-legged pets, but purebred dogs still require the maximum balanced menu, so some breeders prefer the finished dry foods of industrial production. To feed the Pincher with such products, the owner is recommended to comply with the following conditions.

  • Ideal in your chemical composition will be a premium feed, since budget options most often contain a lot of unsafe preservatives.
  • Do not purchase dry food for your dog for weight. Often it is this product that is implemented with an expired. Food must have high-quality and hermetic packaging.
  • The dry product can not be pre-painted in water, milk or broth, since such manipulations destroy its balance.
  • If the dog has a diet assumes the use of industrial feed, then in additional vitaminized additives it will not need.

As for the natural diet, then for the Pincher recommends cooking food, picking up low-fat varieties of meat. These can be chicken, rabbit, turkey, as well as offal. Fish is best to choose from sea varieties, be sure to remove all the bones from it, pre-boil. Ceres can be taken any, the exception will be a barley, which is very poorly absorbed by the organism of the animal. The dairy products of the dog are needed, but from the introduction of milk to the diet, it is best to abandon all because it provokes digestive disorder. Regardless of the selected feeding option, the diet must be adjusted by time. All food intakes spend at one time. Puppies up to six months are on five-volume diet, adult pet is recommended to feed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

It is necessary to monitor the portions and calorie content of the proposed food, since the flipping may fall into the health of the dog.


Pet smooth-haired, so in terms of care does not deliver any problems. Water procedures Pinchers are shown only in case of emergency. Regular wool wrestling with a damp cloth in most cases will be enough. The dog is recommended to be combed using a non-brush, but a rigid mitten. You can carry out these procedures every other day to avoid the appearance of a large number of patches on the floor, if the pet is contained in the dwelling.

In addition to wool you need to pay attention to ears, eyes, teeth and claws of the animal. Clage length should be controlled by removing unnecessary with drive. Eyes can be wiped several times a week using a wet woved disk for this. Teeth and ears will need weekly cleaning.


Teach Pincher is necessary from early childhood. So that the dog coexist without any problems with man, it must be fully controlled by his breeder. This breed is characterized by good intelligence, so high performance demonstrates in the training process. All classes must be carried out regularly, otherwise the learning of the results will not bring. Dogs of this breed is necessary from the moment of purchase to get acquainted with other dogs and people, provide a full walk twice a day if the pet will live in the apartment. In addition to learning, teams with Pinscher need to play. In this case, you can combine training and game with competitions, which will be useful for learning and endurance animal.

In the process of teaching teams, the important rule is the interest of the dog to these events, to force a dog to training forbidden. The breeder needs to choose the right motivation, interest the pet. It is important to ensure that this command is always fulfilled, it will allow you to correctly educate the pet.

All about the German Pinchers, see the following video.

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