All about the German shepherds of freak color

All about the German shepherds of freak color

Professional breeder’s professional breeder uses the German Shepherd Dog. This noble and beautiful dog is a permanent participant in many exhibitions. Purebred Breed Representatives have their temperament, performance, and also require certain conditions in the content, so before you make such a pet, you need to carefully examine the rules for the care of it.

The history of breed

German shepherd-colored shepherds appeared in the middle of the XIX century in Germany, they brought them to Max Frederick von Stefanitsa. The progenitor of the breed is Kobel Greif, this PSA was dirty and white color of the wool, he was distinguished by a state posture and an unusual intelligence. The only thing that did not suit the breeder is a pet wool color that did not match the breed standards.

A few years later, the breeder finally managed to get the noble color of the dog, and already in 1924 the first handsome were delivered to Russia. With their breeding, at first there were many problems, since there was not enough skills and money for content, but over time the Dog-Trained Club opened in the country, its representatives began to actively breed healthy pets.


Captious shepherds have a stretched body shape, but they do not look squat. Their body is proportionally, all parts are harmoniously combined with each other. Head Length is 40% from the height in the withers. Skull and fruit equal in length. The head of medium width and wedge-shaped, with the bitches it is less massive than those of males.

Dog ears small, standing, they have a triangular shape and slightly rounded on the tips. Oval shepherd Oval Shepherd Eyes, Dark, Miscellaneous and Smart. Nose black, pretty big. The neck is characterized by a developed muscular, set at an angle of 45 degrees. Dogs of this species are especially expressed by the withers, it is beveled and slightly elongated.

When animals are in concerned, their tail rises, and in calm it is lowered. The extremities of the PSA smooth and strong, the rear paws are a little longer than the front, they are soothy. As for wool, it can be like a rigid, short and soft, elongated. The dog has an average growth, its height ranges from 55 to 65 cm. The weight of individuals reaches from 22 to 40 kg.

The main distinguishing feature of these German shepherds is the presence of dark spots on the secretion, which resemble the shape of Cheprak. Spots are placed on the back, shoulders, neck, withers and tail. They can be of various sizes and shapes, as well as be intense and weakly painted.

Pet of this breed is attentive, very smart and devoted to his master pet. In his character there is infrautability to strangers, determination and courage. Of these dogs, there are excellent bodyguards and guards, because they can be bribed and decetently impossible. Since shepherd of this species with the right upbringing becomes obedient, it is never pounced on an extraneous owner without a team, if it is not there, then it can independently make decisions. Changing Shepherd is considered universal, it is usually set as:

  • Dog companion+
  • Reliable guard+
  • Service dog+
  • Header.

The main advantages of this breed include: fast learning, loyalty, fairly high level of intelligence, security instincts and good performance. As for the shortcomings, their few: dogs constantly need physical activity, require systematic learning.

German shepherd puppies

These charming fluffy lumps do not leave anyone indifferent. Puppies of this breed have large paws, an innocent look and externally looked like clumsy bear. Buy babies best in specialized nurseries (military or private), which are engaged in professional breeding of purebred individuals. If you plan to prepare a pet exhibition career, then he needs immediately after the acquisition to ensure proper education and due care.

Purebred kids in addition to the presence of pedigree There should also be a conclusion about the suitability for breeding, representatives who suffer from genetic diseases and other departies from the breed should not be present in the rock line.

Before choosing a suitable puppy, you need to pay attention to the previous conditions for its content, as well as a relationship with mom-dog. Usually in one litter is born to 11 puppies. Preferred follows by those individuals that differ in appearance, good behaviors and fatness.

Healthy kids Shepherd-colored shepherds are confidently moving and standing on their paws, perfectly oriented in the surrounding space, have a smart look, clean and shiny firm. They are active and inquisitive, do not show cowards and signs of aggression. The housing of the puppies is extended, but not square. The ears in small shepherds at the age of 2-3 months hang, if the tips of the shell are in a standing position, then this is a sign of the charging of the cartilage caused by improper phosphorical calcium exchange. Tail in puppies without a break and straight.

Until two months old, puppies eye can have a blue shade, but it disappears over time. Kids are recommended to take away from mom at an early age, it is best to do that when they are 2,5-3 months. The older the dog, the more difficult it is to train and teach from bad habits.

Features Color

Shepherds of this species are distinguished by unusual coloring wool. Ceper color in relation to the black-colored gene is dominant, but it prevails over a black and tongue. Sometimes there are individuals in the nature of the nonsense, which is relaxed, this is due to the loss of black intensity on the back. If descending parents are used in breeding dogs without impurities of other genes, the color becomes brighter over time.

The main feature in the shepherd data color is that Cheprak (“Black Mantle”) can smoothly descend to the animal’s legs. As for the bottom of the body, it can be:

  • Redhead+
  • gray+
  • Yellow+
  • Light brown.

The muzzle in dogs has a “dark mask”, the breast color may vary from black to a light shade. Often, black “tie” stands out on the chest. The scoop also has a different drawing and shade.

Health and life expectancy

German shepherd-colored shepherds are characterized by a long life, with good conditions of detention, pets live under 14 years. Despite the fact that individuals of this breed are distinguished by strong health, they can sometimes be subjected to such a little bit as allergic, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory processes in the ears. Also, dogs suffer from skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema) and displasia of hip joints.

In addition, the pets of this breed are predisposed to the breakdown of the stomach, so it is necessary to make a strict schedule for their feeding, try not to overflow a pet and ensure that it is in a state of rest for 3 hours after eating.

Care and content

Before you start in the house, the German Shepherd of Cephed Color You need to know that it will hardly lift. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that the pet will have to deduct at least 4 times a week. In addition, the dog needs to mentally and physically train, walk outdoer. Those owners who most of their time are mainly held at work, and on weekends they just love to lie on the sofa, such a breed of dogs will not suit.

German shepherds are not particularly demanding of care, but their owners need to regularly monitor the state of the teeth and pubs of pets. Teeth are recommended to thoroughly clean specially designed paste, periodically dogs should be given to gnaw fresh bones. Ears are wiping with a wet swamp twice a month.

To claws did not hurt the pain during running and jumping on a solid surface, they need to cut once a month.

A huge role in the content of such pets is also played by the right nutrition, so the future owners need to be prepared for the fact that the feed will have to spend well. As breed is a large, On the day of individuals required up to 4 meals. Some dog breeders prefer to feed pets with dry foods, in this case, the super premium products should be purchased.

It should be noted that such dogs can be fed and natural products in the form of vegetables, meat trimming, eggs and cottage cheese.

Training and training

Capture Shepherds are considered smart animals, so their training is recommended to start from the ever. Dogs of this breed are able to teach simple commands only for several repetitions. It is best to conduct training in a game form, it will be interested in pet. You can not exercise aggression during training, since the dog will understand her incorrectly and contact with the pet will be lost forever.

In the first A puppy must learn his nickname well and get used to it. To do this, it should be ironed on the head and affectionately call the name of the pet. With more adult puppies you can start learning such teams like “Give the paw”, “sit”, “voice”, “to me”, “lie”. If the baby did not fulfill the teams, it is impossible to punish it. Pet should also clearly know the place that is allocated for him.

Communicable for teachings are also “Cannot”, “Fu”. It is also important to wean a puppy and from the selection from the ground. When the future shepherd turns 6 months, it is taught to such an accessory as a muzzle.

For good behavior of a pet, it is necessary to encourage various yummy. Also, the dog should be taught to alert to unauthorized persons, for this it is impossible to allow guests to play with her.

Interesting facts about German shepherds See next video.

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