All about White Akita Inu

All about White Akita Inu

Among the many different breeds of dogs, the white color Akita is distinguished by majestic and elegacity. Pets of such a color are also popular as representatives of traditional red colors.

Many dog ​​breeders believe that snow-white Akita-Ina resembles northern bears.


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* Characteristic of breed “Akita Inu” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Representatives of the Japanese breed have their own individual characteristics, which will be discussed below


Specialists say that the Breed of Akita Inu is considered one of the most ancient. Homeland Amazing and Smart Dogs is the Japanese island Honshu. This species appeared in the province of Akita, in the era of the second millennium BC. For many centuries, the appearance of dogs has practically not changed.

In those distant times, the main task of representatives of this species was guarded and hunting, and this is despite the fact that the first representatives of the breed were less. Dogs used for hunting such wild animals like bears, boars. Also, Akita Inu was excellent fishing companions – they helped the owners to drive the fish.

The breed has become associated with high status after she attracted the attention of aristocracy. As a result, the dog moved from huts to the palaces and houses of representatives of the highest society.

Collars for dogs decorated with precious metals and stones.

Features Color

According to experts, white wool color with proper pigmentation is the standard – this is not a broken marriage.

Snow-white puppies attract the attention of high aesthetic data and are in great demand for dog breeders.

Such a dog will become not only a reliable friend, but also emphasizes the owner status.

Pets of this breed are remarkably folded. In addition to musculatures, dogs can boast smartness and intelligence.

It is worth noting that Keep your pet at home is easy, as the main thing in this business is to comply with the peculiarities of the content and paying this sufficient amount of attention.

The benefits of the breed should include the positions indicated below.

  • The breed is characterized by excellent security instincts, due to which excellent guards are obtained.
  • Despite the pivot and value, they are unpretentious in care. Even if a person has no personal experience in handling pets, with the content of Akita, he will cope.
  • Due to the thick and lush wool, the dogs are withstanding cold.
  • Cushioned dogs and do not have an unpleasant odor.
  • Akita-Inu is rarely nailed, because of what they do not create inconveniences for neighbors.
  • Representatives of the Japanese breed are very obedient and friendly. They are remarkably apply not only to the owner, but also to other residents at home.
  • These are smart, intelligent and smart dogs who love fun time.

Among the disadvantages, it is possible to allocate the items below.

  • Despite the friendly and good attitude towards people, the dogs of the Japanese breed may be evil and aggressive with other animals, including dogs.
  • They are not suitable for allergies for the reason that they lose a lot of wool during molting process.
  • The period of mature of the dog is considered long – the pet remains a puppy to 2.5 years.
  • For pets make up a special diet that necessarily includes natural products and feed of premium-class. The basis of the natural menu is fish, not meat.
  • Bad tolerability of heat.
  • Dogs of this breed often come hand. When raising small puppies you need to be affectionate and at the same time solid.
  • Due to the curiosity of the pets, they need to closely follow.

Breed is characterized by some distinctive features.

They will talk about them below.

  • Rough dog. The males reach about 67 cm in the withers, and females – 61 centimeters.
  • Weight varies from 40 to 50 kg.
  • Body shape A little stretched out.
  • Strong and muscular frame.
  • Head sizes Proportional to the body. Larma width moderate.
  • Eyes Small and diagonal, deeply planted. Such an external feature gives dogs asian species. Eyes have a rich brown color.
  • Lips and eyelids Pet decorates black edging.
  • For breed characterized by powerful and strong jaw.
  • Dense and thick three-layer wool, Pleasant to touch.
  • Pronounced withers.
  • Developed, wide breast. Muscular and strong neck. Paws have the same characteristics.
  • Tail covers dense wool. The right tail should not be too long and thin.

White Akita-Ina is noticeably stand out against the background of other breeds expressive appearance.

They look majestically and noble. Their characteristic feature is a high landing of the head, as well as the right posture.


It is worth noting that, in addition to traditional white dogs, Akita-Inu with short hair, such a color can be found among long-haired pets.

To date, snow-white wool is distinguished with black and brown pigmentation.


  • Experts note that representatives of this breed can feel great to feel both in apartments and in private houses with riddled areas.
  • To preserve the attractive appearance of the dog, it is necessary to regularly comb wool: at least 2 times a week. During molts, it is advisable to use a special brush and combing her pet every day. Also brushed for dogs easier to collect wool.
  • Water procedures must be carried out only 2-3 times a year – frequent bathing negatively affects the state of wool and can cause skin diseases.
  • As you grow, you need to trim the claws. Adult dogs this procedure is held once a month, and puppies are cut off claws twice a month.
  • Using a toothpaste for dogs, a pet oral hygiene should be supported. Cleaning must be done once a week.
  • You also need to clean the auditory passes using cotton wands. The procedure should be done very carefully so as not to harm the pet.


If it was decided to become the owner of Akita Inu, then it should be competently select food and use only fresh and high quality food.

The first and basic rule – can not be fed a dog food that eats the owner. Some products from the table can cause serious damage to the pet and cause diseases.

There are several ways to make a proper and useful menu for a dog.

Also near food should be sure to stand a bowl with drinking water. Change the water once every two days.

Dry food

Ready dry feed are considered the best option. Specialists say that only high-quality higher-quality products should be used. Such food has in the composition of all necessary vitamins and minerals for the full development of the animal.

You can find food, designed specifically for a specific breed. When choosing them, it is recommended to refer to the veterinarian.

Combined menu

If necessary, natural products can be included in the diet of dry food. You can treat a dog with vegetables or dairy products, such as cottage cheese or kefir.

Several times a week it is recommended to feed the dog with vegetable or meat broth (it should be cooked on white meat), replacing standard dry food.

Organic products

You can include the following food in the pet menu:

  • Solid grade solid cheese+
  • Kashi+
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits+
  • Sea fish+
  • Sub-products+
  • Some vegetable oils+
  • dairy+
  • Meat wild animals.
  • Create a correct diet, calculating the right amount of each product, a professional veterinarian is capable of.


Separately, it is worth talking about the nature of this amazing breed. Akita Inu, Akita, combines many positive qualities.

Playful and kind nature of pets noticed from an early age.

Sharp bursts of anger and aggression are not characteristic of representatives of this breed.

Despite mischievous and playful character, dogs have a balanced temperament and behave intelligently in various situations.

If the pet is going to protect the owner, he will first carefully assess the situation and only after that will begin to act.

Developed mental abilities also affected the formation of the nature of the animal. The dog will become an excellent friend and adults, and children.

For example, you can leave a child alone with a dog, not experiencing about negative consequences.

Some experts believe that as negative characteristics of the nature, an animal’s desire to be aware of all events can be noted.

Curiosity makes dogs study every meter at home.

Noticing something or having heard a foreign sound, the dog will immediately run to explore the situation. Many dog ​​breeders note their excessive activity (especially at an early age). Experts assure that such a feature will disappear with age.


If it is planned to engage in raising a pet yourself, then you should be patient. Also the owner will need a lot of free time, since this process is quite long and complex.

In the process of training, the host will necessarily face persistence and waybirth. The dog will demonstrate character and disobedience. If a person is a newcomer in dog breeding, then Akita Inu’s dressing may seem to him impossible.

It must be remembered that The process of raising a dog should pass consistently.

In addition to perseverance and perseverance, you need to demonstrate affection and care.

Rough attitude and excessive pressure can lead to the fact that the pet will be closed.

Starting the process of learning a dog should be almost immediately like an animal hit the house.

The longer the owner will postpone the work in a long box, the harder will cope with training. Be sure to instill a new tenant to all family members and establish a leadership attitude.


Dogs of the above breed live from 11 to 15 years. Akita Inu has good health with proper care and feeding.

    Despite the wonderful well-being and increased endurance to the cold, dogs have a predisposition to the following ailments:

    • stomach problems+
    • eye disease, including eyelids+
    • Skin diseases+
    • Hypothyroidism+
    • Erythrocyte anomalies.

    Need to closely monitor changes in the well-being and behavior of the pet. Even with minor deviations, go urgently to contact the veterinarian.

    View review video about the Akita-Inuina breed is below.

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