All about white Persian cats and cats

All about white Persian cats and cats

Cats, beyond doubt, occupy a leading position among pets pets. Special love of breeders won Persian white cats. Pet with snow-white wool and expressive eyes will be decorated and proud of any housing. Despite enough capricious behavior, the Persians are very friendly and perfectly soldered with all households.

Description of breed

According to the historical certificate, the Persian cat first appeared in Europe several thousand few years ago. Its from the Persian province brought a famous Italian traveler Pietro Della Valle. It was amazed by an amazing appearance of an animal. Subsequently, the Persians appeared in France and instantly won the love of its inhabitants.

Nowadays, Russian breeders increasingly make a choice in favor of this amazing breed.

Charming pets have distinctive features. These include the following breed features.

  1. Squatful torso with miniature legs.
  2. Wide chest and shoulders.
  3. Large head with neat ears.
  4. Massive medium length.
  5. Thick wool (up to 12 cm long). To the touch – soft and silky.
  6. The shape of the face – flashed, with expressive eyes and a wide pink spout.
  7. Strong jaw with sharp teeth.

    As for character, That Persians – “Fully” homemade cats. They are very affectionate and fairly calm. In addition, they are ideal “friends” for children, because they are not afraid of them and with pleasure come to contact with small households. Note that the representatives of this breed are curious enough, so you constantly explore something and are looking for new toys. Persian cats – tender and responsive pets that “faith and truth” serve their breeders throughout life.

    Note that Persians are “silent” and do not publish a large number of sounds. If the pet wants to attract the attention of the owner, he begins to spinning near him and looks into the eyes.

    White color

    In the classic version, snow-white Persian cats are blue-eyed, but there are individuals with karium (orange) eyes. In addition, unusual pets are born with eyes of different colors. It is this breed that is inherent in heterochromia, which is a kind of “highlight” of the animal. White Persians have long, thick wool. Color must be without impurities and extraneous shades.

    Interesting observation is celebrated Breeders: Persian white color kittens are born with a speck on the head (black, red or beige color), which disappears as mature.

    According to experts, the Persian white variety with blue eyes can be deaf either blind from birth. Veterinarians advise in a couple such individuals select a healthy animal. This reduces the risk of inferior offspring.

    Features of content

    Naturally, Persian White Kittens require careful care. Special attention is paid to the eyes. This breed is “Plax” due to physiological features, so eye care starts from a two-month pet. They are wiped with dry sterile gauze every day. If there is plenty of allocations, special drops will help the animal. Since the kittens are fluffy, hairs can fall into the eyes and cause irritation. The owner must remove the foreign object on time and rinse the pet’s eyes.

    White Persian cats require regular washing and combing. Kitten’s water procedures are involved in the very first day of appearance in the house. Bathing a snow-white pet once every 14 days with the use of special shampoos and air conditioners. After the procedure, the “fluffy” wrap up into a soft towel, and after a few minutes they begin to tear the wool carefully. It can be previously covered with a softening spray that will facilitate the process.

    Complete the cat every day, as long wool can be confused, and the risk of cholunov is the risk.

    In the arsenal of the Persian breeder must be present metallic ridges and voluminous brushes with hard pile.

    Persian kittens food must be balanced and portion. Pets pets twice a day. Specialists advise breeders to combine high-quality food with domestic food. Persian diet should contain A large number of proteins contained in meat, fish and eggs. In order for the wool of a pet was always brilliant and silky, the owner must add to food Mineral Vitamin Complexes.

    Dry food for Persian cats must be purchased in pet stores only from the proven manufacturer.

    For the pets of the snow-white color, a clean tray with a natural filler is important, which does not stick to the paws and does not pack them.

    Features of this breed are considered in the following video.

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