All about white rats

All about white rats

Not all people relate to rats with love, many people feel disgust and disgust. But such impressions often cause animals that live in natural medium or economic extensions of people. However, there are white rats that are pretty cute creatures, they are breeding as pets.


White rat is a domesticated creature that has a white fur. It is one of the most common and favorite pets today. The first of this animal tamed the Chinese, a little later, the white rat was brought to America and European countries, where it was crossed with the Albinos rat. The painstaking work of breeder scientists led to the emergence of a homemade white rat with red eyes.

This animal has no special differences from the traditional gray rat, except for the special color of the fur coat and eyes. These features of the appearance became the consequence of the insufficient number of melanin in the blood. In fact, the eye protein of the animal is transparent, and in red painted bodies of blood vessels that permeate the eye.

Sometimes you can meet and defective albino representatives, which is characterized by a gray shade of fur and dark eyes. It is such an animal that can better adapt to accommodation at home. They are not afraid of daylight, and also have strong immunity and protective reactions of the body. Specially albinos are not obtained, since their genes with a set of chromosomes are unique and spontaneous.

Color that will have rat offspring is impossible to know in advance. So, one offspring may include representatives with white and gray colors. White rat with red eyes has medium sizes and weighs about 0, 3- 0.4 kg, But there are also such individuals who have half a kilogram. Male always larger females.

Pet face has an elongated and even pointed shape. In front there are 4 teeth that are pretty long and sharp. Another feature of this animal can be called an unusual tail.

It may immediately seem that he is bald, but in fact the organ covers white villi, which is practically invisible. White rat – very funny rodent, which has its own habits and habits. That is why many people have chosen this animal as a pet.

At first after the animal falls into the house, it can await at night and sleep during the daytime, but soon everything will be in place.

Life expectancy

On average, decorative rats at home live no more than two and a half years. If the conditions of detention and care are perfect and meet all the requirements, Handmade pet can live 3-3.5 years. An animal that grows in the laboratory can exist longer, about four years.

Care rules

According to the reviews of people who have already acquired white rats, it can be understood that this is a kind of animal, a positive, little hassle with him. However, when the content of fluffy unpretentious animals should carry out the following rules:

  • do not contain in one cell individuals of different sexes, as the female will constantly give birth to a young, and, as you know, quite a lot in one litter +, respectively, the rat will not live for a long time, and the owner will be puzzled by the issue where to attach kids+
  • The minimum dimensions of the rat house are 40x50x60 cm + such sizes for the cell are minimal if it is spacious, then the pet in it will be even more comfortable+
  • From the acquisition of a plastic dwelling for rodent it is necessary to refuse, the best option for the animal will be the cell, which has a metal roof and plastic pallet + rods must be close to each other, otherwise the pet will run away+
  • White rats prefer to eat filler feed + worth buying a faience or mounted metal feeder+
  • The owner is worth buying drinking from plastic, which has an inner ball and easily fixed on the cage+
  • When choosing a filler is to give preference to corn, as it is able to absorb all odors, and also considered not allergenic+
  • Cleaning the rat house should be carried out every 4 days, that is, change the filler + the general cleaning of the cell must be carried out 1 time on 7 days + washing the house should be carried out using a powder or soap, after which the design is dried with boiling water and dried+
  • the cage is worth equipping a wooden house for rodent, it is he who will serve him a sleeping place+
  • It will be not bad if a hammock is in rat housing, such adaptations of animals are very loved.

When the animal is sluggish, he eats badly, it is worth contacting the veterinarian immediately.

It is necessary to care for the rat albino at home as well as for other representatives of this species, namely:

  • The cell is always contained clean, otherwise the animal may get sick + reaction to unsanitary conditions in rodent is manifested by the loss of wool, the appearance of red dots on the skin, tearful eyes+
  • White fluffy pet is worth walking, as it is pretty active and movable + when walking around the apartment, it is worth watching, eliminate access to the wires, as well as to remove other pets+
  • white rat is required permanent communication with man, so you can not leave the animal without attention, as the pet can get sick and die+
  • White albino wool needs combing and bathing + the owner must ensure that yellowness does not appear on the fur coat, which may be a sign of the disease.

The remaining animals care activities are practically no different from the maintenance of other pets. Rodent needs regular and proper feeding, cleaning the habitat.

What rats eat?

White rat content involves the provision of rodent with correct and full nutrition. Rodent feeding does not mean that he needs to give everything that is in the refrigerator. Since this pet is characterized by a developed intelligence, it is recommended to offer him several different products, of which the rat will choose the appropriate.

And the owner should not forget that this pet has no sense of measure, so it is able to use products in excessive volumes. Such a situation should not be allowed, as the overeating and other unpleasant consequences can happen.

Installation of a clear diet and separation of food on a portion will help keep pet health. White rat is basically feeding with cereals, which are part of the shop feed. And it can be fed with pasta, boiled corn, bread crust, porridge. During the cooking, the rodent porridge should not add vegetable and animal oil to the dish.

Mandatory menu of the white rat menu are considered vegetables and fruits. These products are sources of vitamins and useful substances.

A large number of proteins are considered contraindicated for albino. Pet will be enough to give 1 time in 7 days a piece of boiled meat or solid cheese.

This fluffy animal is a gentle creature with a special digestive system, so feeding it is only clean and fresh products. Food from the refrigerator before feeding the animal should be heated.

The owner is worth developing a white rat food consumption schedule and abide by him. Omnivorous rodent is contraindicated hunger, without food, he will be able to live only 2 days.


For a healthy offspring, the mating of albinos should be carried out with a brown, black or gray rat. The mating process is short and passes without difficulty. Having achieved the age of 3-4 months, the female can proceed to reproduction, the male becomes a little bit later later. Adult white rat shears the kids for 20-26 days, while in one litter is born from 4 to 10 kids. There are situations where the number of young people can increase to 20.

The newborn rodent is a defenseless little creature that weighs no more than 6 grams. Young, who only appeared on the light, deaf and blind. At the age of 14 days, kids are starting to try independently feed on solid products. Already at one age, the small decorative rat is ready for independent life.


The decorative white rat is a smart and clean creation, which spends a large amount of time to clean his fur. But sometimes these pets still require additional help of the hosts in the implementation of bathing. Many rodents do not like water procedures. Albinos are afraid of water and when contacting it can experience stress, that’s why the animal to have a bathing stands from the very early age. If cleaning in the cell will be carried out constantly, then the animal often does not have to bathe.

There are people who claim that bathing rats at home is prohibited. But there is another opinion, which indicates the admissibility of infrequent water procedures if all the conditions of security are complied with.

The owner of the White Rodent must remember that each living being is inherent in its smell and frequent swimming with shampoos can score him. As a result, other animals may not recognize relatives and behave aggressively towards him.

Bathing white rats is necessary in the following situations:

  • If the animal is fan in harmful substance+
  • When in the dirty cell over a long period+
  • If the rat does not clean his fur itself, that is, it is sick or untidy+
  • When removing parasites+
  • Before the exhibition in a few days.

If the owner notices that the pet is enjoying water procedures, then you can wash it more often. However, the abuse of such processes is not welcome.

When the home rodent does not like water, then you do not need to bathe it, if there is no acute need. If the animal is not too contaminated, then you can wash it without using shampoo. During the procedure, it is worth talking to the rat to save it from fear. Bathing must be abandoned if the animal is cold, as washing can aggravate the disease.

Rat prefers to live clean, she does not shit where he eats and sleeps, Therefore, the installation of the toilet in the rodent cage will not be too much. Accordingly, if there is no extra smells and debris in the house, the animal can be bathed less.

When bathing a white rat, do not forget about such moments as:

  • Decorative rodents are prone to diseases of the ENT organs, so finding an animal on a draft after bathing will lead to death+
  • Detect the health status of the animal can cold indoors, cool water, non-grained roar fur+
  • In case of water in the ears of the decorative pet, otitis and deafness may occur+
  • The use of detergents may cause a change in the natural smell of the animal, violation of the barrier function of its skin, cause dryness and scabies.

During the bathing of the animal, it is worth knowing not only how to do it correctly, but what to bathe it. It is categorically not recommended to use shampoos and soaps for people, as they can cause dermatitis.

It is better to buy a special means for swimming rodents, but if there is no one, then you should use shampoo for cats. According to experts, it is possible to use a children’s detergent to redeem the rat, but it should not contain dyes and fragrances. For the procedure, rodent washing it is worth preparing several ass with warm water, shampoo, towel and a piece of soft fabric, which will replace the washcloth. Under running water, it is impossible to wash rats, before starting bathing it is worth covering their hearing aisles.

The immersion of the animal in a container with a liquid must be carried out inappropriate and neatly, while stroking it and distracting the conversation. Fur needs to be carefully wooing with water, after which the molding movements apply shampoo. The detergent is to wash off in two water tanks, and after drying the coat with a towel or tissue napkin.

The tail of the rat is also to wash, because the dirt and dead skin particles accumulate on it. The body is to moisten using a cotton disk that is in advance in the soap solution. After that, the tail is cleaned with a toothbrush, but neat and without pressing. Next, the organ is washed off with warm water, wipe and lubricate with children’s cream without odor.


White rat with red eyes are excellent, it is pretty smart, whatever, even the dog. Pet is quite sociable, it is easily tamed, and also answers caress and responsive to good good attitude.

It is recommended to start the rats, as they are easier to tame them. This rodent loves to sit on the shoulder of a person and kissing. And they are able to sleep on the host knees in the rolled form as cats. This decorative pet can be trained in various tricks. He is able to respond to his name, bring toys on demand and leave the house if the owner calls.

On the peculiarities of homemade rats is described in the following video.

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