All about White Toy Terreers

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All about White Toy Terreers

Russian Toy Terrier – Popular Dog Breed. The owners attract the miniature size of the dog and the possibility of keeping it in a small apartment. The care of the terrier is easier at least due to the fact that there is no need every day two or three times to remove the dog into the street – you can simply teach it to a diaper or tray. There are several varieties of the terriers that differ in color, but perhaps the least can be found in the white breed.


White Toy Terrier is not popular with breeders for the reason that this species is marriage. Such individuals are sifted and do not participate in breed breeding. Do not take white dogs and participation in the exhibition. However, those people whom the dog interests exclusively as a four-way friend, and not as an object for earnings, do not look at the color and boat a white puppy.

In general, a pet with white wool is no different from his black and tangible congor. The Russian Toy Terrier is considered a relative of the English TOE, both breeds have a similar origin, but Russian subspecies have a number of genetic differences, because many breeds participated in his appearance, including mounds.

Externally, the Russian, the terrier of white color looks very attractive. Many owners are not interested in its origin and, conventionally speaking, social status, because white color makes the face of this compact dog still nail. In general, the weight of the Russian subspecies usually does not exceed 3 kg, But it all depends on the state of health and conditions of content. Growth in the withers of the Russian Oracker is 20-25 cm.

Most often smooth-haired dogs are born, but there are long-haired representatives of the breed.


Intelligence White individuals, excluded from the standard of rock, are not inferior to their more prestigious brothers and sisters. More often, Russian Toy Terrier show trick. Many of them have sensitivity and insight and clearly feel the mood of the owner. If the owner gave slack, the dog will certainly begin to use it, making himself a mistress in the house.

Pet has a hot character and excellent memory. Even in a few years, the dog is able to remember the person to which he was tied. Representatives of this breed are very emotional and energetic. Often you can see how such a dog shakes on the hands of the hostess, and it does not happen due to cowardice or cold, but only because An animal need to throw out my energy.

Despite the desire to manipulate their owner, Russian Toy Terrier is a very friendly and friendly pet. He does not exhibit aggression towards households and gets along well with other pets, although sometimes a loved one can be jealous.

These animals are perfectly related to children and harm the small owner. In addition, for young parents, this breed is most relevant, because they have no time for dog walking, and this breed is easily pronounced to a diaper or tray. The problem in the content may occur when the child will grow up and start playing to pester a psa, annoying him with its inaccurate actions.

For this reason, it is recommended to start a dog only when you reach the younger family member of the age of 6.


The care of the White Russian Toy Terrier complicated precisely the specifics of his wool. White color opens a breath all pollution, but maybe it’s even plus, because the owner of the Estet appears a reason to clean your pet’s wool. Otherwise, care for a white dog does not differ from others. It needs to be performed regularly. If it is a long-haired variety, then combed procedures are recommended to participate.

Do not forget about the state of the eyes and the ears of the dog. When discharge, pus, unpleasant smell, as well as noticing that the animal combes the eye or ear, you need to immediately attribute the pet veterinary doctor. If there is a slight tear, you should not immediately fall into a panic – you can handle the eye of a dog with warm water or a strong tea welding.

So that the animal did not twist claws, they should be taken in a timely manner. So that the fur of a pet looked clean and well maintained, you need to give him special vitamins. Will be better if they are appointed by a specialist. Special attention to the clean wool is important to pay in the summer. By the way, it is at that time a white coloring can serve his carrier with a good service, because on a light background, you can clearly see the tick and take it off the dog in time.


This mini-dog is constantly in the risk zone because of its parameters. It is easy to hit the door or accidentally put it on the tail of the chair, so when the Russian Toy Terrier is kept in the apartment. Each owner immediately after the appearance of a puppy in the house faces the need to teach him to the toilet. The very first step – Teaching to diaper.

For this, the diaper must be put in a convenient place for an animal. If the pet went to the toilet to the far corner, it is recommended to moisten a part of the diaper in liquid waste and put it back. By smell, the dog will understand that the next time you need to cope. Taking a puppy to the toilet, No need to scold him or scream – it is worth being patient, reward it with caress and delicacy in case of success.

No need to praise the baby until he fully makes his intimate things in the right place, otherwise he will not understand what approval.

Next step – Teaching to tray. You need to put a pot with a filler in the same place where the diaper was lying. The first time the diaper’s usual for a puppy can be put on top – gradually he will experience to do without it. When a puppy reaches the age of two months, vaccination is carried out, after which the dog can be launched into the street. In the case of a Russian to-terrier, this is not necessary, since liquid and solid waste is quite small and usually, when cleaning the tray, the owner does not affect the inconvenience.

Even if the owner is satisfied with the visit to the “home” toilet’s dog, the pet is still important to periodically walk so that he can spill up while walking his energy. Especially active jogging of this dog for nothing – they are only talent. But the moving walk around the yard will allow the PSU to develop the paws and get emotional satisfaction from new street adventures. Do not forget in cold weather to put on the animal warm jumpsuit.

Russian Toy Terriers tend to obesity – they have a good appetite, which is confusing a foul owner. For this reason, it is very important not to reconcile the dog, because from excess weight of this PSA there are serious health problems.

It is impossible to feed the pet bones, smoked, oily, fried and sweet food. It is recommended to give preference to the finished feeds of premium and super premium-class with the mandatory observance of the daily rate in accordance with the weight of the dog. The number of portions can be calculated by the formula that manufacturers of high-quality feeds lead on the package.

You can also watch a video about the breed Russian Toy Terrier.

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