All you need to know about black sharpes

All you need to know about black sharpes

Sherpea is a popular breed that attracts attention to an unusual appearance. Specialists consider this kind of Chinese exotic. In addition to the original appearance, the dogs are good guards who will be able to protect family members from outsiders, as well as protect the property from ill-wishers.

Such Bold, and sometimes even aggressive temper, contrasts with harmless appearance. These features they roll out with the feeling of potential danger and other threats. In the article, consider such a kind as the Sharpes of the Black Color.



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* Characteristic of breed “Sharpey” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.


Based on official data, the birthplace of this breed is the Chinese Empire. When carrying out excavations, the figurines of dogs were found, externally very similar to Chapes. It is believed that the originally pets lived together with the peasants and served as guards and hunters. Separate information indicate the participation of Shareeyev in battles.

Some experts are confident that Chinese Chapes are the ancestors of the well-known Chow Chow. Despite the lack of expressive similarity, both pets have blue languages. According to another version, their progenitors are mastiffs.

The exact data is not preserved, since confirmation documents were exterminated during the Emperor Shihuandi.

After the revolution, which covered the country in the twentieth century, the breed was practically destroyed, as it was a symbol of aristocracy. Thanks to the Americans a complete extermination of the species managed to avoid. They started breeding pets, due to which the breed was preserved. American species is characterized by shorter wool than the Chinese breed.

American look was able to inherit appearance from the Chinese fellow. In dismissal, experts set the task of growing PSA with a congenital privilege for battles. It was believed that due to numerous folds, the dog is more difficult to bite. Thanks to the newly conducted studies, it was proved that large folds on the dog’s body appeared independently due to frequent allergic reactions. Work was carried out by scientists from the USA and the United Kingdom.

Description and features

The breed has its own signs that are inherent in shares, including black individuals. They are as follows:

  • Pet weight varies from 15 to 25 kilograms+
  • Black color is evenly distributed across the body, noticeable bluish+
  • Triangular ears+
  • Round and massive head+
  • Growth – from 49 to 51 centimeters+
  • Dark eyes planted deeply+
  • Deep and numerous folds throughout the body+
  • almond-shaped nose, wide and large+
  • Massive paws are delivered in parallel+
  • Muscular torso and has a square shape.

The puppy is practically no different from the adult dog, except that sizes. The color is the same saturated and uniform. Large skin folds cover torso.


Experts note that dogs have a peace-loving and calm character. Representatives of this breed are remarkably amenable to the process of socialization and training. Pet training is needed from an early age. As a result of the right upbringing, a wonderful friend for children and each family member will be.

The following qualities are inherent in the following:

  • Developed Intellect+
  • Calm and equilibrium+
  • jealous attitude to other pets in the house+
  • caution+
  • loyalty+
  • Manifestation of aggression to strangers.

If you want to grow out of the dog of a bold and confident defender, you need to produce quality data immediately after purchasing a puppy. Aggressive habits should be brought up at the dog and at the same time do not turn a pet to a naughty and dangerous animal. If you are going to independently do the training of your pet, remember several important rules. Any physical violence and other demonstration of rudeness in relation to the Sharpey are unacceptable. Remember that dogs have a complex character with signs of the leader. If you are not sure that you can develop good qualities in the dog, then from such a pet it is better to refuse, especially when small children live in the house. In certain situations, sharpes can be unpredictable.

Training with a representative of this breed occupy a lot of time. When manifesting the owner of excessive softness, the dog will put himself in place of chapter. Leader’s position in relationship with pet should occupy a person. It is desirable that each of the family members belong to the dog is equally. The main task is to inspire a ps that he is a security guard, and his primary goal is to protect the house from unwanted guests. Competent education will help to grow a good, obedient and dedicated PSA.

Correct care

A distinctive feature of Chapes is chop. Due to the fact that the dogs of this breed do not make an unpleasant smell and practical do not lose, they can safely hold in the apartment, without experiencing discomfort. Also, Sharti do not grow up to large sizes. So that the pet felt comfortable and confidently, he needs to give a personal space. It is desirable that his corner be a big overview around. Also need to contain it clean. Here you will definitely install a sun bed or a tight rug.

If the dog lives in a private house, you can install a booth in the courtyard. It should be quite spacious and reliably insulated to make a pet without frozen. You can also keep Sharpecia in the aviary. This breed normally transfers both hot and cool weather. But in particularly cold regions, the dog in winter is contained at home. In the care of a dog unpretentious. It is necessary to periodically cut claws, combing wool, and also wipe the eyes with napkins.

Preferably pick up a strong skin collar for pet. The product must withstand the pressure if the pet sharply jerks or starts to show aggression to others.

Specialists-dogs advise to fulfill simple recommendations.

  • As for walking, Shareev must be launched on the street at least 2 times a day. Best do it in the morning and in the evening. Permanent physical exertion are required for excellent self-election and mood of pet.
  • Purchasing a puppy, be sure to buy several rubber toys. Do not forget about the veterinary first-aid kit.
  • In crude and cold weather, wear special clothes on the dog. The kidneys are considered a vulnerable place at Chapes. Dense vest protects from winds and cold.
  • Regularly spend a veterinary inspection. When changing in appearance or behavior of the dog, it is necessary to contact a specialist immediately.


When the Shareeyev is kept, remember that they need balanced and healthy nutrition. Be sure to include in the Menu Menu Meat, Fresh Vegetables and A variety of biological additives. Clean drinking water should always be. It should be changed every day. Dogs of this species prefer dry feed. Choose only high-quality products, as part of which natural ingredients and other useful components are used.

Many Shareeev owners choose natural food for pets. Boiled vegetables, meat and porridge fit perfectly. You can please pets sometimes cheese. Very rarely, the dog is allowed to pour sweets, but very carefully, since the breed has a tendency to obesity. Puppies need to be fed into small portions, but often, about 5-6 times a day. Adult dogs are recommended to feed no more than 2 times per day so that the dogs do not overeat. Mandatory in the diet should be minerals and vitamin supplements. Find the perfect menu helps a professional veterinarian. If the feed is chosen in incorrect, problems with stomach may arise. It is impossible to give a dog bone, except for those purchased in the pet store.

Choosing a puppy

In order not to spend money on a gravy, it is recommended to buy a puppy from professional and reliable breeders. You must familiarize yourself with the pedigree and provide all the necessary documents confirming the identity of the breed. In your hands, you must convey a healthy, well-groomed and graft pet, ready to stay in a new house. As breeders grow, they must correct the dog correctly and follow her health.

When buying a dog, you have the right to learn all the necessary information about feeding, training and pets for pet. Advise to buy puppies that have not yet turned 2 months. At this age, they are most fun and playful, easier to get used to the new dwelling.

Attention should be paid to some nuances:

  • When choosing a pet carefully inspect it+
  • The color of the wool should be uniform+
  • Also in the ears and the nose must be discharged+
  • If the housing is too extended, it is better to choose another pet+
  • Good signs are a developed thoracic.

Checking for congenital diseases is important, especially if you are going to breed. Experts note that this species is often born with various defects transmitted by inheritance. One of the most common illnesses is renal failure.

For one litter, the dog can bring up to 6 puppies. As soon as the pets will grow a little, they need to be checked at the veterinarian for diseases and deviations.

In the next video you will find more information about the Sharpey dog ​​breed.

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