All you need to know about Labrador at the age of 3 months

All you need to know about Labrador at the age of 3 months

Breed Labrador – one of the most sought-after and beloved. This is a simple explanation – the dog has all the necessary service and wonderful personal qualities, it is friendly, cheerful, the stack, well gives to train. This is a fun and loyal man’s assistant in all matters, but to raise and grow a puppy, you will need to learn everything about the features of the animal.

Appearance and characteristics of puppies

Labrador’s puppy in 3 months looks like a rather large animal, it is already a teenager with strong paws and beginners to rub indigenous teeth coming to change milk. In healthy kids, the body has fastened, but without signs of excess weight, covered with beautiful, shiny and smooth wool.

If the puppy is powdered and healthy, then he is:

  • medium length dense limbs+
  • hanging ears+
  • Master a massive head+
  • Stone back with strong bones+
  • Pothiled belly+
  • Color uniform throughout the body, without flaws, colored and white spots+
  • straight nose+
  • The average width of the withers+
  • Sufficient distance between the rear and front legs+
  • Moderate length tail.

Labrador Retriever, which is a similar breed of hunting dogs, can have a narrower, elegant face, a longer and bright coat of wool: from gold-plated to gold.

Three-month Labrador is active, inquisitive, in his character prevails a reasonable balance, with the exception of games, when driving, he can growl and bark.

However, it is only temperament, and not aggression.

Common parameters:

  • Growth in the Wellee zone – 40-42 cm+
  • Head Circle – 34-36 cm+
  • Grumps of the chest – 50-56 cm+
  • The length of the muzzle – 6-7 cm+
  • Cooking muzzle – 22-24 cm+
  • Pasting grab – from 11 to 11.5 cm.

At three months, the puppy must weigh about 12-14 kg, with the weight of girls closer to the lower boundary of the standard.

The absence of pure blood from a puppy can say: lowered belly, too long or disproportionately short limbs, closer and squint, the separation of the ears. Also, healthy young people have almost no teeth disease.

Proper nutrition

Three-month puppy, taken from the breeder, first need to feed the same way as it was before his appearance in the house. And only a few weeks later translate to home or finished feed. But for this it is necessary to take into account such nuances as age, weight, degree of daily physical exertion, living conditions.

Feeding a puppy occurs 4-5 times a day, and according to the total number of hours the volume should be about 400 grams.

You can choose two types of menu for your three-month pet.

Nutrition of natural food, including meat, porridge, vegetables, fruits and fish. At the same time, it is not necessary to forget: to avoid the deficit of important elements and vitamins, as a dog’s attitude, you will have to give various necessary additives, liquid vitamins, calcined cottage cheese, calcium. Also have to ensure that all products are high quality and fresh. You need to cook for each reception separately, because food can not be harvested and keep in the refrigerator: so it loses its valuable properties.

You can feed a puppy and dry foods. Many prefer this method, since it is less expensive: both in the sense of the budget and time.

But applying food ready-made dry granules should a vessel. Sometimes such a measure is needed if the animal’s stomach is characterized by increased sensitivity to many natural products or the dog has a tendency to manifest allergies.

Modern industrial feed of famous trademarks can provide a petty-quality pet, flawlessly balanced food, while premium-grade food provides special holistic, antiallergenic products that are suitable for dogs with individual digestive features.

Some owners choose a mixed kind of food for their pet, according to the rules of which the dog gets dry food in the morning, and in the evening it eats natural food. However, this method of feeding is suitable only for temporary use: mix home products and dry food undesirable a priori.

Homemade food

From 40 days puppies with liquid porridge and dry granules, worked in water, transfer to full-fledged natural nutrition.

The dog in 3 months is needed by the following products in the diet:

  • Useful meat for a young animal – raw non-fat beef rich in animal proteins and being a building material for the normal development of the body+
  • Sea fish rich in phosphorus, squirrels and iodine, – Puppies are given in 3 months only in boiled form+
  • Cottage cheese, kefir, Prostokvash and Milk need for optimal digestion and intestinal health+
  • In a small amount, the dog is required by the use of cereals – mostly it buckwheat and rice.

Also in porridge with meat and on meat broth it is necessary to add finely chopped greens, raw vegetables: pumpkin, cabbage, zucchini and carrots. Permits at least salt when cooking. In addition, animal needs clean water, constantly in stock.

Avoid such products: bones, especially boiled, wheat bread, sausages and sausages, fatty meat varieties, sweets.


Since childhood, a puppy need to teach to the right dog manera. In three months, he must know such teams as “place”, “Fu”, “Sitting”, “Lying”.

First of all, the baby brought to the house should be introduced to the place where he will sleep and relax, with his kitchenware for food and drink. For the Lena, they choose a warm and cozy place, so that the puppy is getting up faster to it, put toys in the age and delicacy, for example, a sugar bone.

An important point is a teaching to collar. As soon as the puppy is mastered in the house, you can wear a dog accessory on it and immediately reward some treat.

Relicate the boy correctly – it means we to wean him gnawing things, pick up from the earth, barking on people and show aggression to other animals, and also teach to meet the owner, without rushing to him with a joyful roar, – for this, the puppy must execute the “place” command or “sit”.

Even if the animal has done something, you can never punish it if it lies on the back with an open belly. In addition, as the rule says, when punished, the dog should be on a short leash.

However, inexperienced owners during training often make mistakes that may adversely affect the physical health and puppy’s psyche:

  • Apply beatings when learning+
  • accompany dissatisfaction with the behavior of a dog in obscene aback in an evil tone+
  • give inspired instructions and tasks to the animal that do not correspond to its strength and age.

Should also not train Labrador security activities, as it is not his purpose.

Content and care

The care of a young dog has its own characteristics, and they need to know about them because the health of the pet depends on it.

  • Once a week The puppy must be cleaned the ears with a special veterinary lotion, but it is necessary to do it with the help of a soft moistened rag.
  • Every 2-3 months Animal washed with Zooshampune, it is not recommended to bathe more often, as it can provoke skin diseases.
  • Puppy at 3 months With the growth of a native tooth milk can still stay on the spot. In this case, you need to consult a doctor to remove it. In order to prevent the dog, the dog needs to periodically treat raw potatoes and carrots to prevent the formation of a ride and tartar.
  • Claw puppy cut 2 times a month, Later, the animal will heal them with long walks.

If the puppy has not passed the vaccination course, it’s time to do this. And do not forget that with a dog you need to walk a lot and play outdoer. So it grows faster, fully develops and increases muscle mass. Well, if a small labrador make friends with other dogs, – nothing positively affects the mental health and the socialization of the animal, as communication with itself. However, other animals may become friends of the puppy, the main thing is to teach it to treat them not as enemies or mining.

List of all the necessary things and items that are needed by Labrador for normal life can be found in the video below.

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