All you need to know about the rigid jack-russell terrier

All you need to know about the rigid jack-russell terrier

Funny and jumping terriers have become insanely popular after the release of the film “Mask”. They conquered people not only with a playful character, but also good nature.

History of origin

Such animals were born thanks to the saint Father Jack Russell. He loved her hunt and almost all his life dedicated to the removal of such a terrier, who would have the qualities of the hunter. An animal had to be not only hardy, but also patient to be able to drive beasts out. Another important distinction of this breed of dogs is its wool.

The priest believed that It must be short and tough. And he managed, after many experiments, an animal appeared, which very quickly became popular among local hunters. However, a rigid jack-russell terrier, which possessed all the standards of such a breed, appeared after the additional works of Arthur Haynemanna. Now such pets can be found in many houses of various celebrities.

Description of breed

If we talk about the general characteristics of Jack Russell Terriers, then this breed of dogs can be distinguished by several main features. For example, by type of their fur, in color, as well as in their growth.


Three varieties of such dogs are distinguished, which differ in many ways from each other with their appearance, as well as the structure of hairs.

  • Smooth-haired dogs are meant for hunting various animals living in nonorah, including foxes. It is such a dense wool that helps them completely without obstacles to move along underground nora. Distinctive features of such wool were considered very thick and coarse hairs, which were very short to all. They were pretty tightly fit to the skin, while not attenna in different directions. So that they are always in good shape, their pets need to comb, and also bathe at least once a month.
  • Long-haired dogs It looks very funny, as they have a short beard, pretty thick eyebrows, as well as a fluffy fur coat. The terriers with long wool have pretty thick undercoat. Their hair simultaneously and thin and hard. Many are called such dogs. For the correct care of such a kind of dogs, it is enough to regularly plunder their dead hairs. Specialist should carry out such manipulation.
  • Broken. Such a type of terrier has a fur coil. They are inherent in rigid porcers that are very tightly adjacent to the body of the dog. In addition, animals have no eyebrow in this species, as well as beards on the face, or they are neurko expressed.


Two shades of the fur is distinguished among dogs of this breed. This is black and white and red-white. In addition, the white color is dominant in any case, as it is considered standard in the removal of this breed of dogs. On a white background there are stains of various shapes, and sometimes it can even be a crap..

As for the classic color, then on the face of a thoroughbred pet must be a mask in the form of a huge spot, which covers not only eyes, but also part of the ears


At first, the standard sizes were small growth and weight of the PSA, because the animal had to easily squeeze in search of mining. His parameters should have remained as follows: Weight up to 6 kilograms, and growth up to 30 centimeters. Such small dimensions allow even carrying their pets in special portable bags, which is especially convenient in big cities.


All Jack Russell Terriers must be the same. In addition to weight and growth, it is worth noting the following:

  • Body type Pretty muscular and flexible+
  • The head has a flat and proportional skull, which is slightly narrowed from the eyes to his jaws+
  • Neck is not fine, proportional to the length of the body+
  • nose and rim eye, as well as lips should be definitely black+
  • Jaws well developed and have scissor bite+
  • Eyes black and small, moreover, have a almond shape+
  • Ears small, with hanging form+
  • The tail is small – when the animal is in a calm state, he hangs down and, on the contrary, when it is too overwritten, then immediately rises + if the owner has a desire, immediately after birth, the dog will be stopped.


One of the most important qualities of such a breed of dogs is their excessive activity. In addition, a huge passion for the hunt developed by their love for long walks. The owners must be ready for their playful character.

Domes will have to think well before purchasing such a companion.

Such dogs are wonderful with children and other people’s people. But children who are less than three years old are not worth playing with puppies, After all, they can either pull the animal by the tail, or too strongly pressing. The dog may not be incorrectly reacting.

Important! Such dogs will not be able to be in the same room with rats or sea pigs, because they will simply hunt them, taking for their prey.

How to choose a puppy?

When choosing a Jack Russell-Terrier puppy, it is necessary to remember that the structure of their wool will be visible only after 90-100 days. Previously, it is simply impossible to distinguish, so you can buy such a pet for yourself only when this period is held. Only in this case it will be possible to fully make sure that the animal is really pure.

And also when choosing a puppy, you must definitely pay attention to whether there are documents. It can be both a passport and a metric or a certificate of its origin.

In addition, the act of visiting tribal dogs is also important, the conditions of their content. He must have all vaccinations, and it is also important that the dogs be processed from various parasites. In addition, the puppy must be completely healthy and comply with all standards of this breed. He must definitely like the owner itself not only with its appearance, but also hawk.

Content and care

If a person takes himself into a house of such a pet, he must know what kind of care. One of the important points is the combing puppies. It is necessary to do it daily, since the dog itself is quite fluffy. But for long-haired animals it is best to use trimming.

To teach such a dog procedure from an early age, starting from three months.

If the owner can not independently do it, then it is best to seek help from specialists. It is necessary to conduct such a procedure at no more than once every three months. Some people cut their pets so as not to comb their fur daily.

Once a week, you need to clean the terriers to the teeth using a special paste and brush, and also regularly clean the ears from sulfur with special ear sticks. No need to forget about holding regular vaccinations, because this will be in the future dependent health of your beloved pet. For dogs, you will need to create certain conditions. To begin with, he will need a sleeping place and toilet, as well as proper feeding.


Many choose industrial feed for their pets, because it greatly facilitates the life of the animal owners themselves who do not have to cook food. In addition, they contain most of the useful elements and vitamins that are so necessary for the dog.

Those who chose natural feed should be sure to know all the composite diet, namely:

  • First of all, it is meat that can be given in boiled form, and in the cheese + the last option is more acceptable, but it is better to cut it into small pieces, and not twisted on the mince+
  • The next product is a marine fish, which is predefined to boil + these two products are best alternate, and not to give at the same time+
  • Efficious foods should be in the diet of dogs – it may be cottage cheese, and yogurt, and kefir+
  • Various cereals, for example, buckwheat, rice, wheat or oatmeal + need to be given together with meat or fish+
  • Raw or boiled vegetables that are quite rich in various useful elements, since they contain a large amount of vitamins, as well as fiber + for this, fresh apples, green cucumbers, fresh or boiled zucchini, as well as pumpkin + are very fond of boiled carrots and red beets+
  • Greens should also be present in the daily diet of Jack Russell Terrier – it may be parsley, and dill.

Important! But there are such products that are strictly prohibited by dogs. These include any sweets, acute and smoked food.

No less important and feeding mode. So, Little puppies need to be fed no less than 5-6 times a day. As they enjoy the amount of feedings decreases. When they are half a year, it will be possible to feed puppies 3 times a day. When they turn one year, then the terriers need to give food no more than two times a day. Do it need in the morning and evening.

Important! Don’t forget about clean water. It should always be in the area of ​​access of pets, while clean. It must be changed daily.

Education and training

Raise Jack Russell Terriers From Early Rise. As soon as the dog crosses the threshold of the house, you need to show where it will be his place. Besides Be sure to repeat the “place” command. Next, you should teach the animal to the team “To eat”, every time giving him food.

Training is best done in a game form, so terrier will be able to get used to them faster. All teams must be encouraged by their favorite delicacies, but never need to apply aggression, because it will only aggravate the situation.

Jack Russell Terriers will be beautiful pets for their owners. They will not only be able to brighten their loneliness, but will be excellent partners in various games. The main thing is to care about them.

In the next video you can watch a puppy of a rigid jack-russell terrier puppy.

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