All you need to know about the spice of red color

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All you need to know about the spice of red color

Spitz – very active breed of dogs. With them you need to play, run and spend a lot of time. Pet care is simple, but requires a certain attention.

Red color

To this type of rock include spiers of both bright saturated red and more restrained color – light redhead. Puppies are usually born a light shade, but then they can darken.

To learn “final” color of your dog, can be viewed on the base of the outer surface of the ears – as a rule, the color is more like that shade there, which will be in an adult dog after molting.

Red color and fluffy wool – branded business cards. With the phrase “Pomeranian Spitz” people imagine “fluffy sun”, which is worn around the owner at the speed of light and pleases him with loud lare. But if you want a red puppy, then check the pedigree.

The single color of the dog without inclusions is obtained only when and its ancestors from both sides had a one-photon color.

Redhead spitters can be of any size: from miniature to large. Most often, the puppies of red color are found in such subspecies as Pomeranian, small spitches and gross ssp.

Content and care

Before bringing home puppy, It is necessary to take care of the safety of your dwelling for pet. Remove all small items as possible (or higher), which can swallow, all that he can drop or break. So you will protect the indigenous psyche of a pet from extra injury and fright, and yourself – from stress. All chemicals (detergents, cosmetics, drugs and so on) you need to remove into separate boxes, not leaving anything in a prominent place, as a curious puppy can eat something very harmful. Dusting bucket, or rather, the waste, which can get a peak from there, can cause indigestion or even poisoning, so it is also necessary to remove it from the visibility field.

Particularly dangerous place – balcony. He can spawned himself in search of adventures, and uncrowded space, especially on the upper floors, will create an extra risk to life.

Little spairs must rest a lot – you should not wake a puppy until it surfaches and not get down. Do not throw a puppy one on high surfaces – it can fall and get damage.

Better to provide pet your own holiday place. It can be a soft bed or a cozy house. Do not take spitz with you in bed. If you want to learn from this habit of adult dog, it will be extremely difficult.

Puppy care does not take too much time, but this will have to regularly pay attention.

  • You can feed the puppy with special feeds for small dogs, giving preference to dry premium feeds. Sometimes you can pamper pet wet feed or pate.
  • If the feeding option is chosen, then you need to cook the puppy separately, including in the ration meat, fish, vegetables, cereal, cottage cheese. Fish and meat should be without bones and cut into small pieces.
  • One of the indicators of proper nutrition – the state of the wool. It should be fluffy and beautiful. Wash spitts just once a month, and when bathing you need to follow so that the water does not get into the ears. Use special dog shampoos.
  • You have to pay attention to the care of wool, combing the dog twice a week with special brushes.
  • It is necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes and the ears, wipeing them with a cotton disk, moistened in boiled water or chamomile brave.
  • First vaccinations begin to put at the age of one and a half months. Before that, do not release a puppy to the street, do not take a visit and limit contacts with a spatial world. A few days before the first vaccination, you need to make a puppy with antickels. Pick up a good drug and calculate the dosage you will help you veterinarian.

How to name?

Because of its orange color, the spitzes are often associated with a sun or something fiery. So, if you want to choose a name for a pet, based on his color, then you should pay attention to the words of foreign languages, denoting the sun, the names of the ancient gods that were patrons of light and fire. If you are a lover of unusual names, you can contact the list of precious stones, the color of which corresponds to the colors of your animal. Or it is worth paying attention to the names of rulers, famous personalities, favorite cartoon characters or films.

Such names are suitable for boys, like amber, helios (the ancient Greek God God), Phaeton (beautiful son of Helios and the death woman), Apollo (God of Light, Patron of Arts), FEB (Roman Name of Apollon), RA (He is Amon RA – Egyptian God of Sun), Prince, Sultan, George, Louis, Heinrich, Agni (Indian God Fire), Loki (Scandinavian god of fire and tricks), Medoc, Iris, Peach, Ludwig, Garfield, Lucik, Chile, Kyle, Carmin, Ruby, Azazello, Kim (“Golden “From Korean), Ron Weasley (here can attribute both Percy and Freda with George), Fox, Citrus, Orange, Mars, Lian (” Torch “from Irish), Seth (Egyptian Desert God), Jason, Shain, Pink , Ember, Whiskey, Brandy, Twix.

Select the name for the redhead girl-spitza, based on the same considerations. In this case, you will be suitable: the Gestius (the goddess of the home spot and the sacred fire in the ancient Greeks), the sun (suitable for both the girl and for the boy), Patricia, Aurora (the ancient Roman goddess of the morning dawn), Ophelia (in honor of the red-haired heroine of Shakespeare) , Scarlett, Ivy (in honor of the Red Heroine of Comics), Ginny, Ingritt, Sanance (Female characters of the popular series “Game of Thrones”), Iriska, Goldi, Zlata (the full option may sound like Zlatovlask), Ariel (red-haired mermaid from cartoon), Lilith, Eve, Roven (red-haired heroine of one of the serials), Scully, Miranda (or Mirinda, in honor of orange soda), Kate, paprika, caramel, tanger, freckles. Kuraga, Tykkovka, Spark, Aina (“Fire” from Celtic), Oss. Cinnamon, Ruby, Akiko (“Dity of the Autumn” with Japanese), Ginger, Daphne, Lily (heroine of the film “Fifth Element”), Foxy, Cher (“Lioness” from Persian), Alani (Orange tree at the time of flowering in the Hawaiian Islands) , Fed, Medea.

Among such a variety of original names, there will be something that will enjoy the pet and the owner.

    In this video you can find out interesting facts about the breed of SPITS dogs.

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