Care and content of fish Cockerel in mini-aquarium

Care and content of fish Cockerel in mini-aquarium

Currently, many people in their homes are breeding various decorative fish. Different types of such pets require special care. Today we will talk about how to properly contain in small aquariums of cocks.

Pros and cons of mini-aquariums

Little aquariums are considered to be containers designed for water volume up to 35-40 liters. For the population of the roosters most often use products from 5 to 20 liters. Most often, the roosses are sent to small aquariums, as they are unpretentious species of decorative fish. Similar small containers have a number of advantages. They allow to keep fish without using filters. Just change the water as dirty.

If you are afraid to break a biological equilibrium in the aquarium, then it is better to install filtering equipment with a pump. In addition, you can allocate a number of advantages of mini-aquariums.

  • Relative security. If the glass part of the tank is damaged, the damage caused by the dwelling will be minimal.
  • Mobility. If necessary, such aquariums can easily be transferred to another place, as they have a small mass and dimensions.
  • Savings of special funds. In the assortment of such small containers, you can find a lot of budget options that will afford any person on the pocket. Also for them requires less chemical and decorative products.
  • Saving space. Such aquariums will take a few space in the home, they can even be put on a bookcover or writing desk.

Despite a number of advantages, mini-aquariums possess some disadvantages.

  • Frequent water pollution. In a small volume of fluid, turbidity occurs much more often, it’s not always easy to get rid of it. And it may arise due to too much feed. Also equilibrium can be disturbed and if there is too much fish to be hosted into the container.
  • Expanding algae. Often in mini products you can observe a large number of similar plants that begin to pollute water and spoil the appearance of the product.
  • Fast spread of infections. In the small volume of fluid, the disease can quickly infect all the inhabitants, which will lead to their death.
  • Rapid change in temperature and chemical composition. In a small amount of water, these characteristics are often changed dramatically, so water control should be carried out every day.

Better to check the habitat use special testers. They also apply to tracking nitrites and ammonia.

Basic rules of content

This type refers to unpretentious aquarium fish, but at the same time the basic rules for their content in mini-tank. Remember that for one fish you will need no more than 4 liters of pure water. Also consider that The temperature of the aqueous medium for this type should be about 25-28 degrees. Temperature regime at 18-19 degrees such fish if necessary, can also be fine.

A long habitat in a cool water aquarium can badly affect the health of roostekov fish. Monitoring the temperature regime of water should be carried out regularly with the thermometer. For prevention it is necessary to dissolve Special salt. Wherein Half teaspoon of such a substance for every 3 liter liquid.

Periodically, water in the mini-aquarium must be changed, because they, as a rule, do not put filters for cleaning. It is recommended to carry out similar procedures once every 3 days. Special attention should be paid to air in the tank. Petushki breathe both habians and other special bodies. The surface of the water should always be clean and without algae, To fish at any time can emerge and capture air.

Often, a bacterial layer appears on the surface of the liquid. It must be immediately removed after detection. To do this, the paper lean the paper. After that, it is removed, while the film remains on it. As a soil for cocks, a gravel or purified sand will be able to come. You can buy ready-made painted primer in the store. Before placing the mass in the container, her need to wash well under warm water or rolling.

In the aquarium to such individuals can be placed and live plants, and artificial. If you choose the last option, then note that the edges of the products are not pointed, in a matter of fact, fish can greatly damage their fins. Live elements contribute to the biological balance in aquarium. They should take no less than 1/3 of the entire area of ​​capacity. Behind them should be carried out special care. So, need to periodically break out, cut fetched sheets. You can simply plant them in the ground layer or in small pots.

Petushkam likes to swim between obstacles, so In the aquarium it is worth putting several decorative partitions, stones, grottoes. As a rule, in the lids of small aquariums do not install special lamps for lighting. For such products, separate small sources are used, which are fixed at some height above the aquarium. It is best to acquire luminescent or LED elements.

The power of the bulbs should be chosen depending on the plants. If they are light-minded, then you should buy more powerful options.


If you started in a mini-aquarium of small pets, then you should pay attention to their nutrition. After the fish only hatched, they will only eat the remaining part of their yolk bag for several days. Over time, they can include small living food in the diet. You can add to the nutrition of Daphny or a moth, but it is not recommended to throw fish. Sometimes fry of roosters are placed in round glasses.

But as farms are growing, it is necessary to move into a separate container with soil and plants. But remember that If you send an adult, which grew up in a glass or a bank alone, to the aquarium to the rest of the roots, they will not be able to get along together.

Adult fish

In the diet of adults, almost any store feed can be introduced. It is permissible to use frozen, dry and live food. But at the same time it is necessary to give a small amount of food. Fish should immediately eat all the amount of food that is given to them. After all, small particles of unbearable products quickly settle at the bottom and on the walls of a small aquarium, which pollutes it and can lead to various infections. If the fish do not eat all this feed, then his remains must be removed in a timely manner.

Possible problems

Behind the roots should be observed regularly. If you notice that their condition has become worse, then you should carefully care for a mini-aquarium. Note that there are no remaining food particles on its surface. Do not forget to clean the algae that have grown in the tank. remember, that The soil for aquarium with a small volume is also necessary to process the most carefully. After all, the poorly treated mass may contain special malicious bacteria that contribute to the spread of fin rotes.

This disease may lead to the fact that fins, the tail of the fish will be descended, their edges will lose their former appearance. If you do not start a timely treatment, the cocks will continue without them. Besides, poor-quality material or not washed with clean water plants may contain bacteria that can cause bone in roosters. This disease leads to damage to the gills of fish.

Is it possible to subside other fish?

Only certain varieties of other ornamental fish can be subented in the mini-aquarium to the cocks. For joint content, a capacity with a volume of at least 40 liters will be required. With this species, the individuals of Mollyezia, Somikov, Middle Mares. It is categorically impossible to hold the roots of piras, astronotuses. Cikhlida is also not the best option for living with such fish in small capacity.

In the aquariums to the cocks, it is permissible to subside and the scalar, Danio, neoons and Labo. But rare clashes are possible between these varieties of decorative fish.

About how to properly care for fish with a root, look in the following video.

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