Care and maintenance of pug

Care and maintenance of pug

One of the most suitable breeds of dogs for content in the apartment is considered to be Pug. These decorative pets are easy to leaving, but in order to grow a healthy and beautiful pet, you need to perform a number of hygiene procedures. In addition, the dog should be provided with balanced nutrition.


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* Characteristic of breed “Pug” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

What is needed for content?

Before you buy a pug puppy, It is necessary to bother in advance about the right organization of the place where the baby will rest, sleep and take food. Newborn pugs, as well as representatives of other breeds, first require special conditions of content.

Specialists are not recommended to allocate a place for crumbs near heating devices and on the aisle where drafts are possible. Do not place a puppy and in such insulated places like a balcony or storage room.

Since this breed of dogs is characterized by minor sizes, For a pet, you can install the bed with dimensions 40 * 60 * 70 cm. A flexible mattress in a removable case is usually put on it, which is convenient to use and easily erased. In the first days after the appearance of a puppy in the house, Lyzhak, you need to put a host bed near the bed, so the crocha will not feel lonely and is not afraid.

In the event that the housing area allows, you can install the original mini-house for pug for pug. It will serve as an excellent place for the animal.

In addition, it will be necessary to additionally buy two bowls, a walking or collar with a leash for walking, a metal comb and cassocks for folding and eyes. The volume of the bowl must be up to 1 l. So that the little pug in his free time missed, He needs to buy and a set of toys.

How to care for appearance?

Despite the fact that Pug is simple in the content, after his appearance in the house, the owner should be ready to change many habits and rules. At home, the animal needs to pay the maximum care and attention, since its beauty and health will depend on it. Puppy care provides for performing such events as regular cleaning of ears, teeth and claw cutting. They are carried out as follows.

  • Ears. This part of the body in the pets of this breed needs special attention, as the dog has a tendency to such a disease as otitis. To prevent and maintain frequency, ear shells are recommended twice a month, applying a special lotion (it can be purchased in any pet store), hydrogen peroxide (3%) or boric alcohol. In the selected medium, we smell a cotton disk and carefully clean the ear folds so that they do not have dirt, dirt and wool.

In addition, you need to drip the drops inside, half a minute to massate them and after that a cotton wand carefully clean the inner part of the ear.

  • Teeth. Care for them is considered the most important, regular cleaning of teeth include a list of mandatory hygiene procedures. To take a raid from the teeth of a young dog, you need to use the service of the veterinarian, as it is performed under anesthesia. For pets over the age of 7 years old, it is impossible to carry out a procedure under anesthesia, since the heart will not stand them. In this case, a special toothpaste is used for cleaning. If it is not, then at home, it is possible to clean the flare with the help of a terry napkin moistened in soda solution.

  • Claws. To care for them it is necessary to buy a cunning. This device will help to avoid stratification and chances. Claws are recommended to cut as they grow, usually do it several times a month. It is necessary to carry out the procedure carefully, otherwise you can damage live fabric and provoke bleeding. If the claws are trimmed in a short time, they will interfere with the pet while driving and cause deformation of the fingers.

Evaliable in care to pugs is considered Maintain a good wool condition. Bathing representatives of this breed is needed as their wool contaminates, since frequent water procedures can harm the pet – when washed off the biological film on the skin of the pug, dandruff and the wool becomes dim, breaking. During the washing of the dog, close the ears of the pet cottage with cotton swab and Provide protection against water in the eyes.

Bathing dogs recommended using a special shampoo that is designed for shorthair rocks. After this pug, it is necessary to wipe dry dry, then give it to shake and dry the hairdryer.

Besides, Every week, pet needs to comb with iron comb, made of stainless steel. In the period of molting for wool need to carefully care, combing her daily. During combing, special attention should be paid to the areas near the mouth, it is the most tender. Cannot touch ears.

Pugs, as well as representatives of other short-haired breeds, You should periodically stroll, it greatly facilitates the care of the pet. In addition, the haircut is considered a prerequisite if the dog is planned to exhibit in contests or shows. Perform this procedure and in the presence of skin diseases, abrasions, sections and fungal lesions. The most common view of the haircut is to shorten the length of the wool body by 1.5 cm and her alignment on the tail and “pants” with the help of milling scissors. The wool is usually torn In the direction of hair growth with a special typewriter.

Since Pug’s eyes are often subject to various diseases, they also require careful care. Their state should be controlled constantly and wipe them on time. Every day you need a cotton swab or soft damp cloth with a corner eye accumulation. In addition, you should follow my eyes, Controlling the intensity of tears.

It is impossible to allow their mechanical damage during walks. Need to protect the pet from finding on drafts.

    During walks, it is important to keep track of, So that Pug does not come into contact with patients with animals. The presence of yellow or greenish mucus in the eyes of the PSA indicates a possible infection. If both eyes are shuffling and the appearance of a crust on the eyelids, then this is a sign of conjunctivitis. Plowness and eyelids indicate an allergic reaction or insect bite.

    In the case when all of the above is observed by the dog, it should urgently show the veterinarian, previewing the first help to the pet.

    Pugs have many folds on the face, so they require careful care. This is especially true of the hot season. After walking and eating in folds, many bacteria accumulate, which provoke the development of infections, fungal diseases and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Often folds are heated, as a result of which dermatitis or irritation appears on the skin.

    To prevent this, Recommended several times a week wipe the skin with a cotton swab, moistened in a lotion that does not contain alcohol. First, wipe the zone under the eyes, then all the other folds on the face. Upon completion of the procedure, the skin under his nose must be lubricated with vaseline or olive oil.

    To girls and boys pug looked gorgeous, their owner should be worried about the acquisition of stylish clothes, which today is represented in the market in a wide range of assortment.

    Most often they buy a set of clothes consisting of a sweater and overalls. Even stylish highlighted models in various colors are found on sale. It should be remembered that pug needs to wear not for fun, but to preserve health. Therefore, during the purchase of clothes it is necessary to give preference those models that are convenient for cleaning and will not shoot dog movements.


    In the content of pugs, special attention should be paid to their diet. Unlike other dog breeds, their stomach is small and non-adapted to liquid food. If the owner chooses a homemade menu, then it should include cereals in it (buckwheat, buckwheat), vegetables, fruits, sea fish, low-fat varieties of meat and fermented milk products. The diet should be compiled correctly, the composition and caloric content of meals are selected depending on the general state of the dog and the season.

    To feed pugs, you can purchase canned or dry food, they are comfortable in storage and allow you to accurately distribute the daily rate. In addition, premium products are excellent for dogs of any age, prevents a set of overweight and does not cause allergic reactions.

    The only thing that It is not advisable to buy food, which includes rice, chicken and vegetable crops. Additionally, pug should be provided with a vitamin complex, since due to the lack of useful trace elements in the body, negative consequences may arise.

    Experts recommend to give the dog following vitamins.

    • Vitamin A. It is especially important to use during pregnancy, lactation, when viscous and in the period of growth, development.
    • Vitamin B. We need for muscle development and positively affects the condition of wool and skin.
    • Vitamin C. Increases the body’s resistance to colds and is an excellent prophylactic drug from diseases of the joints and gums.
    • Vitamin D. Promotes the strengthening of tendon ligaments, bones. Protects against Rakhita.

    In addition to the above vitamins, in the diet of the pug, you need to include products rich in calcium. As for the graph of food intake, it is designed in such a way that the pet eat at the same time in small portions.

    The norm is indicated on packs of dry feed. When feeding a dog domestic food, the norm clarifies the veterinarian or use a special table for this.

    Features of walking

    Contain pugs recommended in an apartment or a private house, but this does not mean that the pet does not need pleasures at all. Representatives of this breed should be walking twice a day. During walks on the street, follow the general state of the PSA and prevent its freezing, overheating. In case of bad weather, walking time is desirable to reduce to a minimum. After each pug walks, you need to wash your paws with a special brush.

    In spring and summer after walking You should check the dog for ticks that can be sent to the paws and animal belly. Special attention after walks require folds on the face – they are not only able to cover the ticks, but also to score dirt, dust. In the cold season, the pet must be put in clothes, as this breed “is afraid” of supercooling.

    Walking should be carried out only on a leash with a collar, it will help protect the four-legged friend from contact with patients and aggressive animals.


    Pugs have a friendly character and podiatiliv in training, so their upbringing occurs without any problems. Training a pet is best from an early age, it can be done both on special courses for dogs and independently at home.

    At the first stage of POPS classes should learn to respond to his nickname. Then it must be accustomed to the place of recreation in the apartment and regime (reception of food, time for walking and games). As soon as the kid will master simple skills, you can start learning the basic teams, conducting classes twice a week for 4 months.

    For each correctly executed command, you need to give food. At the same time, kinologies recommend to reduce the number of treats as pet training. Otherwise, the animal quickly picks weight.

    Caring for health

    In addition to ensuring proper conditions for the content of pug, the owner must constantly take care of his health. This will help prevent the development of various diseases and extend the life of the pet. An important event in caring for dogs is Timely vaccination, without which she will not be able to go abroad and participate in exhibitions.

    Vaccinations are allowed to make only healthy individuals. The first vaccination is carried out by puppies at the age of 2 months, the second – in 3 months. The vaccination rate is repeated every year. 10 days before vaccination should be degelminting. Walking pets permitted 1.5 weeks after the second vaccination.

    On how to keep and care for the pug, see the following video.

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