Chihuahua weight by months

Chihuahua weight by months

Dogs of the Chihuahua breed are popular thanks to their small size and weight, they are considered companion dogs, which is not surprising – they can be taken with them everywhere. Consider the features of the breed, as well as the weight of puppies and adult dogs.



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* Characteristic of breed “Chihuahua” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Breed history and characteristics

Compared to other miniature dogs, Chihuahua appeared on the light naturally, and not through the selection. The roots of this breed extend during the times of the ancient Maya and Aztec, where the dogs were considered sacred, and the right to contain them was only for nobility. On the territory of modern Mexico, archaeologists constantly stumble on the ancients of this breed and find the bones of miniature dogs. In those days they called Terechichi.

After the destruction of the ancient civilizations of poor dogs, they considered a delicacy and hunted them. Animals were forced to go into the forest. And only after a few centuries, European sailors began to import this breed to Europe, after which breeders appeared with further selling puppies.

Thanks to the natural appearance The Chihuahua breed has no gene pathologies and other deviations, is distinguished by stability and good immunity. All thanks to the natural selection and wild stray life.

Despite the complexity, present this situation, but Chihuahua – tamed wild dogs.

Mini Chihuahua at birth often weigh about 80 grams, and the weight of the type puppies is varied from 80 to 120 grams. Puppies with high weight belong to the middle and large types of this breed. Depend on it can from the number of puppies in litter. If the female brought from one to three puppies, then sneezes are likely to relate to medium and large size. The more littering, the less weight of each puppy.

Stop growth and weight in puppies takes place at 8 months, and reliable forecasts can be made when the pellet is 3 months. By this time, the puppies are typing most of their weight. Puppies of chikhov has an excess fat stupor, which helps to avoid many diseases.

The excessive weight of the puppies is not the cause for anxiety, since over time, when they become stronger, the necessary slimming and the correct ratio of dimensions will appear.

From which the size and weight of chihuahua depends?

Purchasing Chihuahua puppy, it is clear that it is impossible to understand how it becomes an adult. Too many factors on which the final size of the size and weight of dogs of this breed depends. We list the main ones and briefly describe the degree of influence on the size of a separate individual. The growth of adults does not apply to the growth of adult individuals, but total indicators range from 18 to 25 centimeters. The weight of pets is controlled more strictly, to participate in exhibitions the maximum weight indicator – 3 kilograms, all dogs are no longer allowed to participate.

There are general standard indicators that help the owners to identify the normal development of their puppies, but do not forget that each dog has its own individual characteristics, including a combination of genetics (up to five generations), feed, habitat environment. Mini Chihuahua may have a mini and standard puppies, like a standard female.

  • Birth puppy weight. This indicator is one of the main ones that you can pre-determine the weight of the puppy in adulthood. Below is a table at which you can present the approximate dimensions of your pet, if it is known, with what weight it was born (by type and weight).
Birth puppy weight Birth puppy weight Birth puppy weight Birth puppy weight
70 – 80 grams 90 – 120 grams 125 – 130 grams 145 – 170 grams
Type: Dwarf Type: small Type: Middle Type: Big
Adult dog weight: 1 – 1.4 kg Adult dog weight: 1.7 – 1.9 kg Adult dog weight: 2.1 – 2.3 kg Adult dog weight: 2.5 – 3.0 kg

There are approximate table, indicating weight standards for weeks:

  • 1st week – from 100 to 270 grams+
  • 3rd week – from 170 to 500 grams+
  • 6th week – from 255 to 765 grams+
  • 8th week – from 310 to 950 grams+
  • 10th week – from 370 grams to 1.07 kilograms+
  • 15th week – from 540 grams to 1.5 kilograms+
  • 24th week – from 740 grams to 2.2 kilograms+
  • 1 year and 6 months – from 908 grams to 3 kilograms.

It is worth understanding that the weight table has relative indicators, so it should not be limited to puppies from balanced nutrition, trying to achieve minimal weight. Perhaps puppy Silence is large to avoid diseases. It is worth choosing for the health of puppies to correctly, they need normal nutrition for healthy growth.

  • Weight by month. If there is no data on the birth at birth, but a well-known puppy birth is known, then the following table will help, defining the estimated type of size and the weight of an adult animal, depending on its development (weight) by month after birth.
Age Type: Dwarf Type: small Type: Middle Type: Big
1 month 200 – 230 grams 270 – 370 grams 455 – 485 grams 540 – 650 grams
2 months 315 – 455 grams 550 – 610 grams 680 – 764 grams 825 – 1050 grams
3 months 425 – 540 grams 625 – 855 grams 940 – 1050 grams 1.17 – 1.4 kg
4 months 570 – 710 grams 855 – 1110 grams 1.25 – 1.39 kg 1.54 – 1.82 kg
5 months 680 – 855 grams 995 – 1116 grams 1.48 – 1.65 kg 1.82 – 2.15 kg
6 months 745 – 945 grams 1,11 – 1.45 kg 1.65 – 1.85 kg 2,02 – 2.41 kg
Adult dog (1.5 years) 1.0 – 1.2 kg 1.4 – 1.9 kg 2.1 – 2.3 kg 2.5 – 3.0 kg

Turning to the table, it follows, of course, to take into account that its indicators are standard requirements for the breed, but they cannot predict 100%, as the dog will look like in 18 months of age, when its growth and the formation of the whole organism ends – from nature to physical development. True, breeders are confident that the growth of puppies of this breed ceases already in 8 or 9 months, and after that it increases muscle mass a few more months to have his final adult appearance by year after birth.

  • Growth of a normally developed dog in adulthood ranges from 18 to 25 centimeters, and 1,5-2 kg is considered to be the best weight, although breed standards allow weight to 3 kg. Weight over 3 kg indicates the obesity of the dog.

  • Indicators of pedigree. An important factor that is significantly determined by the development of puppies from birth. This indicator may affect the offspring even after 5 generations. Therefore, when choosing a puppy to participate in various exhibitions, it should be carefully examined by its pedigree.

  • Number of puppies in litter, among which appeared on the light and your pupil. Here everything is inversely proportionally – the more litter, the less the mass of each puppy, and vice versa. But with good care and full feeding, the puppies will fully begin to develop in accordance with the features embedded in their genes. Judge what a puppies will grow, it is more reliably at 3 months of age. And before that time, even the most sophisticated puppies from a large litter must achieve good indicators if they have excellent health and excellent pedigree.

  • Care and feeding. Terms of content and feeding significantly affect the health of puppies, determining their condition and development. Considering the miniature sizes of dogs of the Chihuahua breed, you need to create these kids special – you can say, delicate – conditions of detention. And to organize feeding on all necessary standards, carefully at the same time leading control over their development: control the weight gain – every week in the first month of life, monthly – to other periods of their growth up to 18 months of life. According to experts, from 3 to 12 months of life, the masses of normally developing puppies should averages at least 80-100 grams per month. After the year of life, the bridge decreases sharply.

What to do if the development of the puppy is lagging behind?

If the deviations in the growth and weight of the puppy are seen from the breed standards, then in cases where the weight exceeds the norm, to take something before it is not worth it. Even with a significant exceeding weight, this is not scary, most likely, everything will come to normal when the puppy is fully formed as an adult dog. Chihuahua has such a phenomenon.

If, on the contrary, the puppy lags behind in the weight from the lowest thresholds of its type, then the situation should be assessed and finding the cause of deviations with the help of a veterinary doctor. The frequent reasons for this are as follows:

  • Zhktic diseases+
  • intolerance to any components of food+
  • Depression of pets by other puppies or animals+
  • Congenital diseases+
  • Lack of attention from the owner and other family members+
  • The presence of worms and insects.

Having revealed the reason, it should be eliminated by it, if this is possible, or to come to terms and even more surround the pet with your attention and care.

General breed features

The bright distinguishing feature of the breed is a big head, on a form resembling an apple. When buying this breed it is worth paying attention to the strength of the back and neck, which is an indicator of a healthy and good pedigree.

Dogs have three color options. Often occurs a monophonic color, but also there is a double color and stains. Sometimes you can meet the puppies of color Merrel, which is the indicator of some marriage. This color appeared when attempts to breed. Puppies with such a color is more likely to have pathology and deviations.

The eyes of these decorative dogs are more common dark, but there are exceptions, which is also considered natural. Depending on the color changes the color of the nose – the lighter color means the light shade of the nose and vice versa.

Chihas are short-haired and long wool. However, the first, and the second are considered figures.

Inside the breed itself there are two divisions.

  1. Cobby Type – More Cornish Dogs Having Curly Morns.
  2. Deer Type – Dogs on thin long paws are more miniature + them are often confused with that terriers.

Definitely determine how much an adult chihuahua’s adult sex should be weed without a pedigree and individual characteristics. There are certain desired standards, when calculating which it is impossible to note the individual indicators of Peskov. Figures for adults vary from 1.5 to 3 kilograms, and dogs with weight more than this most likely have overweight.

Size distinguish two types of chikhov:

  1. mini+
  2. standard.

Interesting fact: for breeding chihuahua use small males and large females.

On the peculiarities of the care for this breed, see below.

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