Choose a clicker for a striped cat

Choose a clicker for a striped cat

No one in life you want to be lonely, so people love, create families, friends, and also domestic animals. The variety of our smaller brothers is very huge, but today we will talk about cats, or rather, about striped cats.

The main question is, of course, how to name a small fluffy miracle, because as the ship will name, so he saves. The choice of clicking is influenced by several factors: whether a simple name or more creative, and may be noble to emphasize the dignity of their favorite, and perhaps unusual. Maybe you will be the first to name the cat with the same name that cats in principle were not called before, or your fantasy will be able to make something new from the usual name, by adding words, change letters or abbreviations.

Usually the name comes to mind immediately when you see, for whom it is intended. Let’s consider clicks for striped cats.

According to which principle you can choose a name?

  • On strip associations. Of course, the first thing that will come to mind is to designate that the cat has a special color – zebra, pedestrian, Gaets, sergeant, ribbon, polysya, tiger, Matroskin, Jung, Tigran.
  • In appearance. If the kitten is snow-white – the snowball + if a rome is pretty shaggy – a gun, fluffy + if, on the contrary, without wool – Sphinx, Shrek + red color – light, Ryzhik + Dark color – Chernysh, Corner + gray color – smoke + if several colors and pretty It is difficult to distinguish which there are more – rainbow, flower.
  • By name. Murka, Simon, Dina, Bill, Pppi, Emma, ​​Barsik, Barboskin, Valentin, Zhuzh, Miroslav, Vaska, Manya, Marseille, Maximilian, Marquis.
  • According to the peculiarities of the behavior. If your cat is forever chicks or rubs in trust – Stirlitz + if the kitten is very affectionate and loves to not sleep in your hands – kid + for an important cat, such a nickname, as a graph, boss, emperor, lord + for fast cat – zipper, thunder + for quiet , calm cat – World, Magician, Valerian, Kuzya + for everlasting adventures – Avatar, Albus, Albus + for impregnable and ever displeased – Hedgehog, spiny.
  • According to the peculiarities of the appearance. At first glance, we always notice some bright moments or individuality of cats and cats: cutie, knet, inch, bison, volatile, blue-eyed, fighter.
  • Idol. Each of us has a person who us very much and on which we are equal: I like creativity, and maybe a look at life, and maybe it is generally a fictional creation. Also, we can consider our parents or relatives, people close to us, in any case can be repelled on behalf of your idols, cut, remake a little – Jackson, Jean, Bonya, Bond, Rambo, Guffy, Ricky.
  • In honor of someone. If you want to name in honor of someone close or native you, remember that you do not always like to hear your names in animals. Even call such super favorites only if you are in complete certainty that it does not offend a person, but on the contrary, will delight and touches.
  • In honor of something. If you are a fan of musiclons or just works – waterville, hippo (character from the Master and Margarita novel) + if you love food – peach, orange, gingerbread + if you like certain countries, you can take more or less sounding cities of this country – Los , York, Birmingham, Cologne, Leeds, Essen.
  • Foreign. When choosing a name, you need to remember the pedigree four-panel friend. Therefore, pushing out of his country, most often give such nicknames like Max, Jack, Rocky, Tegg, Tetcher, Tucker.
    1. Egyptian – Apis, Anubis, Jafari.
    2. English – Griffin, Garfield, Douglas.
    3. British – Benjamin, Beverly.
    4. Greek – Prometheus, Pegasus, Zeus, Ramses, Apollo.
    5. Eastern – Aland, Balkhan, Jag.
    6. Japanese – Jori, Key Co., Tomiko.
  • Abbreviation. Sometimes there are such long nicknames that it is not always convenient to pronounce, so to simplify life, most often real names are reduced: Julian – Zhuli, Julia, Jolong + Jalgiris – Zhaga, Rice, Gir + Mikado – Mika, Miki + France – Frant, Fran.

Cat boy nickname in gray stripe

When choosing a kitten, all aspects are taken into account: color, breed, eye color, floor, pedigree, and most importantly – to whom the soul lay down, if it is mutual. And now the cute creation is already at your home, and the difficult choice begins. If the color of your new friend is in the gray strip, then you can call his smoke, it’s like a riveted smoke, like a strip, or repel from weather conditions – thunderstorm, fog. Can be repelled from gray and just called gray, you can resort to a foreign language – Gray, can also be repelled from the posts that are consonant with the word gray, for example, cardinal.

It all depends on the fantasy and associations, but remember, the cat lives a whole life with the nickname given by you, so do not forget that it is not necessary to delve into the Debresi – the more simpler, the easier of the cat.

Rating names

Of course, there is a rating of popular nicknames for cats, and we have repeatedly heard these names, there may be an infinite set. Below is the rating of the most popular:

  • Barsik+
  • Murzik+
  • Cake+
  • Alex+
  • Tishka+
  • Felix+
  • Timofey+
  • Yashka+
  • Volume+
  • Simon+
  • Oscar+
  • Masik+
  • Puffy+
  • Syoma+
  • Vaska.

No matter how you call your pet, additional nicknames will appear, not always good. Underront, puff fluffy, sorrowful one, hey. But when choosing a name, you should not forget that not only the person’s name can form a character, but also the name of your favorite too. You can redo the names, associate with different topics, fantasize or do not bother at all. Invent new non-existent names or, on the contrary, take old and not to improve them.

In any case, your cat will always remain for you your cutie, fluffy, sweetness, and maybe even a bunny, regardless of behalf. Love not only people, but also animals, because we are responsible for those who have tamed, and everything else is not so important.

Interesting facts about cats are waiting for you in the video below.

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