Choose clothes for chihuahua

Choose clothes for chihuahua

Clothes for dogs – this is not just a whim of the caring owners who want for their pets of all the best. This is a need.

Properly selected clothes protect your favorite pets from dirt and cold.

To date, you can choose the appropriate options for both small puppies and for large dogs.

What clothes are suitable?

To date, there are a large number of specialized stores in which you can easily choose suitable clothes for your beloved dog. There are separate options for girls and for boys, there are models for large and small rocks.

It is worth noting the fact that many little breed dogs, such as Chihuahua, are mourned during the cold season.

For this reason, many owners themselves sew or knit comfortable, warm suits. And for those who do not know how to independently make various items, there are specialized stores, where you can find clothes for every taste and easy to choose the desired size.

Dogs of such a breed, like chihuahua, are very popular. These cute and responsive dogs are distinguished by a fitful character, they can always take them with them so that they do not miss alone at home.

Since many owners wear such dogs on their hands or in a handbag, then without wardrobe they can not do. Ideally, you should choose several convenient and practical sets for a pet.



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* Characteristic of breed “Chihuahua” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

What type of clothing is most suitable for dogs of this breed?

Perhaps the most popular and practical option is overalls. They are very convenient to wear, and such a suit will allow the pet to feel as comfortable as possible. The jumpsuit not only helps the dog to warm up, but does not shove the movement, so that your favorite pet will feel great while walking. Among the diverse overalls there are models with hoods, which is very relevant if the winds often come in your area. In such an outfit, the pet will be comfortable for a walk in any weather.

Specialized stores have a wide selection of various sweaters. This option is suitable only as a demi-season version. As a rule, sweaters are made in such a way that only breasts, back and belly closed. In the cold season in such clothes, Chihuahua will glue during a walk.

So the sweater can be chosen for home so that the pet is not mourned in winter, or for the street. For example, it will be possible to wear early spring.

As a rule, such products are very soft and convenient, so that the dog will not feel discomfort and can move freely.

In the event that rains often come in your region and there are winds even in the spring, then instead of a sweater, it is better to give preference to a vest. Note the options that are made of waterproof fabric and have a hood. In addition, there are vests from more lung materials or knitted options that are suitable for spring or early autumn. Often, such a piece of clothing is more like a decorative element. For example, you can choose a stylish and fashionable option for holidays. In a beautiful vest, you can go to visit or take part in the competition.

Also for early autumn or spring will suit this option as a popone. Such a piece of clothing perfectly protects the back and sides of the pet. It is easy to wear and does not shine movement. But for the cold season it is not suitable.

In addition, there is a huge selection of all sorts of outfits. For example, for boys there are various T-shirts, sweatshirts and even suites with butterflies. For girls, you can also choose a beautiful and bright T-shirt or choose an original dress. Such outfits are made taking into account the animal to be comfortable and convenient.

T-shirts are perfectly suitable not only for a trip to visit, but also for the summer or spring walk.

You can pick up stylish caps to fashionable t-shirts. Such an accessory will reliably protect the pet from the summer sun. And for the cold season, you can choose a warmed cap, so that the dog will be reliably protected from snow and wind.

Also for Chihuahua can easily choose shoes, which will reliably protect the paws from dirt, sharp stones and cold. And in winter, the pet’s paws will be reliably protected from various chemicals that use utilities in winter.

Fabric selection

Choosing clothes for your favorite pet, you must first pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. The dog should feel comfortable and cozy while walking and not only. It is important to remember that the dogs of such small breeds, like chihuahua, are very sensitive. Therefore, if the product is made of poor-quality fabric, the pet will be uncomfortable.

In addition, many low-quality fabrics can cause irritation on the skin and even an allergic reaction. That is why it is recommended to choose extremely natural materials.

For the autumn outfit, it is best to choose a product from waterproof fabric. In such a suit, the pet will be comfortable and it will not get wet during the rain. For winter, natural wool products are perfectly suitable, and for summer and spring – cotton clothes.

Try to choose products from natural and high-quality fabrics. In the event that clothes are made of low-quality tissue, it can start losing that it will negatively affect the wool of the pet.

Bolon tissue products are perfectly suitable for autumn and winter. It’s light and high quality fabric. Her main feature is that it is elastic, thanks to which the motion of the pet during the walk will not be skipped. In addition, such a fabric does not floss and reliably protects against cold wind. The fabric is erased easily, not sitting and not deformed.

In the event that you choose a jumpsuit or a jacket with insulation for chihuahua, then pay attention to the filler itself.

It is advisable to choose products with syntheps.

This material perfectly holds heat, does not knock down during washing and perfectly restores the shape after drying.

A lot of outfits are manufactured using fleece. This material is distinguished by its practicality and durability. The cloth stretches well, it is easy and easy to wash. In addition, it is completely safe and does not cause irritation.

Such natural material, like cotton, perhaps is the most popular option for the summer. The fabric skips the air perfectly, so that the pet will be comfortable even in the hot season. It is quite possible to choose a product that is made of cotton with adding flax. Such products are more wear-resistant.

But the clothes are completely out of flax, it is better not to choose, as the fabric does not stretch, and it will focus the movement of the dog during a walk.

General rules of choice

Now you know what kind of clothing items are the most convenient and practical, and products from what fabrics are most suitable for your favorite pets. In addition, it is important to consider other factors that will allow you to choose the most suitable outfit for your dog.

In the event that you choose an outfit for a boy, then you should remember that they need more freedom for the rear paw. Be sure to consider this fact when choosing overalls or elegant suites.

Choosing a jumpsuit for the girl, remember that in the abdomen area it should be as closed as possible. If the abdominal area is not reliably protected while walking in the cold season, the dog can catch a cold, and it can even provoke the appearance of cystitis.

Choosing this or that product, pay attention to the quality of the seams. If the seams are poorly processed, they are uneven, then such a product should not choose.

Also, remember that the fewer the seams on the selected product, the better the thermal insulation of the costume.

Always choose the product of a suitable size. Clothing should be a bit loosen so that the pet moves are not skipped while walking. Therefore, immediately give up tight options. In addition, do not tie too tight laces and ribbons. And best choose models with buttons or velcro.

Products with locks are better not to choose, as the wool can get into zipper, which will deliver discomfort to the dog.

In addition, you do not need to choose outfits with an abundance of ribbons, bows and other decorations. They can deliver discomfort pet while walking. And many curious dogs will try to nibble them, which can negatively affect not only the integrity of the costume, but also on the health of the pet.

Be sure to try the selected thing to make sure that it will not deliver the pet discomfort. The outfit should be so that you can easily wear it and shoot. Remember that Chihuahua, like many other dogs, do not like to dress up. Therefore fees for a walk should not be tedious.

With a review of clothing from China for Chihuahua, you can get acquainted in the following video.

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