Choose food for Scottish Fold Cats

Choose food for Scottish Fold Cats

Purebred Scottish Fold Cats are a real embodiment of aristocracy. At the same time, they differ calm and soft temper. These pets, like any others, need proper and balanced nutrition. Only subject to the competently composed Cat menu will be active and healthy. Today we will look at how to choose the best food for these beauties.

Features of nutrition

Scottish Fold Cats Madly Popular. These beauties love many people who value in animals good and calm. It is impossible not to note and amazingly soft, plush wool of these pets. Of course, she will remain for many years, if you take care of the proper nutrition of the cats.

Many people are interested in what the advantage of the feeding of the Scottish ready-made feeds over food from the table is. It should be borne in mind that far from all products that people feed on, in their composition the desired number of necessary components and vitamins. Some products and can not be eaten by cats.

As for the finished industrial feeds, they already provide for the presence of all required vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are balanced.

In professional products, special vitamin supplements are often present, thanks to which cats do not have to give various feeding.

Ready cats for cats of all breeds are presented in a huge assortment. The choice of consumers is made of products with different tastes – it is not difficult for your favorite Scots of Labor. With such a large selection of the Catics menu, it will be possible to diversify, and not give it constantly the same thing.

Ready food do not need to prepare for the Scottish Fold Cat. They only need to put in a bowl and on it all. The main thing is to pick up for your pet what is suitable for it – dry or wet delicacy.

In a large assortment of branded feeds, you can “get lost”, because of which many owners are interested in what product will be the best and appropriate. It is important to repel from the class of feed. The main thing is not to give pets to treat the class of economy, as they can affect the health of pets serious harm, especially if feeding the animal with such products constantly.

High-quality brand feeds of premium or super premium classes need to feed the plaid plaid 2-3 times a day – this is the standard rate.If the diet for the cat will be compiled correctly, the pet will be healthy and energetic. The power-based should always be meat, regardless of whether you are ready to feed or resort to natural fresh products.

There are things that the Scottish Fold Cats can not be given, as most of the representatives of other breeds. The prohibited positions include sugar, salt, stabilizers, flavors and other similar additives. Such components should be avoided by selecting good Scottish feed. Especially dangerous they may be with respect to a small kitten.

It is necessary to monitor and behind the meal temperature. It should not be too cold or hot. Optimal is room temperature. Consistency should also be correct. If you feed the kitten of the specified breed, then it should be eaten in a well-chopped form. Closer to 6 months you can give a kitten of feed consisting of larger elements.

From the same time it is permissible to give dry food – they will not harm the milk teeth of kids.

Description of food

There are several feed options, Suitable for the plaid plaid, namely:

  • Dry+
  • Wet and semi-balance.

The most popularly recognized exactly the dry feed. Granules from which such products consist, have a long shelf life. Previously need to prepare, cook or stew – they immediately fall asleep on the bowls and after that they can be eaten. The main thing is to remember that such delicacies can not be given to very little kittens.

So far, the toddles of the Scots still have milk teeth, they will not work normally. When the teeth are loosened and replaced, gums can be greatly injured while taking such food. When the teeth have already cut through and grow, dry food can lead to a damage of bite and the curvature of the cutters – it is very important to take into account.

Sometimes kittens (it happens with adult cats) do not chew the granules, but immediately swallow them entirely. No good food from such meals. As a result, this can lead to a number of problems:

  • overeating – while the granules did not become voluminous with the desired amount of moisture, the animal will not feel full, even if the portion was designed true+
  • Owl of belly+
  • constrain due to dehydration.

For adults, dry food is suitable fine. They not only feed animals, but also work as a toothbrush, cleaning their teeth, as well as massaging gums. Often, dry feed granules are used to encourage the preyed friends during training and various learning processes.

But dry food used as the main nutrition will necessarily require a large fluid consumption. The Scottish will have to drink a lot, otherwise there will be certain problems associated with the digestive system. That is why the owners should not be forgotten about the regular change of water – it should always be fresh and clean.

The second most popular recognized wet and semi-discharge products for cats. Such nutrition differs from the above-described dry liquid content. A similar type of delicacies is more suitable for the Scots, because it does not cause cats to consume water in large quantities. True, these products have one minus – sometimes their regular use in food ends with breaking gums, due to the lack of hard pieces.

Wet feed are two types:

  • Patty+
  • Slices with gravy.

Typically, both variants of these feed have the same composition and properties, if they are released under one brand.

Patty should be given to small kittens and elderly cats, whose teeth are better not to expose excess loads in the form of dry hard granules. Such options for wet feed are an ideal solution for pets suffering from various diseases associated with the oral cavity. As for feeds in the form of pieces in the sublifting, they are better to give adults and adolescent kits.

All existing varieties of feline feed are divided by classes. Economy, Premium and Super Premium Products come on sale. The most affordable are the feed belonging to the economy-class. They cost cheap and very actively promoted. Manufacturers producing such food should be sufficiently sufficient as possible using the basis of soybeans or carbohydrates.

As part of most budget feeds there are various kinds of taste additives, dyes and other ingredients that cannot be called useful. The plaid plaid, as well as representatives of any other breeds, feed like foods is not recommended – they can seriously harm the health of fluffy.

For a permanent diet, it is recommended to purchase a feed of premium and super premium categories. If the product is selected for a neutered cat or a sterilized cat, then it is necessary to buy only premium options.

In the feeds of such classes there are vitamin complexes, protein and other necessary components. True, it costs such food more. Some varieties of premium feed can only be found in rare pet stores. Many manufacturers of similar delicacies produce individual healing rules of feed, which should be given by animals to destination veterinarian.

Premium feed is much better than those belong to the class of economy. As a rule, they can be given cats every day, not afraid for their health. You can not say about cheap products.

Separately, it is worth allocating cat food belonging to the class of the holistic. Such products are rightly recognized as the highest quality and in most cases are made only from natural components. They cost expensive, but do not harm the health of the plaid. It is worth noting that the prevalence of this product is not the biggest, especially compared to budget feeds.

The holistic-class nutrition is not so often seen in pet stores, so the owners often have to buy similar feed to order.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Food for representatives of the Scottish breed must be chosen carefully. You should not buy the cheapest low quality products. Consider a small rating of the best manufacturers of high-quality feeds that are perfectly suitable charming lopoweem Scots.

To begin with, find out which feed is most suitable for plaid kittens.

  • Royal Canin. Famous brand offers high-quality feed for kittens. Separately, it is worth highlighting the dry product Shorthair Kitten French manufacture, which contains rice, poultry and corn meat. It has a pleasant aroma, it has a little expense.

  • 1 ST Choice Kitten. Excellent Premium Class Balanced Food for kittens, containing 30% protein. You can give not only kittens, but also pregnant cats. Allergic reactions to the components of this product occur extremely rarely.

  • Hills Science Plan Kitten Tuna. Dry food in granules for Scots, which can be given kittens from 2 months. There are tuna and meat chickens. Omega fatty acids.

  • Wahre Liebe Junge. Another high-quality dry food that can be given kittens of any breeds from 2 months. The composition has a colostrum, which is beneficial on the immune system of kids. There is also a meat of turkey and chicken, eggs, rice and beet.

The listed feed is best suited by small Scottish Fold Kittens. Some of them in a dry form can be given to the kids who have not yet turned 6 months.

As for the best feed for adults of the plaid, – here the rating will be folded from other products. Get acquainted with them.

  • Flatazor Crocktail Adulte Poissions. This feed is an ideal solution for adult scots. It is based on fish meat, birds. Chicken fat is not here – duck is used instead. Corn fibers and millet. Apples and pulp beets are used as fiber. According to veterinarians, the protein in this feed is absorbed quickly and easily with the organism of cats. In addition, the product contains the necessary vitamins.

Minerals are not very much to warn the formation of kidney stones in the future.

  • Royal Canin British Shorthair. Quality feed, released specifically for Scottish and British cats, taking into account the characteristics of their digestive system. The product is produced in the form of large curved crockets – the whole cat will not be able to swallow them, and during the skewering there will be a teeth and a mouthful cavity in general.

  • 1 St Choice Adult Cat Chicken Formula. This Canadian adult Scottish feed belonging to premium class. Differs in high protein (30%) and fats (17%). Squirrels of high-quality, made from poultry meat. Grain crops are not here, but there are components such as brown rice or rice bran. This product has only one minus, which should be taken into account – cellulose is present in its composition. Usually this component is included only in cheap food.

  • Earthburn Holistic, Primitive Feline Natural Cat Food. This product of the USA can not be called widespread. In stores it can be found rarely. It is distinguished by a high content of high-quality protein – up to 44% and fats – up to 20%. This is a good high-calorie diet for adult scots, in which there are no grain crops. Based on flour from chicken meat and turkey, herring and egg powder, potatoes and brown rice. Balance of such a diet is exceptional. There are excellent vitamin additives.

  • Acana Pacifica for Cats. Wonderful high-protein food Canadian production. He is perfect for adults. The protein here is 35%, and fats – 19%. The product is based on herring, salmon and flour from carcasses of these fish. No grain crops. Instead of them used alfalfa and peas. Sources of many vitamins and fiber protrudes carrots, pumpkin and apple. Also, there are cranberries – acidity regulator.

This nutrition is perfectly suitable as a constant diet, positively affects the energetic and quality of the wool of the Scots.

How to choose?

Food for Fold Scots should choose carefully, paying attention to the following product features.

  • Power should be treated to premium, super premium or holisttic class. Too cheap economy products take should not.
  • Separately pick food for kittens and adult individuals. For kids dry food up to 6 months, it is better not to take with the exception of branded high-quality options designed for kittens from 2 months.
  • Check out the composition of the feed. It is not recommended to take nutrition with taste additives, preservatives of unknown origin and various chemicals. The best options will be natural-based products.
  • For the Scots it is necessary to buy only high quality branded feed.
  • Camera from therapeutic lines buy cats, but only after consulting a veterinary doctor.

What you can’t feed?

    If you started a luxurious hanging scots, then You should know what to feed it is prohibited.

    • Do not give bones of fish and birds. Kitty can swallow them and damage internal organs.
    • The river fish of the Scottish is better not to feed. Raw and too fat fish carcasses are also better not to give.
    • It is not recommended to feed in bold meat. Therefore, lamb, pork and oily poultry should be prohibited.
    • Do not let raw eggs because of the threat to get salty salmonellosis.
    • Cow Milk can provoke gastric thoroughbred cat disorders. First of all, it concerns those cases when an animal drinks milk in its pure form.
    • Do not give the Scots Medications intended for people, and not for animals. First, you are unlikely to be able to calculate the right dose, secondly, most of the components in human medicines are not suitable for animals.
    • It is not recommended to give food from the table. In no case do not feed the plated scots sweet, products with spices, blessing. Under the ban fried, canned and smoked products. Scots should not be given even that food, which is intended for young children, because in such versions there are also different additives: salt, sugar and spices – these elements of cats are not perceived by the organism.
    • Ostly eating from the Scots, nor representatives of other breeds can not be given. Otherwise, it can be seriously damaged by the digestive system of pets.
    • It is not recommended to give the Scots raw potatoes, since it has dangerous and poisonous substances for them.

    Read more about how to feed Scottish Fold Cats, see the following video.

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