Choose names for Bengal cats

Choose names for Bengal cats

If such an extravagant and beautiful animal appeared in your house, like a Bengal cat, then you should choose to her no less original and exotic nickname. Pick up an elegant and appropriate name for a pet who will like it is a completely difficult question.

Cat nickname should answer moral, sobs, breed and, of course, the appearance of a pet.

Features of choice

Of course, choosing a interesting and unique nickname kitten, you need to consider several moments at once. You can emphasize certain factors to which attention is sent when the nickname is selected:

  • breed – its distinctive feature and features of the occurrence+
  • External type – tone of wool and eyes+
  • Short names preference – Cats will be perfectly heard and understand the distant and hissing sounds (especially the initial 3-4 sounds)+
  • Purpose of kitty (Family pet, Mousetrap, lovers for exhibitions and subsequent breeding).

You also need not to be forgotten, the fact that the chosen nickname it will be necessary to pronounce quite often, so it is not desirable that it will be unpleasant or cut the ear.

The most beautiful names

Representatives of the Bengal breed of the Feline family have a grace of Panthers and a leopard color. When meeting animals, the idea is formed that Bengali is very hostile, adamant and wayward. But this opinion is wrong. The sensitive and gentle Bengal kitty differs in unimaginable intention and prudence. We recommend to your attention the most common names for Bengal cats, which will be able to emphasize their aristocratic nature:

  • Leticia,
  • Sarah,
  • Dominica,
  • Stella,
  • Susanna,
  • Pauline,
  • Darina,
  • Arussian,
  • Silvia,
  • Marquis,
  • Dalila,
  • RIA,
  • Jessica,
  • Milan,
  • Rockel,
  • Ruth,
  • Patricia,
  • Emmer

And many others do in your taste and according to your imagination.

Clear “with meaning”

For a graceful Bengal Cat, it is always possible to choose the nickname “with meaning”. The most common and traditionally popular options are counted The following, which carry a certain, albeit conditional meaning:

  • Agatha – kind, excellent+
  • Harmathan – elegant, gentle+
  • The heroine is colorful, optimistic+
  • Good luck – carrier of prosperous fate+
  • Ile – Diva, Beauty+
  • Iia – Sacred, Olympic+
  • Kimair – measured, judgment+
  • Tsoi – obedient, correct.

The most common

Funny Bengal cats, despite their own outdoor uniqueness and grace, own a very restless, blowing, and sometimes a hooligan temper. Frosan with pleasure performs maneuverable games, running rapid pace throughout the living space and almost never sends to a second place. Especially this is relevant if the house is spacious, and there are kids in the housing, which can also take part not only in games with a domestic pet, but also in choosing a name for him. You can use the following common options:

  • Jacana,
  • Fury,
  • Sail,
  • Rydy,
  • Bagira,
  • Tiger,
  • Love,
  • Twilight,
  • Popper,
  • Mine,
  • Winged flower,
  • Pelona,
  • Girl,
  • Musya,
  • Masyanya.

Some owners who are fond of a specific hobby or having a beloved literary or musical character, often refer to the animal suitable for their passion for the nickname. Often you can hear how the Bengal-girl is called Lolta, Zemfira, Gloria, Carmen, Scarlett, Princess, Livisti, Toyota, Mazda, Nokia, Motorola and T. D. Fantasy such owners can only be envied.


Bengali girls are always graceful and beautiful. Their extraordinary lookoff The owners emphasize such “elite” names: ley, Tea, Dolly, Donna, Selina, Anika, Lianna, Malika, India, Rosa, Iiva, Lottie, Dorothy, Sandra, Yazhan. If the pussies are lover of tasty and appetizing, it is suitable for them to nodki amnamba, sweet tooth, fish, caramel, candy, iris, marshmallow, waffle, olive or even sausage.

Scientifically proven that if the kitten is called a rough and aggressive sounding nickname, subsequently it will show the appropriate character qualities.

Specialists in the field of Felinology advise first to learn the habits, temper, determine the temperature of the Bengal Cat, take into account the appearance of this animal, and only after that choose the name.

About what features of Bengal cats are possessed, see the following video.

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