Choosing a food for Scottish cats

Choosing a food for Scottish cats

Cat feed must be chosen correctly. It is from their quality that the health and mood of pet will depend on. Today, you can find a large number of different products – and dry, and wet with various tastes. IKA. Let’s wonder how to choose a suitable product for Scottish Cattle.

Features of nutrition

In a large assortment of various feeds, it is not so easy to pick up for your pet perfectly suitable product. It is very important to take into account all the features of the nutritional pet.

Scottish Cat menu must be balanced. It does not matter, dry it is feed or humid – it must necessarily contain in its composition all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. Their presence in food will be favorable on the activity and the overall state of the animal.

Do not forget that the Kittens-Scotts run a lot, play and other ways to demonstrate high activity.

For small hooligans, it is especially important to pick up suitable food – without it, they simply do not have enough energy to all favorite classes.

The feeding mode depends largely on the age of cat. In the course of growing diet, the pet must be gradually changed. Number of food meals will need to reduce. Thus, it will be possible to avoid excessive accumulation of fat mass – the cat will not get fat.

Cottics of the Scottish breed can be breeding both shop feeds and home food. Of course, those and other options must be selected very carefully. If you decide to give a pet ready-made delicacies that are sold in many stores, then it is definitely not to be low-class products, such as Whiskas or Kitekat. Such nutrition will not bring an animal benefit, but it can be seriously harmful to health. Natural food need to pick up no less responsibly, because some cats are not recommended.

In the choice of suitable pets for the pet, it is very important to pay due attention to its composition. It is usually applied to branded packaging.

Overview of dry food

Dry feed is recognized as one of the most popular and demand for cats for cats. Granules of such food remain fresh, they should not be preparing before serving the cat. Dry foods are very comfortable for owners. True, they are suitable for animals not all ages.

For example, kittens that have not reached half a year, such food will only bring inconvenience, because they have more milk teeth.

Some seams prefer not to overtake dry products, but to eat pellets. As a result, such behavior can lead to not the best consequences:

  • overeating – while the granules do not have time to gain volume and moisture, the cat will not feel satisfying food, even if the portion for it will be chosen correctly+
  • Swimming Crescent Catics+
  • a constation that often comes due to the dehydration of the body.

Choosing a dry food for a cat, you must necessarily take into account a number of features.

Dry food for cats and cats need to choose, pushing out from class. Not recommended to buy budget options in the economy. They can be given to fluffy, but very rarely, in order of exception. Often animals have them should not – it can negatively affect their health. Premium and Super Premium Class feed are more suitable.

So, one of the most high-quality dry feed is the products of Canadian production from the 1st Choice brand. Such food for the Scots is suitable perfectly. It is balanced, is characterized by the optimal ratio of fats and proteins. The main advantages of such feed are the following indicators:

  • Economical flow+
  • Catics feel saturation even from small portions+
  • can be used for a constant diet+
  • Contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins+
  • Does not cause allergies+
  • it’s not too expensive.

True, in these dry feed there is a cheap filler – cellulose.

NOW NATURAL HOLISTIC – another high-quality dry food with a good composition. Such food should be given by the Kittens of the Scottish breed, since it is designed for them. For the production of feed, natural meat of birds and other animals grown on Canadian farms is used. The main advantages of good feed of this manufacturer are:

  • The perfect ratio of fats and proteins+
  • Lack of soybean, gluten, growth hormones or meat flour in the composition+
  • You can eat even pregnant or nursing cats.

There are no serious cons of such feed, but you have to be ready for what they are not very cheap.

Great popularity among the owners are high-quality dry food from Acana. There are no vegetable protein in their composition, but there is a large percentage of natural ingredients. If you give the Scottish cat in such a food, then it is additionally not necessary to feed it with various vitamin additives. As in other above cases, the ratio of fats and proteins in this power is optimal.

The main advantages of these feed are:

  • The presence of a large number of natural components, for example, meat fish or bird+
  • The use of fresh and solid fillet in production+
  • can be used as the main diet.

Acana’s sterns are distinguished by excellent quality, but are expensive.

Almo Nature offers to choose from consumers high-quality Italian food for cats and cats. They include a big percentage of meat and fish. Due to this, Scottish cat will receive all the necessary components. In this case, the excess weight will not be a problem for a pet if it will eat such a dry food. That is why very often such products are bought for neutered cats.

Here are the advantages of this product:

  • Composition rich in vitamins and minerals+
  • No dyes, preservatives, flavors and various types of additives+
  • does not cause allergic reactions+
  • It has a balanced composition+
  • It has a democratic value.

Serious flaws have no detection.

There are also more simple dry foods, standing at times cheaper. For example, products Whiskas well known to all thanks to advertising. This feed belongs to the category of economy. It is not recommended to give the cats constantly – for everyday diet, such food is completely not suitable. Of course, these feed cost cheap, sold in many stores, but their composition leaves much to be desired. There are dyes of unknown origin, as well as preservatives and antioxidants, information about which will not be found too.

Dry feed of another famous brand have similar features – Kitekat. Their composition can also be called good, suitable for representatives of the Scottish breed. Do not save on the health of pets, offering them such cheap feeds.

Choosing a wet feed

Wet feed differ from dry varieties in that they have a greater water content. For Scottish cats and cats, such food is more acceptable, since after it the animals do not want to drink. These feed has only one minus – they contribute to breaking the gums of cats.

Wet food for cats are divided into two main types:

  • Patty+
  • Pieces with gravy.

The composition of these products is the same, especially if we are talking about goods owned by one brand.

PAstets most often feed kittens, cats of older age and pets suffering from certain chronic diseases associated with the oral cavity. As for pushing food – they are ideal for kittens and adult individuals.

Wet and semi-discharge feed are also divided into different classes. The cheapest are economy class products. In such options there is a soy or carbohydrate framework.

Representatives of the Scottish breed, like any other cats, do not feed like feeds, especially on an ongoing basis.

The most popular wet foods of the economyracture are products of firms:

  • Sheba+

  • Gourmet Gold+

  • Wellkiss+

  • Friskies+

  • Darling+

  • Felix+

  • Vital+

  • Gemon and others.

Wet food for Scottish cats and cats should also choose, pushing out of their class and prices. It is advisable to buy premium or super premium products. They will cost more than budget products, but they will not harm the health of the pets.

So, one of the most popular full-fledged wet feed is Petreet Natura. It has no artificial additives and impurities. There are not only meat and fish products, but also cereals, vegetables. The composition of the feed is balanced. You can use such products as the main nutrition. Here are the main advantages of such food for the Scots:

  • availability of fresh and natural components+
  • A variety of tastes+
  • Suitable for daily nutrition+
  • Suitable for all animals.

True, these feed are expensive.

High Quality are also wet food from the famous brand Royal Canin. Similar products can be a wonderful substitute for natural nutrition. On sale you can meet even special therapeutic feed from this manufacturer. However, it should be borne in mind that dyes, chemical components and soybeans are present in these feeds. All these components are unlikely to be useful for Scottish Catics.

Here are the main advantages of these feeds:

  • affordable price+
  • wide range of+
  • Meet any pet stores.

Of the minuses, the following is:

  • availability of not the most useful components and chemicals+
  • The presence of meat offal and vehicle+
  • Some feeds make in Russia, and they have quality worse+
  • There are allergens in the composition.

Often in stores meet feed Pro Plan. These are good products related to premium class. You can find on sale and therapeutic line of such feed. Similar options are perfectly balanced, so the cat will not have to give various additives and vitamins. As part there is 40% protein – this is a good indicator. Cum Pro Plan usually contains chicken meat, ducks, salmon. However, there are also taste additives.

Here are the main advantages of such wet feed:

  • affordable price+
  • The content of enzymes and antibiotics+
  • Not bad balance+
  • No preservatives in content, as well as any harmful components+
  • There is a healing series.

But flaws:

  • The content of meat offal, soy and corn+
  • few vegetables in the composition+
  • There are allergens substances.

The wet feed of the Swedish produced under the brand is in great demand BOZITA. In their composition there are natural meat and fish products. No sub-products here – this is confirmed by state control. Dyes and taste amplifiers are also not observed. But there are components that stimulate the work of the immune system of cats.

We analyze the advantages of these wet feed:

  • not the highest price for food premium+
  • Availability of immune system stimulants+
  • Good balance+
  • Exception from preservatives and harmful chemicals+
  • Presence of animal proteins+
  • Lack of offal, soybean and corn+
  • You can choose products for cattle of different age groups.

But there are disadvantages:

  • There is no medical series+
  • The presence of corn in the composition+
  • The presence of substances causing allergic reactions in cats.

Good quality is the feed produced in the United States under the well-known brand IAMS. This manufacturer releases and wet, and dry products. There are freshly qualitative meat in the feed, but there is also a considerable percentage of offal, so completely natural, like cats for cats cannot be called. In the content of IAMS feed there are vegetables, vitamins and fats of animal origin. And also there is corn flour, which can well satisfy the Scottish, but may also provoke an allergic reaction.

Here are the main advantages of American catfish:

  • availability and democratic price+
  • a large assortment+
  • The presence of natural components+
  • lack of preservatives.

But the disadvantages of this product:

  • The presence in the content of meat offal and corn, which is poorly digested by the Scottish cat organism+
  • weak balance, which is why these feeds are not suitable in the role of constant diet+
  • Availability of allergens.

Than feeding kitten?

Kittens of the Scottish breed necessarily need to feed with high-quality and useful feeds. Economic products here do not fit at all, because they can cause serious damage to the health of young pets.

At the heart of a constant diet for kittens of this popular breed, it is necessary to select only high-quality feed of premium or super premium.

Specialists advise to give kittens premium products issued under such well-known brands:

  • Brit Premium+
  • Nutra Mix+
  • Advance+
  • Almo Nature+
  • Happy Cat+
  • Organix+
  • Sirius.

Be careful, giving kittens dry feed. After all, up to 6 months, such food can only spoil the milk teeth of the kids. In addition, kittens often swallow the granules of dry feeds entirely, which leads to poor consequences listed earlier.

If you plan to choose a good food of a super premium class for the Kitten of the Scottish breed, then you should pay attention to such well-known brands:

  • Brit Care+

  • SuperPet+

  • Blitz+

  • Fitmin+

  • Landor+

  • Leonardo+

  • Natyka+

  • Royal Farm.

If you want to feed the kitten with natural products, then after they turn 2 months, and they will spend less time with a cat, they can be given:

  • Cooked meat minced meat+
  • Broths are low fat+
  • dairy products.

If the lure is industrial, then the best solutions will be:

  • Feline milk substitutes+
  • wet food-patets+
  • Dry food, but only tempered (you should buy products intended for kittens).

When Kittens of the Scottish breed turns 2-3 months, they are usually put up for sale. When kids find themselves in a new house, at first, sharply change their diet should not. Schedule feeding also should not change. Any changes can be entered within a week.

Kittens in 4-6 months can be given liquid delicacies, but they can additionally mix the granules of dry products. To competently prepare the latter, they will be required to pour boiling water or broth and leave it to stand for 10-15 minutes. As soon as the granules are swollen and become larger, they will need to remember the fork.

The combination of wet and dry feed will be needed to bring to a homogeneous consistency and to warm up a little to stimulate the appetite of the purebred kid.

      In half a year, the Kitten of the Scottish breed can be gradually entering simple dry options into the diet. Their mass fraction should be an increase of up to 50%. Dry and wet kushans are recommended to be given in turn – in the morning and in the evening. It is necessary to do this that the kitten began to perceive the granules as food.

      At first, the teachings are not the most catchy smell, which comes from dry food, can provoke the failure of kids from their adoption in food.

      Choosing a food for Scottish cats See below.

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