Clichek options for dogs-boys of small breeds

Clichek options for dogs-boys of small breeds

Picking up the appropriate name for a small breed puppy, an animal owner is usually focused on the features of its exterior, character and habits. However, not only they are able to suggest a beautiful, sonorous and original nickname for pet. How can I call a little breed boy puppy? What ideas can serve as a source of inspiration in the search for a decent name for a dog? Let’s try to figure it out.

Features of choosing a nickname

Dog breeders with experience recommend in choosing a nickname for a shallow puppy to focus on easily pronounced and simple options. Preferably, the puppy name consisted of 1-2 syllables. Observations show that one-step nicknames are easier to recognize and memorized animals.

You should not give preference to nicknames that are consonant with basic teams applied in the training process.

So, for example, the clinic “Furs” or “Pound” can cause certain difficulties in further teaching a dog team “Fu!”.

Dogs believe that it is not necessary to call pets with popular human names. In the future, this can cause awkward situations for walks. It is best to give preference to the rare names of foreign origin – English, French, Spanish.

It is advisable not to call a puppy with a nickname of the previous pet that deceased as a result of illness or injury. Among the dog breeders are the opinion that it can negatively affect the fate of the new animal.

Support a suitable nickname for a small pet is capable of its features such as:

  • breed+
  • Color+
  • Character and habits+
  • Bright features of the exterior (for example, physique, mark and stains, shape and landing of the ears).

In search of the original and harmonious nickname for a boys puppy of the dwarf breed, his owner can refer to the sphere of personal hobbies, hobbies, professional activities or, for example, to the topic of beloved literature, films, music.

The spectrum of topics capable of prompting a beautiful name for a small pet, here may be infinite.

Nickname pet and its breed

Many owners of dogs of small breeds in the search for a suitable nickname for a pet often stop at the versions of the consonant name of the animal breed. For instance, Owners of Russian or English toilets often give their pets such nobys like that, Tai, Tosha, Toychi. The hosts of the Yorkshire Terriers boys, in turn, often prefer such names as Yosya, Yosh, Yo-Yo and even Jorik.

Possible cliche options for dogs-boys of other small breeds:

  • Chihuahua – Cheat (Chitty), Chip, Chisha, Chizh+
  • French Bolonka (Bishon Frieze) – Friz, Bish, Bishop, Franz, Frenc, Friezia+
  • Jack Russell Terrier – Jack, Russell, Ross (Rossi), Jackie, Jerry, Gerald+
  • Welsh Corgi – Wielsh, Willy, Corg, Corrie, Velkor+
  • Norwich Terrier – Norwich, Norvig, Norti+
  • Scotch Terrier – Scotch, Scotty, Scottish, Round+
  • Dwarf Pinscher (Zvergpincher) – Pinch, Pin (Pinny), Mesverg+
  • Sheli – Shell, Shellet, Shelteles+
  • Maltese Bologna – Malt, Malton, Maltez.

Click and color puppy

Color – excellent landmark, allowing you to easily pick up a beautiful and colastic name for a small breed boy puppy. Here you can take advantage of the most popular options for nicknames in Russian, and original names for a foreign manner.

As the most common examples here, such options should be given:

  • Belyash, Nord, Snowball, Pearl, Ice, Marshmallow, White, Blank, Bright, Angel, Shugar, Pearl, Albo, Shain – for puppies of light color (White, Palevoy)+
  • Black, Noir, Dark, Knight, Agat, Carbon, Nero, Finster, Schwartz – for dogs-boys Dark Coloring (black, black with subpassions)+
  • Brown, Brun, Bruni, Choco, Whiskey, Ginger, Amber, Copper – for puppies, brown, brown-red color+
  • Gold, Sunset, Fair, Spark, Red, Fox, Orange, Citrus, Citron, Lemon – For Puppies of Light Red and Red Color+
  • Smoky, Ash, Silver, Earl, Gray, Chrome, Tin, Stagnum – for animals of gray and smoky color.

Nickname and Pet Character

Dogs of small breeds usually have a bright and extraordinary character. Some of his features causes the breed, others – depend on the temperament of the animal, the third – appear already in the process of raising a puppy.

So, Puppies with combat and perky character usually give such nicks, like Buyan, Vortex, Vortex, Wild, Car, Storm, Typhoon, Taran. Pretty funny sounds such as Harley (Harley), Fast, Rapid, Flink, Plyto, Courage, Strike, Jump.

Calm babies of dwarf rocks such names are: Silence, Miron (Miosh), Chang, Breeze. Other possible options – Mirt, Cind, Casper, Guddi or Goodwin.

Features exterior and nickname

Small sizes of pet – a good landmark that can help in search of a suitable name for a shallow puppy. Most Popular Foreign Licens Related to Data Parameter – Minnie, Shot, Malik, Baby, Klein, Parvus. Other common and simple names – Kid, Krosh, Pups, Mizere.

Puppies with elegant physique often give such nicks as: Slim, Lin, Olympic, Nace. Strong kids, in turn, can approach such names as: Butuz, Killing, Stark, Zeus, Titan, Volcano.

Overview of beautiful names

In search of exquisite and harmonious nickname for a pet can help the history of the origin of its breed. So, for example, the dog, the breed of which was bred in the UK, can be called any beautiful English name.

Popular Men’s English Names – George, Joseph, Jacob, Jason, Harry, Henry, Gordon, Stanley, Edward, Leo, Frankie, Charles, Oscar, Michael, Paul, Jack, Stephen, Gin, John, Anthony, Rupert, Nigel, Archi (Archibald). Such options for names can be used, picking up a nickname for a pet whose breed was removed in England. To such rocks, in particular, include: Jack-Russell Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Pug, Skiker, Sheltie.

Many small dog breeds are bred in Germany. Here you can bring in an example of such representatives: Pomeranian Spitz, Beaver-Yorkshire Terrier, Dwarf Pinscher. Classic German names are suitable for such dogs – Hans, Werner, Theodore, Otto, Helmut, Ulrich, Sigmund, Dietrich, Conrad, Klaus, Yang.

Small dog breeds derived in France: Bishon Frieze, French Bulldog, Continental Toy-Spaniel (Papillon and Falgen). Representatives of these breeds will suit traditional men’s French names – Francois, Julien, Leon, Louis, Stefan, Luke, Andre, Thieri, Martin, Michelle.

Other rare and beautiful names – Arnold, Adolf, Bern, Wolf, Wilhelm (Willy), Graham, Dexter, Dylan, Bartholomew, Bakhtiyar, Avner, Adil, Velvel, Guy, Albert, Vito, Ishthan, Dariode, Diodor, Dezim, Dominic, Clement, Kurt, Crispin, Christian, Ernar, Zhere, Linkee, Markel, Marchello (Marchi), Maddison (Maddy), Tadeus, Terry, Edmund.

Very often, the owners of small dogs give their pets with nicknames having a certain meaning. The most popular examples here are such names: Lucky (translated from English means “lucky”), Joy (“joy”), Ricci (“Rich”), Brigvi (“Brave”), Svitti (“Sweet”), Smile ( “Smile”), Diamond (“Brilliant”), Grandis (translated from Latin meaning “big”), Aurum (translated from Latin means “Gold”).

Funny options

Dog owners with humor often prefer to give animals funny names. Among the simplest, short and popular examples here, you can note such options like a tower, spool, screw, juza, bulf, fife, button (button), Pufflik, pounding, donut, pretzel, cupcake, plush, boss, tikki, bush, Ersh, Raisin, Bublik, Cracker.

Other cool dog nicknames that can be called male small breed – Ramses, Tyson, Caesar, Cerber, Caesar, Yandex, Yahu, Google, YouTube, Kaiser, Zorro, Grozny, Ali, Gangster, Samurai, Hippie, Biker, Rambo, Tractor, Hercules, Sprut, Kraken, Sphinx, Apollo, Boeing , Cruiser.

Many funny options for nicknames can be found in the subject of art and animated films. Turning to her, you can call a pet with the name of some famous character. The most common options – Hulk, Shrek, Pumbad, Timon, Simba, Sinbad, Guffy, Pluto, Scooby-Doo, Luntik, Toby, Totomka, Artyamon, Frodo, Sherlock, Stirlitz, Watson, Tarzan, Balu, Bim, Robinson (Robbie) , Megre, Fagot, Dundee, Gammy, Scrooge, Donald, Dantes.

Little dogs are very funny, associated with the professional activities of the owners or their hobbies.

As examples here, such names such as Cooler, Flash, Reader, Sound, Fishman, Chip, Sprint, RAS, Pixel, Svim, Circle, Kulman, Bike, Song, Step, Trekker, Slalle, StriTrais.

Quite often, owners of small dogs call animals in honor of famous personalities – scientists, actors, writers, composers, military leaders, politicians. Such options for nicknames are original and unusual.

As examples of such names here should be given as: Einstein, Newton, Cicero, Seneca, Depardieu, Presley, Chaplin, Darwin, Presley, Hitchcock, Rishar, Averali, Lucius, Napoleon, Hannibal, Methodius, Euclide, Barclay, Schubert, Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Gandhi, Bush, Clinton, Dassin, Doyle, Remarque, Scott, Green, Burton, Connery, Cage, Hopkins, Reed, Jackson, Renault.

Very popular with the owners of small dogs is the topics associated with fashion, secular life, famous brands and trademarks. Turning to this topic, you can call the pet Glamor, Feshem, Cartier, Carden, Rolx, Diorom. Other options – Gucci, Versace, Bugatti, Bentley, Maybach, Aston, Porsche, Prado, Eppl, Suite, Swarovski.

A lot of versions can suggest the theme of money and wealth. As possible options, such numerals can be given here: Tugrik, Gulden, Shilling, Pens, Frank, Euro, Dinar, Penny.

As you can see, in search of a suitable nickname for a small dog It is not difficult to find a lot of sources of inspiration. It is only necessary to arm a fantasy, stock patience and carefully watch your pet.

Most popular nicknames for small dogs in the video below.

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