Color of British Cat WHISKAS: Features of color and subtlety

Color of British Cat WHISKAS: Features of color and subtlety

These curious faces kittens in advertising catfish WHISKAS is impossible to forget. And small children, and adults are looking for on the Internet and in nurseries cat whiskas breed thanks to the same advertising. I do not want to disappoint you, but such a breed of cats does not exist. In advertising of catfish WHISKAS remove carefully selected cats and cats of breed British Shorthair.

About breed

The first mentions of this breed dates back to 43 a year of the era during the landing of legionnaires on the shore of Britain. In 1982, after a long selection, the standards for such a breed were approved. The Cat of the British breed is a large, muscular animal with a wide chest, with a chic short and thick wool. Large and round head, on a short powerful neck. Eye color amber-yellow, emerald, blue, they are circled dark border.

In the nature of these are calm, balanced, dusty, affectionate, friendly aristocrats. Love people and fit both lonely and families with children.

British get along well with other animals.

Substitution and colors of this breed are diverse. With good care can live up to 20 years.


The color of animals shooting in advertising is called “Tabby”. This color has several varieties.

  • Tiger color Tabby – in the form of frequent, narrow, non-cycle strips throughout the body of the animal. On the legs and the tail drawing in the form of a rings, and on the neck “Manica”.
  • Spotted Tabby – Color in the form of circles and ovals, chaotic located on the sides and back, contrastingly released on brighter wool. Catics are very similar to leopards.
  • Marble Tabby – color on the sides has clearly defined curls, rings, circles, and from the withers to the tail of the color in the form of a dark strip. Neck and tail are decorated with rings.
  • Ticked Tabby It is characterized by color, smoothly moving from one one-photon shade to another, without a pattern. On the neck allowed “Manica” or strip.

The main features of WHISKAS cats are:

  • with silver-black marble and tiger colors that are very contrasting and look good in advertising+
  • Venated dark border orange or yellow eyes and spout+
  • Three continuous lines on the back+
  • Pattern on the forehead in the form of the letter “M”+
  • on the rear surface of the ear white spot.


    Selection of tray and filler

    If a cat knows where his toilet is, then the owner will be satisfied and the pet.

    Now on sale many different trays. The most convenient is the simple plastic tray with grille.

    Another important question is filler. Some cats to meet their instinct it is simply necessary, and there are those that he does not need. In the process of acquaintance, you, of course, learn, but it is better to immediately purchase a filler. Best suitable option in granules. All that is fan, you just need to remove the shovel. Sand, of course, for this purpose is cheaper, but think about the purity of the pet and the purity of your housing.


    British breed cats are very clean and love to lick and clean. They need help there, where to get they can not. Namely to clean the inner surface of ears from sulfur and eyes with clean cotton tampons. Bathing cats recommended in warm water no more than 1 time in 3 months Special Shampoo for Shorthair Cats. You can use dry shampoo. Claws worth cut as farming.


    Take a quotation to the calculation: do not scare, do not hurt, do not compress. Talk to him – explain what you do. Comb better to choose with rounded edges or genuine bristles. It is necessary to calculate once a week, and when molting every day. And as a result it will bring incredible pleasure and you, and the cat. If a strong molt began, consult a veterinarian, this is not characteristic of this breed.


    British Shorthair breed is inclined to completeness. With animals you need to play and follow their nutrition. According to the recommendations of veterinarians, feed them should be qualitative feeding certain portions. Feed and canned food of different manufacturers should not be mixed with each other. Need to add vitamin and mineral complexes to food. Access to clean drinking water should be permanent.


    British Shorthair is considered a healthy and hardy breed. Vaccinations begin to take at the age of 8-12 weeks and enter the veterinary passport. Prevention of helminthosis spend once every six months. Any selection of eyes, ears, rear passage, unpleasant smell of mouth – reason to go to the veterinarian. If you take care and follow the status of your cat – he will please you for many years.

    Admire the charming British kittens you can in the following video.

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