Comparison of Alabaev and Caucasian Shepherd

Comparison of Alabaev and Caucasian Shepherd

People who love big breeds of dogs, I want to have a strong and reliable defender. And one of the best options is the Caucasian Shepherd and Alabai. And many people have a question, and what is the difference between these two breeds, as you can compare? To answer questions, it will be necessary to figure out what the main characteristics of such dogs.

Description of the Caucasian Shepherd

Such a name of this dog was given because she appeared in the Caucasus. This breed has formed due to the actions of the indigenous people. For a long time, shepherds guarded the house and property owners. And so the Caucasians have a beautiful hunting quality. They have a good intellect, and they are very decisive. But not all this breed will fit.

The dog is strong and hardy, can live in any climatic conditions. Her physique has a powerful and muscular. Corps massive and wide housing, also kennels note its stretch, but tend to believe that it is rather a lack. The neck of the middle length, the infernal is brightly expressed. Dogs are able to analyze the situation that happens and are not amenable to panic. They have good vigilance, dogs are incredulously belong to someone else’s people.

Positive traits:

  • Magnificent guard and defender+
  • Inappropriate attitude to strangers+
  • Self-proposal+
  • Developed Intellect+
  • Love for the owner+
  • restraint+
  • ability to analyze and evaluate the setting.

Negative qualities:

  • very stubborn+
  • Honeycomb+
  • The owner must have a solid character and great patience+
  • need careful wool care+
  • Requires great efforts for training+
  • It is impossible to make people with a soft character+
  • Can not be kept in the apartment.

In the nature, such dogs are very calm, kept. Trust exclusively family members, and when there are strangers, they are very suspicious about them. And this distrust appeared, because the main goal of Caucasian dogs was the guard of the house.

Description Alabaya

This breed of dogs is called Central Asian Shepherd. And she already exists more than 4 thousand years. Alabai originated from Tibet’s dogs and passed hard natural selection due to harsh conditions and constant anti-enemy. And it was precisely this influenced the character and appearance of the dog.

Positive traits:

  • Developed Intellect+
  • calm+
  • does not need special care+
  • distrust in strangers+
  • Moderate appetite+
  • Loves owner+
  • Congenital security instinct.

Negative qualities:

  • Selfish+
  • demanding+
  • Dressing is hard+
  • Affected to vagabondship+
  • It is impossible to make people with a soft character.

The dog is serious and confident. Also Alabai Owners, but it is manifested only on its territory, but at a party they do not show this.

And when other people’s house are suitable for home, males react very sharply and ready to immediately attack, but females in this regard are careful and attack only when strangers fit close.


Above the average

(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

Need care


(Rating 2 out of 5)

Cost of content


(Rating 5 out of 5)


Above the average

(Rating 4 out of 5)



(Rating 3 out of 5)



(Rating 4 out of 5)

Attitude to solitude

Moderate time

(Rating 3 out of 5)

Security qualities

Excellent security guard

(Rating 5 out of 5)

* Characteristic of breed “Alabai” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.

Differences in appearance

There are several items for which you can determine which kind of breeds in front of you. It should be relying on the differences in the following parts of the body:

  • wool+
  • Paws+
  • head and muzzle shape+
  • eyes+
  • tail.

Caucasian Shepherd hair has a long, hard and thick undercoat, Alabaya, on the contrary. In the spring, each of the rocks occurs molting. First need to comb out every day or at least every other day so that the wool is not confused. Alabaev do not need to comb so much, and to avoid skin diseases, during molting it is necessary to do it more often.

Caucasians have a paw in short, but thicker. They also have more and head. Alabaev has a form of more sharpness in the nose. Their eyes are not raised up and so they do not kit. But the Caucasian Shepherds are small, deeply planted and slam.

At the Central Asian Shepherd, the tail is short, because at birth they will stop it, and the Caucasians do not make this operation. He has a long, fluffy and bent into the ring. But still, the relief is not necessary, it is carried out only at will.

And similar rocks to its large form. And since they have an excellent body and thick undercoat, they can make a company to their owner in any case. Without problems transfer various difficulties, for example, lack of water and food. Also, these breeds were initially guarded sheep, so they can make decisions.

Who is bigger?

The growth of the Caucasian Shepherd in the withers is approximately 60 cm, and he from 70 to 80 cm. In some cases, Caucasian can reach 75 cm. Weight category can be from 45 to 75 kg, and an Asian from 45 to 80 kg. But still both breeds are very large, and they have a perfectly developed musculature. Usually the medium-media are much larger, but it all depends on feeding and physical exertion. Their life expectancy is also different. Caucasians live 10-11 years old, Alabai 12-15.

Who is stronger?

Both dogs are almost identical in both dogs, but they fight the battle in different ways. Caucasian Shepherd comes fearlessly and can predict the next actions of the enemy, when the Central Asian Shepherd Dog quickly reacts and acts on the go. Also the first will act until the last. Caucasian wins the victory due to force, and Alabai due to agility and tricks.

Comparison of breeds for other criteria

Since these breeds are both shepherds, they stand out among the rest with their mind and smartness. Because security requires an adequate assessment of what is happening. These dogs are very bold and can act independently. Caucasians love freedom, And that is why they will be hard to obey the owner, but Alabai will look forward to attention and approval. Central Asian Shepherd Schitra and Picture, Also gets well with children and can become a “nanny” for them.

For whom the content is suitable on the street?

For any large breed, including the Caucasian Shepherd will be more comfortable in a private house with a large plot than in a small apartment. Since this dog loves freedom, she needs constant physical exertion. This breed is perfect for the role of the guard. But loyalty and dedication of dogs should be deserved.

Central Asian Shepherds Some of the best guards, they will serve the family faith and true. Relationships should be built on respect. But since shepherds love freedom, they cannot sit on the chains, they evaluate it as humiliation, because they cannot move freely, and it adversely affects their moral state.

The best option will be spacious aviary with a house. Thanks to its wool, dogs can easily transfer any temperature modes.

And even when the animal lives in the aviary, it is also necessary to walk away, because he needs walks to develop muscles.

How to feed?

Caucasian Shepherds can eat anything. You can feed dogs dry and wet feed. Adult dog need to feed meat (up to 1 kg per day), boiled chicken, fish and vegetables. There must also be cereals: rice, buck, oatmeal, wheat and pasta. Animals very useful consumption of fruits and greens, but you can not give them in large quantities, they must be in the raw form.

Central Asian Shepherds are completely unpretentious in food, but since they can have problems with joints, it is simply necessary that in the diet to be an increased calcium content. This breed must be fed with meat (beef and veal), marine, low-fat fish, raw or boiled vegetables, porridge. Chicken should not contribute.

Both rocks are categorically prohibited to give: pork, bones, beets, potatoes, citrus fruits, legumes, various seasonings, smoked and canned food.

Who still choose?

Of course, it is always difficult to make such a choice between these two rocks, since the difference between them is not very big. Also everything will depend on the nature of the owner, can it be able to establish relationships with the dog.

Most importantly, do not forget that these breeds have different characters, and if a person is going to bring up a dog, then it is worth staying at the Caucasian Shepherd. For a large family, Alabai is suitable, who loves much attention.

Alabaya and Caucasian Shepherd Machine

This process takes place exclusively at the amateur level. Therefore, the new breed will not be. Puppies are called metisami. Appearance to them get from both parents. Puppies are large, very easily learned, guard and security qualities are always transmitted. They, too, are very incredulously belong to other people’s people and always protect their territory. Also very stubborn and always dominate. Not everyone can cope with the nature of such PSA and its leadership qualities.

About the features of two breeds of dogs, see the following video.

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