Compatibility of goldfish with representatives of other breeds

Compatibility of goldfish with representatives of other breeds

Goldfish – Some of the most beautiful inhabitants of aquariums. On the compatibility of this breed with other dwellings of domestic water bodies and what factors affect it, you will read in this article.

Character features

Golden beauties, despite their royal appearance, are unpretentious. These are peaceful and undemanding creatures. On the temperament of fish Real phlegmatic. Their life is a measured and calm movement in aquatic space. Type and hurry for anyone for them is a real stress. Varieties of breed there are a lot.

The larger the individual, the more passive. Such representatives of the family as telescope, pearl, Oranda, Ryukin – the standards of calm, besides, they are completely helpless and simply are not able to give surrender.

The maximum that these giants can eat a smallest neighbor, but not at all because of bloodthorn, but because you really want to eat.

“Golden” – scary lulls, their mouth just does not close. If there is an opportunity to eat, they won’t misery her. There is everything that these insatiable creations are found, even inedible objects. In search of delicious fish stay constantly, Therefore, the soil is tearing, making water in the aquarium muddy.

Compatibility Factors

If you have a desire to buy new neighbors in the aquarium too large so that the pets live in it folding, it is necessary to take into account the following factors.

Increase aquarium

Goldfish – large breed, can grow in length more than 40 cm. They need a big space, and if someone claims to their living space – the volume of the aquarium will have to increase.

Temperament newcomers

Fish more prompt and movable are taken from “golden” food, so those will be hungry all the time. Some active neighbors can like their luxurious fins, and they will start hunting. Expanded guests than the owners themselves, will remain “unsolon bread”. On their background, goldfish will be faster and will eat all the feed, while not leaving the crumbs neither.

Habits and lifestyle

The habit of goldfish to root in the ground in search of residues of food and raise a torment from the bottom far from all the fish. The tenants applying for vegetation, which the owners of the aquarium snacks themselves, “Golden” will definitely do not like.

Goldfish are not predators, although omnivores. They lead a daily lifestyle. Fish leaving at night, represent a danger and constant stress for them.

What fish are getting?

Decorative fish are so beautiful that many newcomers dream of settleing together several likes. Solve the compatibility problem of some fish with others will help the table. After reading her, you can understand with whom Gold Fish are friends, and with whom the enemies. “Zolotushki” compatible with the following inhabitants of the reservoir:

  • Voualehvosti+
  • Shubunkins+
  • Vakina+
  • Telescopes+
  • Riukins.

    Such a neighborhood will not create stressful situations, all fish will be in good health, as they have the same temperament and habits. But it is guaranteed that the inhabitants will preserve the purity of the breed, no one can.

    Fish will start falling between themselves, and if you want to breed them for sale, to settle pets together – not the most successful idea.

    With Koo Carpami

    Goldfish belong to the family of carp. Their ancestor is a silver carp, however, they have a different way: koi belongs to the genus “Sazan”, and “Zolotushka” – from the kind of “crucian”, so the crossing of individuals will be able to avoid.

    Neighborhood with Koi – the most prosperous. In Japan, carp is a symbol of love and friendship, so these courageous, calm and powerful handsome hands will not cause the golden neighbors of harm. They are completely non-aggressive and with great pleasure digs on the bottom of the reservoir, raising up to the torment.

    The most popular carp breed Koi – Gosanke and her subspecies (Taisy Sanseku and Syova Sansenuk). Newbies are often confused by their goldfish, as these carps have a bright and amazingly beautiful color. The only factor that keeps many aquarists from the joint content of fish – need for a very large aquarium. One centimeter of the body koi has 5 liters of water, and the size of an adult individual can reach more than 70 cm.

    With whom the cohabitation is not very desirable?

    A possible batch of goldfish could be boring and decorative catches, but this is not the perfect option.


    Motley and bright, as if clowns, the battles differ peacefully, to compete with anyone will not. They live with flocks, and communicate with other representatives of the underwater world they do not need. Just like golden handsome men, they with selflessness herself at the bottom, hiding in vegetation and rest for a long time under coryagues, but on this similarity with alleged neighbors ends.

    Battleships will not be brought off to bite off by boiling golden neighbors fins.


    Slow Somi do not see rivals in the golden pets belong to them quite apatically. The work that catfish is done to clean the aquarium will only benefit together. It seems that life will be boosted, but the habit of SOMOV go out at night to hunt goldfish in eternal fear. Som-Ansister can be poured into gorgeous fins of the cohabitants and pretty damage them. To avoid this, Fish to settle together is not desirable.

    With whom the joint content is contraindicated?

    To settle together goldfish contraindicated with the following inhabitants of the aquarium:

    • Astronotus+
    • Barbusami+
    • guppy+
    • Gurura+
    • Rainbow+
    • Labo+
    • Midnames.

      Turning to the table, you make sure that the list of rocks that are incompatible with goldfish is much more. Even the very peace-loving creation with goldfish is prohibited. Soft and calm Severum (South American Cichlides) will try to bite off a lacking piece from voulfless sliding neighbors. Even if, at first glance, it behaves calmly, quarrels due to the territory and growing in the aquarium of plants inevitable.

      Becoming the victims of the golden handsome handsome Haracin fish (neons, minors, trotters). When “golden shells” – fry, they do not pay attention to them, and growing, take them for prey. Dangerous to keep together in a rooster aquarium with a goldfish. Here, in the opinion of aquarists, it is still unknown who will win.

      Typically, the roosters are weaving “golden shoes”, but there are cases when they themselves become their victims. Goldfish, pulling everything they see, are accepted for roosters.

      Content nuances

        In order for the fish to please you as much as possible as any pet pets, they need regular care. Contain gold beauties easy if you stick to the basic rules of care.

        1. Make the “Zolotheyshek” need to spacious aquarium with a volume of at least 50 liters. The more fish you plan to start, the more there should be their living area.
        2. Put the soil in the aquarium from a large pebble, which the fish will not be able to swallow.
        3. Water for the reservoir is suitable only dechlorized. For her cooking, purchase special air conditioners.
        4. Install a suitable water filter. Remember that for goldfish filters causing a strong water flow are not suitable.
        5. Follow the temperature regime. Normal habitat of goldfish is 22-25 degrees Celsius.
        6. Wash the aquarium once a week and make 15% substitution of fresh water.
        7. Feed fish on a scheduled granulated feed, but in moderation. For lightweight snack, they will fit soft aquarium vegetation.
        8. Put in the aquarium more edible greenery, tracked which fish will not suffer from increment. In their diet, it should be at least 70%.
        9. Liquid any items from the aquarium that fish can swallow. Stuck pieces of wood from them in the throat, pebbles have to pull out tweezers.
        10. Watch the behavior of pets. If “golden shells” behave strangely and look unusual (let’s breathe, breathing hard, covered with stains, dismissed or completely apathetic), they need urgent help. Your vigilance and attentiveness will help prevent disease.

        In the next video, you can watch the behavior of goldfish after replacing the soil in the aquarium.

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