Compatibility of Lyalius with other fish

Compatibility of Lyalius with other fish

Choosing aquarium fish, as a rule, a person proceeds from criteria such as the appearance of sea beauty and unpretentiousness. There are so many beautiful and lungs in the content of fish – for example, one of these is Lyalius, inhabitants in the reservoirs of India and Bangladesh. Fish lives with good care for 3 years. Such creatures like warm water and calm – exterior stimuli scare Lyalius, which is unfavorable for fish.

The compatibility of Lyalius with other decorative fish is not bad, but with very active species Lyaliusi get along bad. From the article you will learn with whom they can be kept in one aquarium.

Who are compatible lyalius?

As neighbors, Lyalius need to select fish with the same calm temper and habitat. These fish you need abundant nutrition, so Brown and nimble fish are not suitable for living in one aquarium – they will take food from Lyalius, and they will not be enough food. Not bad compatibility in Lyalius and gourass – peaceful fish. Both species of fish prefer water with similar parameters. Also in one aquarium can be kept up to 20 Lyalius, but there is one nuance – females should be more than males. This will reduce competition.

It is unacceptable to contain Lalius with those species of fish that bite for fins. Ideal neighbors – the same phlegmatic and slow fish of similar size. Multicolored Danio – Some of the most popular fish for aquarium. They are quite suitable for the neighborhood with Lalius. Such fish are unpretentious, hardy and, as a rule, are suitable for novice aquaries. Another kind of fish, which is recommended for the neighborhood with peaceful Lalius, is called Tetra. These fish are peaceful, but they can not be kept one – they need at least 8 relatives, as they prefer large clusters.

When the fish remain alone, they feel frightenably. Isolation can even lead them to death.

Content with other fish

Lyalius can be kept with many small and peaceful fish, they get well with them, but you feel more comfortable in a lot of congor. This kind of purity is characterized, so restless neighbors are not suitable. From the fright, the fish can climb such places of aquarium, from which it will not be able to get out, as a result of which will die.

Neighbors Lyalius need to choose with all attentiveness, given all the nuances. Other fish should not be large, aggressive and active, select food. If a small aquarium, then Lyalius should feel at the chapter, otherwise the males will be too aggressive. For the neighborhood, other labyrinth fish are suitable. Neon – the appropriate option on temperament, he has no aggression, he is calm. Neons – Beginning fish, keep them with conid.

If you want to hide a shrimp to Lalyus, then it is better to choose a larger one – for example, Amano. Neighborhood with views like Barbus, Astronotus is possible, but undesirable, because the paugucability of Lyalius will increase due to the activity of neighbors. The macro and male female possess an interesting color, and many aquarists pay their attention to them.

The fact is that Macros show aggression even towards their relatives, not to mention the representatives of another species of fish. But if the brood is in one aquarium with fories of other species, and they develop together, then aggression should not be. I.e Lyalius and Macros are compatible subject to co-growing and landing in a common aquarium.

Water kingdom – an amazing world with its rules and requirements. The aquarium needs to constantly monitor – it is worth considering when a desire to start fish.

Only in case of proper care, you can enjoy the underwater world for a long time and observe how beautiful pets are developing.

How to choose the right Lalyus, look in the following video.

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