Compatibility of thorns with other fish

Compatibility of thorns with other fish

The Motherland of Aquarium Ternation is the South American Continent, where it lives in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and other olders, preferring small rivers and a calm flow of water. A family of tetra in aquarium lives in approximately 4 years, but with due maintenance and proper care. In addition to the fact that the fish is easy to care, it attracts aquarists yet by what has a bright and interesting scales color, achieved by artificial injection. Since Terenation is unpretentious and peaceful fish, the aquarists are glad to have it. Only you need to first find out with what kind of animals it can be contained in one aquarium, and for whom it is absolute not suitable as a neighbor.

Character features

In the aquarium, the Terenation is a rather mobile. She has a peace-loving and kind temper, so it is easy to get along with many species of fish. Prefers to live a lot, so it is necessary to settle in the aquarium to the aquarium with a company of conifers in the amount of 6-8 pieces. One fish requires 10 liters of water, so that for more these inhabitants of the aquarium, the volume of water increases in accordance with the specified norm. Pets love to swim – the thorns do it very actively, and therefore planting vegetation, it is required not to remake with its number.

The length of the body of the thorny is about 6 cm, the ridge is overestimated, has an elongated form. Females larger in size. Spawning comes at the moment when the fish reaches 4 cm. The thornection of a classic appearance has a black-colored grayish, and on the sides of her black stripes, the same stripes – near the anal fins. Fish takes a large area because of its fin – it looks like a skirt.

TERNECTION – omnivorous, feeds on vegetable and animal feed. Fish is undemanding and hardy that is just suitable for beginners who wish to start an aquarium with fish. TERNECTION – Staya fish, so life alone will not bring her anything else except suffering.

In the company of their fellows, the thorneia peace-loving. But if it will live in the reservoir one, then it will become aggressive and nervous.

Who are born with thorns?

Compatibility of these fish with the inhabitants of the sea world depends on what kind of neighbors live with them. Severe pets with miniature, aggressive or large fish, as well as with voulehsosts – a bad idea. Large wavy fins of voulahvostov will attract the attention of active thorns, which will not be able to cut their tail and drive throughout the aquarium. But there are those kinds of fish that perfectly suitable for coaching with thorns.

A favorable neighborhood can be distinguished with the following representatives of aquarium fauna: Neon, a sword-maiden, rainbow, Mollyonsy, Pecilia, Cardinal, Anzister, Barbus, Tetro, Tetro, Guppies, Pearl, Danio. All listed fish can be kept in one aquarium with thorns, without worrying for the calm of the personal underwater community. You can hide such a fish as molding, but preferably not one, but a few pieces – for example, female and male.

Limited compatibility in Terenation with Macoopod, melanochromis, flashlight, cichlase, Lyalius. That is, it is possible to contain these fish with thorns, but in the extreme case, constantly monitors the situation. The perfect neighborhood is guaranteed with Cardinals, Soma, Danio and swords. These fish have an amazing feature – depending on the conditions of the medium, they can change in color, for example, black individuals can instantly become transparent.

Need to put in aquarium plants, carefully choosing them. After all, each kind of fish has its own preferences. It is important to create such conditions so that all fish are comfortable in the tank.

Who are not compatible?

Thenection gets along with many representatives of the sea world, but you should know that contain it in the tank with cichlids, notobrants, trophuses cannot be categorically – the fish can bother other individuals.

Black thorns sometimes arrange fights even between individuals of their kind. Usually they are harmless, but sometimes it may occur unpleasant – and fins of the fish will be damaged. Experienced aquarists advise eliminate the accommodation of thorns with slow fish, because the first is characteristic of activity. As a result, calm fish will remain hungry, as tetras will not let them eat calmly.

With small fish, as well as those whose large fins are better not to combine. They will bite the fins of other fish, badly damaging them. In addition, it is impossible to put a shrimp to the threshrate, because the fish can just eat it. Large and territorial cichlids – zebras, Eleota, Ellero – are also not suitable for living with tetra.

What should be considered when fishing?

For a comfortable residence of fish in the aquarium, she needs conversations – it is better to immediately settle in the tank of several thorns. Sometimes they chase each other, but loneliness negatively affects black tetra. It is not so important – whether they are settled in a new aquarium, where there is no one else, or to other fishes – they need individuals of their species.

In addition, if you want to start any slowing fish, which has an average compatibility with teres, then the second, focusing on the fish of its biofield, will not be delivered to any hassle. Less active and calm neighbors may feel quite comfortable, as tetras will not interfere with them to exist.

For comfortable accommodation, all fish should pick up a large aquarium – no one will feel closely, everyone will have enough space.

Goldfits are characteristic of gold, in addition, they have large fins, which makes the neighborhood with aunts incompatible. Golden beauties eat smaller fish, as well as they have different conditions of detention. Danio – Colored fluorescent fish that are red, orange, purple and other colors. They are surprisingly hardy and unpretentious, well-fit for neighborhood with tetra.

For Danio Glofish, aquarium is required from 40 liters, because these fish are recommended to contain groups, as well as. It is worth considering. In addition, this kind of fish prefers warm water – not less than 27 degrees, which is just suitable for joint content with tetras.

What fish you chose to decorate your aquarium – do not forget that each view has its own preferences, accommodation conditions and quirks. Sometimes people are surprised that some fish are disappeared from the aquarium. But the thing is that the neighborhood was originally wrong. If you pay attention to all the nuances, contain and mix in the fish tank correctly, then the fish will live long and not deliver the hassle.

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